Channel Ten announces cast for Milperra Massacre series Brothers In Arms

Channel Ten has announced the cast for upcoming miniseries Brothers In Arms about the infamous “Milperra Massacre”.

Leading the cast on the six-part series, from the producers of Underbelly, is Callan Mulvey (Rush), Matt Nable (Killer Elite), Maeve Dermody (Griff The Invisible) and Susie Porter (The Jesters).

Other cast members on the series – originally titled Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms – include Anthony Hayes (The Slap), Todd Lasance (cloudstreet), Luke Ford (Red Dog), Damian Walshe-Howling (Terra Nova, The Reef), Nathaniel Dean (Wild Boys), Jeremy Lindsay Taylor (Underbelly: Razor) and Luke Hemsworth (Tangle).

Ten will be hoping for a similar reaction to Nine’s Underbelly franchise, also created by Screentime, when it goes to air next year. Filming wrapped last week on the controversial series, which is expected to be delivered to Ten around Easter next year.

Produced by Roger Simpson (Satisfaction, Stingers) and Louisa Kors (The Slap, cloudstreet), the series will focus on the dark day – September 2 (Father’s Day), 1984 – in which two motorcycle clubs went to war at a public swap meet. Seven people were shot dead – including a 14-year-old innocent female bystander – during the brief and bloody battle. Forty other club members were hospitalised.

It's based on the best-selling Lindsay Simpson/Sandra Harvey book of the same name and has been written by executive producer Greg Haddrick (Crownies, Underbelly), Simpson and Jo Martino (Winners & Losers). It will be directed by Peter Andrikidis (The Straits, Killing Time).

“There is obviously a great responsibility to tell a story like this truthfully, respectfully and with conviction – so we felt very privileged to see this outstanding ensemble come together,” executive producer Rick Maier said in a statement when announcing the cast.

“This was a complex shoot and we think that across the board they have delivered the performance of their careers.”

The series was commissioned by Ten back in March. At the time, Ten’s chief programming officer David Mott said it was one of the most sought-after properties in television.

The six-part miniseries, Brothers In Arms, will screen on Ten in 2012

  1. I have read the book so I can not wait to see
    Brothers in Arms. Can you let me know the date of
    when it will be shown on TV. Thank you

  2. I realise this is a true story,but quite timely in light of “Sons of Anarchy”. Will still watch as great cast and writers.

  3. the book isnt the real story of wat happenned back then it was all because jock ross couldnt keep it in his pants having sex with his so called brothers ol ladies all in all wont be a true story

  4. i was there on the day. i was 20 years old and spent the entire time there from start to finish until the police finally let us out of the pub. so i will watch with interest if anyone will know how true to life the show will be it will be me.

  5. I have just one very strong comment to make. I am the widow of Anthony Mark Spencer, alias Snotgrass and I wonder for what benefit you have to make a series of this crap. For myself and my family it only resurfaces the hurt and sadness that this event caused. How can you manage to portray the character of a man whom you never knew and I wish you would get your facts straight. He was with Lee Denholm at the time and had been with her for 3 years (including his jail time) until his death in April 1985. However, she was NOT HIS WIFE, she was his “ol lady” as I was still legally married and was never divorced from him, so have some respect.

    Myself and my family, all who grew up with him, will not be watching your series. I would have thought it would be time to leave the past in the past and let people who knew him heal and get on with their lives in a more positive and harmonious way.

      Tamarah Campbell.
      CHERYL CAMPBELL. some reason I say snakes old lady eldest girl and son??? I was only yr3.
      But David was my best friend and Cheryl my baby sitter.

