Deborra-lee Furness.

In 2008 Deborra-lee Furness founded About Change, a not-for-profit organisation which supports and educates families and communities in caring for displaced children – an abiding passion which she will bring to directing episodes of Neighbours.

The actress, who was a regular in Neighbours in 1985, will spend three weeks on the Fremantle show directing scenes in which same-sex couple Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) decide to become permanent carers.

The serial’s executive producer Jason Herbison, who has an adopted daughter with his partner Pete, is familiar with the bureaucracy involved in the adoption process.

Impressed with her work through Adopt Change, Herbison invited her to direct the block with Kate Kendall. The adoption story arc plays out over three months, for which Deborra-lee will serve as a consultant. The episodes will go to air on 10 Peach in June.

“I am thrilled to be collaborating with the team at Neighbours to direct these episodes and tell a story that is not often represented in mainstream media,” says Furness, who adopted two children with her husband Hugh Jackman after suffering two miscarriages.

“There are almost 50,000 Australian children in temporary out-of-home care. We only get glimpses into their reality, and unfortunately that is usually when there are catastrophic outcomes.”

Herbison added: “To have a director who is so personally committed and emotionally invested in telling such an important story, lifts the bar for all us and we’re just thrilled to have Deborra-lee join us on Ramsay Street.”


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  1. I recommend listening to adult adopted/stolen babies first. Up to 250,000 babies taken – if you do not know this then read the Apology for adoption March 21st 2013. This is not the Apology for the stolen generation, it is the Australian governments Apology for taking babies against the law. Ask yourself why have you not heard of this ? Why do I only hear good stories about adoption? Then ask your self why are celebrities promoting Adoption and why haven’t you heard from Adult Adoptees ? Follow the money trail. Why does Debra lee furness get to speak on behalf of adult adoptees? Why are adoptions marketed like pets (forever family, adopt a koala, the list goes on. Adoption is a human rights abuse, the baby if it is lucky turns into an adult and you hear not from that adult but the ones that bought the baby. I challenge you to listen to 300 adopted persons voices and see what you come up with and if you don’t know 300 adopted persons voices then you should not be adopting !!!

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