Katie McGrath, Abbie Cornish and Georgina Haig.

(L-R) Katie McGrath, Abbie Cornish and Georgina Haig. (Photo: Ben King)

Abbie Cornish, Katie McGrath and Georgina Haig are playing the leads in Seven Studios’ female-driven romantic thriller Secret Bridesmaids’ Business.

A re-imagining of Elizabeth Coleman’s stage play, the series is now shooting in Melbourne and on locations in Victoria, directed by Tori Garrett and Jennifer Perrott, backed by Film Victoria.

Announced at the Seven Network’s upfronts, the plot revolves around three friends at a wedding which turns deadly after one of the bridesmaids unknowingly invites a malevolent stranger into their lives, triggering a deadly chain reaction that blows open a world of secrets.

According to the synopsis, as the narrative unfolds the power of female friendship could be the difference between life and death.

Cornish plays Melanie, a mother and wife who appears to have an an idyllic life. However when harsh home truths are revealed, her life starts to spiral out of control.

“I was drawn to Melanie’s complexities as a mid-30s woman whose concerns, stresses and priorities are eerily relevant to suburban life. Hers is a story begging to be told,” Cornish said.

Irish actor McGrath (Supergirl, Frontier) is Saskia, a fast-rising lawyer, relentlessly intelligent and fiercely loyal. A wildly independent bisexual, she defies pigeonholing and holds a secret that could destroy her friendship with her best mate Olivia (Haig).

“I love the core friendship of the three very different women. Each is strong in her own way, but knows how to be vulnerable with their friends,” McGrath says.

Olivia’s near-death experience with leukemia has made her determined to follow her dreams. But when she discovers something very dark about a loved one, she is forced to bury her own secret to protect those around her.

Haig said: “Olivia is a grounded optimist who tries to be less vulnerable than she is because she wears her heart on her sleeve but wishes she didn’t so much. She’s tough one minute then crumbling the next.”

The supporting cast includes Annie Jones and Nicholas Bell as Olivia’s parents, Alexander England, Dan Spielman and Oliver Ackland.

Seven Studios CEO Therese Hegarty said: “Securing such an outstanding cast is testament to the story-telling and craftsmanship of superb scripts that blend secrets, lies, wit and compelling friendships.”

The executive producer/producer is MaryAnne Carroll with Amanda Crittenden as series producer. The DOP is Tristan Milani.

The script producers/writers are Andrew Anastasios and David Hannam, working with writers Alli Parker, Trent Roberts, Chelsea Cassio and Shanti Gudgeon.

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