Anni Browning and Dan Read. 

Film Finances Australasia managing director Anni Browning today announced that she will step down from her position, and will be succeeded by Dan Read, who joined Film Finances in 2013 and was appointed as CEO in 2017.

However, Browning will continue in an advisory position for the completion guarantor company into the foreseeable future.

“Dan will do a wonderful job. He knows the people and the business really well. Under his care the company will continue to thrive.

“I have had a fabulous 22 years at Film Finances. But now it is time to hand over the tiller so I can go sailing. It has been a complete privilege to work with so many talented and ingenious filmmakers and help realise so many really wonderful films and TV shows,” Browning said.

“I am not going far and will continue to be available to Dan and our great team.

“The trust and support I have had over the years from Steve Ransohoff, Kurt Woolner and recently Greg Trattner at Film Finances in LA has been invaluable. Sue Milliken and Richard Soames took a leap of faith offering me, 22 years ago, what has been a dream job. There were big shoes to fill. Apart from Sue, Brian Rosen, Su Armstrong, Toes Winley, Helen Watts, Antonia Barnard and Adrienne Read came before me. I am really proud to have continued in their footsteps. It was a special treat when our 2017 SPA Award honoured Film Finances’ tradition of providing useful advice, practical support and, when our best endeavours were not enough, money to complete the project.”

Steve Ransohoff CEO of Film Finances Inc said: “It has been a pleasure to work with Anni. She is very well known and incredibly well liked in Australia and has been a mentor to several of our international offices as well.”

Browning has worked in film and television for over 40 years. Her credits include features, documentaries and television, and she has worked for government film funding bodies in South Australia and New South Wales and has consulted for the ABC, the AFC, NZ On Air and the Australian Broadcasting Authority. In addition, she been has been a councillor for Screen Producers Australia, the SA chair of Women In Film and Television (WIFT), a co-convenor of Queer Screen and a founding member of Dame Changer.

Read started his career in the film/TV industry in the production department in 1996 as a production co-ordinator, production manager, and production accountant. His credits include Moulin Rouge, Australia, The Waiting City, Underbelly and The Wolverine.


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