    2. Wow.. mum, I’ll give to u in recent months I’ve been reflecting on my younger years n have had a lot of memories I guess we both thought we’re from another life time.. over the years being approached by credible ppl n neighbours of past asking n saying thing I couldn’t quiet understand as talking of years long gone, I’m sure u no this is yr youngest, n after years of yr secrets , n neighbours n old friends losing respect for u for not being straight.. ptsd? Yes it was hard losing ,y best friend to something I knew nothing about but to here he was my real dad thro ppl losing there minds to set the record straight is far more tragic than what happened that day to me… he was everything a son could ask for, problem was they were being maimed.. u no that but u were on yr high horse as usual.. like to say thanks to ppl that lost there minds trying to beat it in my head n sorry for not asking more questions.. shame on u mum.. sorry @jessica.. 3 kids 3 different fathers.. yeah good one.. don’t judge when yr far from perfect

  6. To book hater. Did you know Jock Ross?, because I did and your comment here is unnecessary slander…(which I doubt anyone cares about anyway). Jealous of his infamy I suppose. Pathetic.

  7. my mum and my dad were friends with jock and snoddy even after the split. The story is already wrong. Can you imagaine how many sad memories this series will bring up for the people involved! It should never been aloud to come to air.

  8. Nick who worked at westmead centre years prior to this event took place discussed with me what I THOUGHT WAS ANOTHER PRACTICAL JOKE ABOUT WE WILL GO DOWN THEIR WITH OUR SHOTIES AND MACHETIES HAVE A REAL GOOD TIME even told me of them practiced angry mean faces for the news paper pictures later has ambition in life to kill some one a murder get away with it and die nick was a buddy but I DID NEVER TAKE SERIOUS AS ALWAYS bit of a prankster uncle pervey jokes peter lorima voice impersonation was his Favorited joke he I THINK WAS AFTER RECOGNITION IN LIFE as quoted many things I ASKED WHY WOULD HE DESIRE TP ANOTHER WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT he replied it would give him the ultimate natural high the power of a god to take a life well I told him to learn meditation some through this get natural highs cost nothing anyway he became a porter transferred different job in a way the truth maybe of five at least from Penrith had planned this event prior maybe up 2 to 3 years before it happened I am not a bikie but truth should be told regards the families whom suffered and those whom perished pointlessly sick fantasy of self egotistical delusions of self grandeur regarding excesses their are really none no heroes just victims of self indulged self deluded psychopaths whom were hell bent on their fame through any means regardless of consequences at least one whom hung his self had the guts to face his creator

  9. @ jessica snoddys wife.. very much agreed, my deepest condolences as geoff snake campbell is my old man. snoddy was top bloke from everything ive heard my uncles looked at him as one of their own and ill never get over the fact i didnt have a chance to meet him or 3 of my uncles. and as for this series, it will be about as usefull as the book, all for a quick dollar. in a way im happy theyll never know the full truth cause they wouldnt know what to do with it anyways.but still not happy its airing, this will only throw my family back in the firing line cause some wanna be heros will be unhappy with whats said and try redeem themselves. channel 10 should of just stuck with the simpsons, theyve no idea of the reprocussions this will bring.. look what happend the first time. pathetic.

  10. I can not understand how this movie has got to be realised. I also lived threw the entire ordeal. I just dont think the general public understand what it did to so many familys. The pain of all those years ago to be splashed over tv. And the true fact will be the book is wrong and the mini serious will be as well.

  11. I remember that Father’s Day so clearly as the “innocent girl bystander” was my best friend in primary school but after year 8 in high school we lost touch. Of course Leanne was the subject of much talk in school,and one cannot believe everything one hears, but at the time of the massacre Leanne was a no show at school,had been in and out of hospital with several STDs and was rumoured to be sleeping with both bikie gangs. Sadly,rumour also had it that Leanne was selling raffle tickets, the prize being herself. Now I will be watching avidly to see how she will be portrayed in the series.

  12. @lukecampbell for the record Geoff ‘Snake’ Campbell doesn’t have a son. If you want to pretend to be involved then get your facts right.

      above is a post looking for 2 of the 3 of them. Say what you want.. but I was baby sat by the whole fam in flinders st WA while snake was on the run.. DAVID WAS MY BEST FRIRND FOR 2 YRS. I had a crush on Tammarah.

