Press release from the Australian Directors Guild

There are several new categories this year including:

Documentary Feature length made for cinematic/theatrical or dvd release.

TV Childrens Any fiction or non fiction television series or standalone production made specifically for children is eligible to enter this category (animation can be included)

TV reality / light entertainment : Any television production series or standalone production containing a significant element of unscripted dialogue made for light entertainment including musical or variety programs as well as reality/format based television.

Interactive Branded Entertainment ( original online program which will include demonstration of content that uniquely positions a brand, product or service within the context of a multiplatform entertainment experience. )

This can include works produced for the web and mobile phones and games.

The Cross Platform Interactive project category will include the interactive enhancement of a television property on digital platforms. This can include works produced for the web and mobile phones and games associated with a television program.

Original Online Programs includes a program or series of programs created specifically for internet audiences.

The student category for new student memberships has been re-instated.

Plus the traditional categories of :
TV mini series.
Documentary stand alone:
Documentary series
Shorts .
TV drama series
TV drama serial:
TV comedy.
Cross Platform Interactive
Music Video.

Once you have entered, don’t forget to enter our GRASS award. Entry to the GRASS Award is Free. GRASS is a green awareness encouragement award encompassing either environmental themes explored within a work or methods of production employed in creating the work or both. Email to express interest.

For further details on eligibility& conditions please go to the awards page on which will then direct you through to Without a box for entry

Note that eligible dates have changed for entry. They have been extended to “Works must have been publicly broadcast / screened for the first time between 1 January 2009 and 30 June 2010.” (normally only 12 months July – June) Except for the student category where the project needs to have been completed between these dates.

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