(l-r) Mike Jones, Peter Mattessi.

The Australian Writers Guild has teamed up with AFTRS to present a panel for young screenwriters at Melbourne's Youth Media Festival in July.

The session, titled Writing for Screen: Finding Your Place, will be toplined by multi-platform scribe Mike Jones, a writer and story lecturer at AFTRS, and screenwriter Peter Mattessi (Eastenders, Waterloo Road). 

The duo will talk about the difficulty of breaking in, and the need for writers to diversify and be flexible in the current multiplatform media environment. 

Mattessi currently writes for Neighbours, while Jones most recently wrote AFTRS/Start VR's VR Noir: A Day Before the Night

The Youth Media Festival, held at ACMI on July 2, will also include sessions with The Family Law's Benjamin Law and Peter Ivan, the screenwriter of Oddball.

More information on the session is here.

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