BCC consideration to reduce permit fees for low budget film projects ? feedback

The Brisbane City Council Film Approvals Liaison Office, in consultation with Perception Pictures Pty Ltd, have discussed the possibility of reducing the current $500.00 film permit application fee to a flat fee of $250.00 for film productions with budgets under $5,000.00.
In late 2006, the Brisbane City Council altered its film permits process to allow for easier applications for filmmakers wishing to conduct shoots in Brisbane. This streamlined method incorporated simplified application procedures and a flat fee of $500.00, which was embraced by the Brisbane industry and visiting filmmakers alike.*
Since that time, BCC has been in consultation with Perception Pictures Pty Ltd regarding the potential limitations of this new flat fee for ‘low budget’ filmmakers. BCC recognises filmmakers with budgets of less than $5,000.00 would struggle to afford BCC permission for their shoots, resulting in the potential for an increase in ‘renegade’ filming in Brisbane.
To combat this concern, BCC has agreed to investigate the possibility of introducing a reduced application fee of $250.00 for filmmakers whose films can be proven to be under a $5,000.00 budget. BCC would require that filmmakers supply an official AFC Approved Budget showing their budget to be under this amount in order to be eligible for the reduced fee. Standard additional requirements such as Public Liability Insurance would remain in place.
Feedback is sought from the filmmaking community regarding this proposal in order to officiate the changed process. Filmmakers are asked to provide their thoughts on the anticipated reduced application fee, with particular attention to the proposed budget limit of $5,000.00 and the AFC Approved Budget requirement.
Please address comments and feedback to: by the end of October 2007.
 * Student filmmakers and certain films made under screen resource and development centres (such as QPIX) are exempt from this fee provided they are covered by their intuition’s Public Liability Insurance.
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