'First Day'.

Epic Films’ award-winning First Day will air on France Télévisions and Okoo platforms in the European autumn, thanks to a deal brokered by APC Studios and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF).

It marks yet another sale for the children’s series, which has also been picked up by Hulu for the US, CBBC in the UK, as well other territories including Japan, Canada, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Taiwan, Israel, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa, with further deals to be finalised soon.

Created by Julie Kalceff, First Day follows Hannah (Evie Macdonald) on her first day of high school. As a transgender girl, Hannah not only has to navigate the challenges that come with starting a new school but finds the courage to live as her most authentic self.

France Télévisions head of children and youth acquisitions Claire Heinrich said: “This deeply moving story, beyond Hannah’s struggle to be her authentic self, is a wonderful lesson in tolerance, and courage.

“We hope it will give children inspiration to look beyond appearances, to open up to all the differences that make the richness of human relationships, and to gain confidence in themselves and in others. We are grateful for the producers for their beautiful work, and for ACTF and APC Kids for bringing this essential program to us, enabling us to fulfil our public service role.”

First Day was originally commissioned by the ABC where it aired in March 2020, and is produced by Kirsty Stark and Kate Croser for Epic Films in association with Kojo Entertainment.

The series has been highly decorated, including a recent win at the Rockie Awards, as well as a Rose d’Or, a GLAAD Media Award, an Australian Teachers of Media Awards and more.

A second instalment is currently underway, which will follows Hannah in her second year at Hillview High as she sets out to change the culture at the school. Writer/director Kalceff returns, with Stark producing with Kate Butler. They are joined by writers Eloise Brook and Martine Delaney.

The first season received funding from Screen Australia, South Australian Film Corporation, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), which holds worldwide distribution rights.

APC Kids is the exclusive sales agent for ACTF in France and other French-speaking European territories.

Lionel Marty, managing director of APC Kids, said: “The impressive collection of awards and widespread acclaim First Day has gathered speaks for itself and we are delighted to be bringing such an important, wholesome and engaging story to French audiences and continuing our partnership with ACTF.”

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