SYDNEY, 9 December 2013 – Recently when Australian-based cinematographer Dan Freene ACS decided to upgrade his zoom lenses he turned to ARRI Australia for help.

Freene explained, “I was looking around for a zoom I could take onto any production I was to shoot. Having discussed my options with Stefan Sedlmeier at ARRI Australia the Alura Zooms seemed like a perfect fit. The range of the 18-80mm suited me for any drama or TVC, and when I did the technical checks on the glass and the lens coverage, I actually found it better than most of the more expensive zooms on the market. Then with the 45-250mm I get the longer end of the glass world without the weight of some of the other longer lenses around.”

Freene was particularly keen on lenses that would be flexible and multi-purpose due to his often hectic working schedule. He continued, “I wanted a lens that would work all the time – a go to fast lens. When I shoot in Australia it's often frenetic and time is always precious. Both lenses needed to be under 2.8 and both lenses needed to be lightweight. Along with all this I wanted good contrast, good colours and of course sharpness. I often use Ultra Primes, or Master Primes as my choice of primes, and I wanted glass to sit well alongside these. Also, I wanted value for money and when you bear all of that in mind, well the ARRI Aluras really were the only choice.”

Having used his lenses for a while now Freene is very happy with the choice he made and with ARRI Australia concluding, “Generally I use the Alura Zooms as variable primes and they perform great. The service and support from Stefan and ARRI Australia has been wonderful so I’m very happy with my purchases.”


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