After completing principal photography on One Less God, the producers of the psychological thriller inspired by the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai have launched a crowd-funding initiative.

They aim is to raise $200,000 to cover post production, deliverables and publicity for the festival circuit by December 23.

The Indiegogo campaign kicked off on November 27 with rewards, a design competition, teaser and interviews with prominent commentators on issues explored in the film such as human rights, ideology, fundamentalism and compassion.

The experts include Dr. Munjed Al Muderis, Dr. Simon Longstaff, Dr. Anne Aly, Raimond Gaita, Kylie Sturgess and Dr. Sahar Amer.

It’s the feature debut of writer-director Lliam Worthington, whose background is in music videos, corporate films and theatre.

The thriller centres around a group of international tourists trapped inside their hotel for 68 hours while two young Islamic terrorists, guided by a ruthless handler, sweep the hotel seeking to exterminate the guests. As days pass, with no reprieve, the guests battle to escape their fates and to deal with conflicting ideologies.

The cast includes Martelle Hammer as an ambitious French journalist on assignment, Joseph J.U. Taylor as a Texan widower, Igor Kreyman as a Turkish tourist, Nathan Kaye as a dysfunctional rock star, Jan Langford-Penny as an elderly lecturer, Kieran Kumar as a so-called freedom fighter and Joseph Mahler Taylor as an Irish backpacker.

Worthington produced with Greg Buchanan, his partner in New Realms Films, as executive producer. The 64-day shot utilised 12 locations including the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, Rockdale, Callan Park, Balmain, Patonga, Niagara Park on the NSW Central Coast and Nepal during the Holi festival of colours.

“The film features a multi-cultural cast and is in multiple languages (English, Hindi, French, Turkish), reflecting the global nature of the events where hundreds of victims came from 26 countries,” producer Maren Smith tells IF.

“It's a film we think will appeal to audiences all over the world. It’s been self-funded, with help from angel investors. There’s no distributor attached yet. We’ve had interest but nothing official has come through yet.”

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