  13. Leanne was a wild girl I knew from Kinder. But half the stories you hear just aren’t true. She had a rebel side to her for sure, but she had a sweet side too. Hi Trudy, hope all is well.

  14. i think its better every one keeps there thoughts to them self as i see it was dump to go were any one was not good people lost there lifes over bullshit end of story

  15. @jessica, Angie.

    As a friend of ‘snakes’ and after reading his book and his story of what truly happened and after spending hours talking to him about his brothers and what happened, my heart goes out to the campbells and the heart break they must be going through after this series aired, jessica i know you would be feeling the same ss well. time heals some wounds but not the loss of someone close to our hearts.

    I dont know who wrote the story, but they seriously got a lot wrong, maybe they should have read Geoff’s book ‘through the eyes of snake’, and maybe then the story might have shown how these brothers really were.

    ‘Brothers Forever, Forever Brothers’ – “Snake”

  16. What an awful time for all involved and the aftermath and fall out for the families and friends. I would be interested though to find out what happened to Lee Denholm and her son after Spencer passed on, and did Jock and Vanessa stay with the club or not ???
    Condolences to Spencers actual widow, yet another part of the truth that wasn’t let out no doubt 🙁

  17. HMMMM….Leave “Jock” Ross alone.

    You lot seem to follow the Snoddy Snottgrass view.

    Tell the truth.


  18. I was invololved in the with the como’s in the mid 70’s, they were a great gang of men, husband’s father’s uncle’s best friend’s all doinf what they loved most, but thing’s started going wrong Jok was loosing the plot.The most important member’s started handing in there colour’s, which left jok with only a few men, he was desperate to built the club up with any one for it was his vendeter to mow down the bandit’s, well he didn’t do it and you story writter’s and producer’s got your 5 minut’s of fame, at the cost of bringing back the terror of that day, bringing up old wound’s that may people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the milperra, and you got it so wrong, snoddy’s was with his wife jo, they remained married, he had no intention of divorcing her, he still did love her, but you know what we know the truth, “you dont” I hope you sleep tight at night at home with your wive’s and children, because the story you told was untrue, I wrang to speak with you and was prepared to help fill in the gap.s and a quite smug receptionist di tell you that I wanted to talk and I heard the responce ” just tell her it’s not a true story ” say no more

    1. Well said veronica but u mean early 80s don’t u? Remember u n mum talking bot this on the phone when I was on the lounge n how u made purpose spelling mistakes lol.. classic

  19. G’day , I’m not bias , I read the book & tru untrue or one sided I’ll never no, I knew none of them involved nor do I know any mcc members but I gather they were all a real tight bunch and the fact they made a movie to make $$$$ out of people’s loss & misery is lame. Condolences to both sides. And if you read this Ceasar C. G’day, I liked your books, fingers???? Lmao. Mick.

