Documentary projects announced for MeetMarket 2008

The Australian Film Commission (AFC) and the Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) have announced the projects that have been selected for the third annual MeetMarket. MeetMarket is a documentary market for Australian projects, facilitating one-on-one meetings between the filmmakers and international and local buyers at the AIDC.

Twenty exciting documentary projects have been selected to be presented to international and local buyers and commissioning executives attending MeetMarket at next month’s AIDC in Fremantle on 20–22 February.

The international selection panel, made up of documentary specialists from Australia, Canada and the Netherlands, chose from more than 50 applications submitted from around Australia.

The successful projects are:

A Life Exposed   
Ian Walker & Sally Regan, producers; Lesley Branagan, director/writer; Alex Barry, associate producer

A Taste for the Wild    
Mish Armstrong, producer; Shannon Owen, director/writer

Ben Lee: Catch My Disease        
Philippa Campey, producer; Amiel Courtin-Wilson, director/writer

Ruth Berry, producer; Randall Wood, director/writer

Born in Captivity   
Tom Zubrycki, producer; Violeta Ayala & Daniel Fallshaw, directors

Cause and Consequences: A Muslim Woman’s War on China   

John Lewis, producer; Jeff Daniels, director/ writer

Celebrity: Tales of Dominick Dunne  
Sue Maslin & Daryl Dellora, executive producers; Tim Jolley & Kirsty de Garis, producers/directors/writers

How Afghanistan was Lost   
Carmela Baranowska, producer; John Martinkus, director/writer

Peter Du Cane, producer/co-writer; Francesca Strano, producer; Robert Bygott, director/co-writer;        

Lillian Roxon: the Mother of Rock   
Robert de Young, producer; Paul Clarke, executive producer; Kathy Drayton, director

Liquid Stone – Unlocking Gaudi’s Secret   
Beth Frey & James Frankham, producers; Polly Watkins, director/writer

Murder in the Snow   
Sally Ingleton, producer; Mark Gould, director/writer

My Ruined Piano       
Jennifer Gherardi, producer; Robert Castiglione, director/writer

On the Banks of the Tigris: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music   
Marsha Emerman, producer/director/writer Majid Shokor, co-writer

Red Card, Pink Army
Gef Senz, producer/director/writer

Shock – and how to survive it   
Michael Tear, producer; Serge Ou, director   
The Good Fight   
Ian Walker & Deborah Szapiro, producers; Alex Barry, associate producer; Penny Wilkinson, director/writer

The Motorcycle Lesson   
Sienna Brown, producer/co-writer; Gerry Hilton, executive producer; Michael Glennon, director/writer

The Snowman   
Rachel Landers & Dylan Blowen, producers; Juliet Lamont, director/writer

The Trouble with Bees   
Susan MacKinnon, producer; Anna Carter, co-producer/writer

‘In its third year now, MeetMarket has become one of the main attractions for Australian and international buyers and producers at AIDC. This year’s particularly strong line up shows the trust filmmakers have in the effectiveness of MeetMarket. I congratulate the AFC and the AIDC teams with establishing a well working market in such a record time. I would like to wish all the MeetMarket participants the best of luck during AIDC,’ said Joost den Hartog, AIDC Conference Director.

The written proposals and trailers for the above projects are being made available online to buyers and commissioning executives attending this year’s AIDC. The meetings then requested by the buyers and executives will be pre-scheduled for the AIDC and will take place in the special MeetMarket room at the Conference.

[release from Avviso for the AFC]

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