Ben Briand resurfaces with Next G TVC

Ben Briand of Cherub Pictures has directed the latest Telstra Next G television commercial for George Patterson Y & R Sydney, ‘Unexpected Free Stuff on Prepaid – The Feeling of Free’.

The TVC, which is the most recent in the Telstra ‘Share The Good Stuff’ campaign, is promoting the availability of free services via any Telstra Next G prepaid service including maps, weather, movie session times and reviews to name a few.

Briand’s signature style candidly portrays three narratives which recount ‘that special moment of joy and surprise’ when you receive free stuff you didn’t expect.

Two vintage clad girls in their early twenties, waiting to see their favourite band, suddenly receive ‘VIP Access All Areas’ passes from a total stranger; a cute guy on a bus is pleasantly surprised when a fellow passenger unexpectedly hands over her magazine for him to read; and three friends settle in for a wonderfully spontaneous, free experience when they realise they have a-list seats (from their balcony) to an outdoor cinema below their building.

Briand achieves an immediate and inclusive feel in each story, through handheld camera work which places the audience amongst the characters. This feeling is amplified through upbeat yet nostalgic vocals, ‘lived in’ art direction and styling and fresh, natural performances.

The familiar 3D Telstra ‘Share the Good Stuff’ box (designed by Fuel) has been retained in this TVC but this time the 3D icons have been integrated even further appearing in situ with mobile phone handsets.

Briand is best known for directing Hammer Bay – winner of the MTV ONE80Project and the first drama to be commissioned by MTV – as well as a range of music videos and TVCs including ‘Night Tennis’ for Sony Ericsson and the twice awarded Ballantine ‘Soccer Can’ TVC.