  20. My life seems’ oddly connected with this shit, don’t know why? I have allot of similar stories’ in my family and when I try to ask people just call me nuts and that I need help, but I am just asking questions. I do not believe, but I feel the urge to keep digging. Maybe some of you could give me some more real facts’ about this story as I am having a hard time telling what is true and false. I did not even know of this story or TV show, but I have allot of odd questions’ to ask…can anyone help me? Please, because I feel like I am going out of my mind. I have sufferd PTSD all my life and never really knew why, when I read about this story I was left feeling more confused. I feel like my whole life I have been hidding but could for years’ never put my finger on this, please someone.
    I want to walk for peace and weapons’ as such have always botherd me, I just thought I was a loser and maybe still am trying to make a impact on this world but once I came to this story was left feeling…OMG.
    I heve never really been that close with both sides of my family, I always just thought there was something wrong with me and maybe still is but I am so lost and confused, so when I read about allot of this stuff was OMG the shoe fits. But maybe I just need to make shit up to make myself feel better about not achiving anything but I feel oddly connected to Snoddy or Snotty which ever one it is. There are some many similar names in my family’s to this storie, and some like Geoff I have never met, please if anyone out there can help me? My Dad Karl Anthony Spencer is so strong and has half a muscle with a scar on his face,his Dad who I harldy know and call Eddie was Graham but changed his name to Eddie, he has a brother I never met called Geoff and one who killed himself before I was born. My Mother is Sharon who’s Dad I do call grandpa but everyone else calls him Jock his nickname and an Uncle Michael I never met was as I do know stabbed to death by one of his friends. I keep asking my family about the name Oscar which I remember all of a sudden, they all think I am nuts, I used to kiss my Dad on the forehead goodnight until I was 19 which I stopped at 14 but he got sad so I went back.
    I grew up around Bikkies’drugs’and a hard life fighting with my Dad, no one gives me a striaght answer, something inside me feel odd and I can not put my finger on it. I even feel from the few real pic’s of Anthony Mark Spencer that I look like him, I have always hated injustice, war, violence but maybe I am just looking for something that is not there? Things’ just don’t add up anymore, I have been thru all kinds of help and nothing seems to fit. I have a really off beat personality and had my own kinda nickname called “Chucky” just normal way but It became my name, even my teachers at school called me chuck because I have this great ability to speak well in public, was Snoddy the same because I do not know from my family where I get this ability, my walk is odd, kinda like a duck or a man on a mission. Just little things’ but I could never see this in the people around my life…when I saw the few real pic’s of Snoddy I cried, I feel we have similar hair, beard, eyes’ forget about the name for I know there allot of Spencer’s but I just don’t know what to think anymore and when I bring up the past everyone says’ move on but I don’t know what to move on from? When Malala, a young girl in Pakistan was shot recently I cried like a baby, true it’s sad but It felt odd. I was asking about my Uncle I never met Michael when all this came out because I could not find anything about this story my family do say on the net, my Mum said ask my Dad so I typed in his name and up came a pic of Anthony Mark, I feel I look like him but everyone says’ I don’t. Maybe there right so why do I have this feeling inside, my whole life a sense of injustice, a hater of hate, war, violence, racism to the point where I want to do a walk for peace like full on. Can someone help me? I have so much more to say, but I don’t know where to begin….I feel like my family want me to hide and I was always left feeling I want my life back, way before I ever heard about this story, which I have not read or seen until about 6 weeks ago. Someone help…please.

    1. Full of it, he had 2 boys to 2 different ladies.. we don’t have his last name as I believed he was cursed.. n Joel isn’t his son

  21. YO IM LOOKING FOR DAVID CANMPBELL! Even Tamarah Campbell???. Snakes son and eldest daughter!
    First day of yr3 at a new school, met David another new kid from new.. he was best friend for 2-3yrs would eat at there Mr Hawthorne home on flinders st every night Cheryl would feed me and baby sit me till mum had done her night schooling as she was becoming an English lit teacher.
    ONE day I turned like normal. THE WHOLE HOUSE WAS EMPTY, CARS DOGS AND BIKES.. everything.
    Dave wasn’t at school either.
    So I sat on his door step for 4hrs waiting for mum.
    Mum never spoke of it again, she went far in to the education system.
    Me, I went the other way. Gangs and jail. BUT THERE one my boys passed me the book brothers in arms.
    The reason the house was empty was the day before Snake was busted in Inglewood WA. 2 Burbs from My Hawthorne.. Cheryl the staunch lady she was filled the car up and took of east to be with him thru the court case.. Same way the got here, a beaten up white ford station wagon thru QLD to DAWIN then PERTH.
    Sad thing is.. social media or not, I’ve never been able to tell them I miss them all way heaps.
    Not getting a chance to say goodbye cut deep for along time.
    I understand you wanna forget the past and may not wanna give info out. BUT IS HE I ALIVE? did he follow snake? Did Tamarah sort he shit, she was a wild child.
    I swear at one stage Ceaser Campbell Was living 2 blocks away.. I remember the coke glass glasses his son wore.
    Now comms have a WA chapter..
    JP one the boys I come up with.

  22. @ A Middleton …you are delusional, Stop talking about “Snake” if he wanted to know you he’d be in your life … Cheryl?

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