Academy Award winning animation producer at MIAF

The 8th Melbourne International Animation Festival is delighted to confirm Oscar Award winning animation producer Marcy Page as special guest of the 2008 festival.
Marcy comes to MIAF 2008 with a collection of her finest films and will share her secrets and participate in an extended Q&A session. This is an opportunity not just to see an incredible program of animation, but to learn how her films were made and how to create magic. She’s helped lead the way in marrying computer technology and artistry at the National Film Board of Canada, as producer on the Oscar-winning, 3D-generated co-production Ryan (which saw Marcy walk the red carpet between Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Swank at the 2005 Oscars), and the stereoscopic films Falling in Love Again, June and Moon Man (made with Imax’s SANDDETM technology). Marcy also produced the acclaimed multi-screen shorts The End of the World in Four Seasons and The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg.
Page’s interest in animation started at Sonoma State, where she learned to combine her artistic talents with film. During the early years of her career, Page taught animation at SFSU and the California College of the Arts while working as a freelance animator in the Bay Area.
Now Marcy is one of the most successful animation producers in the world and a key producer working in-house for the National Film Board of Canada where she has been responsible for bringing an outstanding slate of animated films to the big screen, and most recently garnered an Oscar Nomination in 2008 for the best animated short film Madame Tutli Putli which will be screened at MIAF on Sunday 22nd of June at 5:45pm along with a selection of her other award winning films – an event not to be missed.

Marcy Page Up Close & personal
Sunday June 22nd 5:45 pm

8th Melbourne International Animation Festival

June 16-22, 2008 Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) Fed Square

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