AACTA is calling for recommendations for one of the nation's most prized screen excellence awards, the Byron Kennedy Award.

The award, which honours Dr George Miller’s late filmmaking partner and Mad Max co-creator, celebrates outstanding creative enterprise within the film and television industries and is given to an individual or organisation whose work embodies innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Presented by Kennedy Miller Mitchell in association with AACTA and selected by a jury,  the award carries a cash prize of $10,000.

Past recipients include John Polson, Sarah Watt, Animal Logic, the ACS, Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin, Ivan Sen, Dion Beebe, Rolf de Heer and Chris Lilley.

In 2015 it went to Courtin-Wilson for his risk taking and evocative storytelling. The jury said “Amiel has been patiently searching for truth and beauty at the margins of society, making films which have captured the attention of international audiences."

The Byron Kennedy Award will be presented at the 5th AACTA Awards in Sydney.

To submit a recommendation please provide a copy of the candidate's filmography along with a letter detailing his or her achievements and your thoughts on why he or she should be considered.

Recommendations must be emailed to awards manager Chloe Boulton by 5pm Friday October 2.

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  1. hi team —brownie here —as a proud winner of the byron kennedy award in 2009.
    i just like to add amongst my fellow crew members it was great excitement for me from around the world with techs working on films overseas as well in oz and nz.
    there main theme was not it was brownie — but a crew member who was a below the line on the crew list.
    its 6 years now since my award so perhaps we should look at a gaffer they have ahuge input to any film but do not get the reconition regards brownie

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