[press release from ABC TV]

ABC TV today announced that two new Australian children’s drama series, totalling around 20 hours of television, will go into pre-production this month.

In Dance Academy (26×30’), 15-year-old Tara Webster has grown up on a farm in outback Australia and has always dreamt of becoming a dancer. When she makes it into the National Academy of Dance – the best school in the country – she is sure her life will change spectacularly.

Produced by Werner Film Productions, for ABC TV and ZDF (Germany), this exhilarating 26-part television drama series proves that if you thought a dance school was all about pink tutus and pretty pointe shoes, you’re dead wrong!

My Place (13×30’), based on the award-winning book, My Place, by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins, is a 13-part drama series telling the story of one house in South Sydney told by the children who live there over 130 years.

My Place provides an engaging living history series for children, and aims to show that everyone is part of history, and that every place has a story as old as the earth. The series will be accompanied by an interactive and informative website that allows users to walk through the three dimensional recreation of the My Place house and watch it change from generation to generation of children. My Place is a Chapman Pictures production for ABC TV.

ABC TV Director of Television Kim Dalton said today: “These two new programs will enhance and strengthen our diverse slate of Australian-made children’s television. These dramas will further compliment programs, such as the second series of Escape From Scorpion Island and new animations like CJ the DJ and Figaro Pho offering children a variety of content with an Australian viewpoint.”

My Place (13×30’), and Dance Academy (26×30’), will both be shot in Sydney and are aimed at an 8 to 12 year audience.

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