The ABC has commissioned a fifth season of Rake, set to go into production in October.

Co-creator and producer Richard Roxburgh will return as Clever Greene, now an independent senator in Parliament House. He’ll be joined once again by Matt Day, Caroline Brazier, Adrienne Pickering, Keegan Joyce, Kate Box and Damien Garvey.

Producer, creator and writer Peter Duncan leads the creative team, again directing alongside Rowan Woods, Shannon Murphy and Jenn Leacey. As previously, Duncan co-wrote the season with Andrew Knight, and Ian Collie is producing.

Duncan says: “As a committed if somewhat lazy group of anarchists, we wanted to see if Cleaver could bring as much chaos to Parliament as he did to the courts. So far, we think our mission is on track. It’s great that we have an opportunity to expand Cleaver’s messy palette and give Richard a chance to get his hands truly dirty.”

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