The Spierig brothers’ sci-fi feature Predestination is set to begin its six-week shoot in April.

The film chronicles the life of a temporal agent (played by Ethan Hawke) who, on his final assignment, must recruit his younger self while pursuing the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time. It is based on a short story by revered sci-fi author Robert A Heinlein.

Pre-production begins February 25 in Melbourne followed by a six-week shoot from April 8, Peter Spierig said via email.

It will mark the first feature film for Peter and Michael Spierig since their 2010 breakthrough Daybreakers, which also starred Hawke. While the sci-fi vampire film performed well internationally (it was one of the top 50 highest grossing independent films of 2010 after taking more than $US51 million at the international box office), the brothers encountered some difficulty in getting their next feature into production.

In May 2010, Omnilab and The Jim Henson Company announced plans for a sequel to 1982 cult classic The Dark Crystal to be directed by the Spierigs although the project was later put on hiatus.

In May 2011, the Spierigs travelled to in Bolivia to shoot preliminary footage for Jungle, based on the true survival story of adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, before financing, weather and casting issues scuttled production.

However, Predestination attracted strong interest from the marketplace in 2012. Sony Pictures has US distribution rights while Pinnacle Films has Australian rights. The film was represented by sales agent Arclight at the recent Berlin International Film Festival.

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