Press release from Megan Rose Management

The Shooting Star Picture Company is thrilled to announce that 20th Century Fox have chosen their D-Star Media division for the servicing of their publicity EPK and trailer content to Australian broadcasters, and the Australian media at large.

Pioneers in digital delivery and digital applications for the Entertainment industry, D-Star Media was launched in 2005 with its D-Star Digital video distribution system, fast becoming the industry-standard for digital content delivery.

D-Star Digital now offers film distributors a simple solution for the tapeless delivery of movie trailers, EPK footage and TVC’s. Paramount Pictures & Icon Films are also using this service, making it easier for broadcasters to review and receive materials in the format of their choice.

D-Star Digital is a 360 degree full service solution, with the ability to have everything from EPK to TVC delivery and production services managed on a client's behalf. D Star Digital gives direct access for content to Broadcasters, ensuring simultaneous access without the need to rush tapes via courier to multiple locations.

D-Star Digital services all major record companies in Australia for their digital delivery needs and has done so for the past 5 years.

The D-Star Media’s suite of services also includes Play MPE and D-Star Spins, supplying audio content delivery to all radio stations and broadcast monitoring, providing essential productivity tools.

The film distributors are using Play MPE to send EPK material to radio stations around the country that traditionally were services by DVD. Yet another cost saving streamlined initiative from D-Star Media.

D-Star Digital can instantly deliver to all Australian broadcast television networks, including the ABC, Seven Network, Nine Network, Network Ten, Subscription TV, as well as online and non-traditional Broadcast partners such as BigPond, NineMSN, Yahoo 7, News Digital Media and Fairfax Digital to name a few.

Milly Swain, Head of Publicity for 20th Century Fox says: “We are very excited to be working with D-Star’s new innovative service. Using D-Star has enabled us to streamline the delivery of our all our EPKs and trailers to our broadcast media partners, giving them the ability to view & download our material in a more efficient and timely manner.”

Peter Skillman, Director and CEO of The Shooting Star Picture Company, D-Star Media’s parent company, said "We are thrilled to be working with the film distributors to deliver their promotional materials digitally. With 20th Century FOX also now using D-Star Media, we are excited the film industry is benefiting from the convenience of our digital delivery service just as the Music Industry has done for the past 5 years."


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