Face Off showcase participants lauded for their courage

(L-R) