Ki Pro Rack helps you seamlessly transition from tape decks to file-based workflows. With its familiar front panel interface it’s right at home in the machine room. Plus, professional video and audio connections, RS-422 control and the ability to record directly to high-quality ‘ready- to-edit’ files make Ki Pro Rack the ultimate deck replacement.
For a limited time, when you purchase a Ki Pro Rack with a single HDD Storage Module you'll get a second HDD Storage Module of the same capacity to record, store and transfer hours of additional footage at no additional charge.
This offer is available until 28th September 2012 exclusively through participating Adimex ‘Elite’ AJA resellers. For pricing details and a list of participating dealers go to:
Key Features:

Transition to file-based workflows
For facilities transitioning from tape to file-based workflows, Ki Pro Rack offers high-quality, ‘ready-to-edit' file capture to get from source to editorial quickly. Ki Pro Rack fits into existing cabling and routing systems and records Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD files to removable Storage, eliminating the need for logging and capturing. 
10-bit, full raster recording
Quality that easily stands up to post processing – and client scrutiny.
RS-422 Control
Easily integrated with editing systems, external controllers and other tape decks. 
Familiar controls and operation
Anyone familiar with the operation of a tape deck will feel at home.
Ethernet file transfer
Transfers files without the need to remove the media. Multiple Ki Pro Racks can be networked for control via a single interface.
Integrated AJA hardware conversion
High-quality up/down/cross conversion during recording or playback.
Remote configuration and control
Connect to a network and access via a web browser from any network computer. Control and configure Ki Pro Rack without having to be physically in front of the unit. Manage large installations or multiple physical locations from a central point.

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