Any production can benefit from the addition of a quality explosion.  While they’re a given for your average action movie, which courtroom, period or costume drama wouldn’t also be better with the inclusion of a timely explosion?  Imagine a massive fireball going off behind Mr Darcy while Elizabeth swoons…

DTFX is one of the most experienced and successful SFX companies in Australia, and we love making explosions of all types – dust, cork, fuel, gas – we even like simulated explosions.

We take into account your creative needs, budget, schedule and visual style when designing an explosion.  We work out the best combination of techniques to create a look which answers your brief.

We put safety first and last when it comes to designing an explosion.  We help with all the shot planning, camera positioning, safety compliance, statutory requirements and on set operation to minimise the risks while getting a great looking blast.

Call David Trethewey at DTFX next time you need a quality explosion, or any other type of in-camera physical effect.

DTFX   David Trethewey  SFX Supervisor   0418 669 873   Insta:  dtfx_sfx

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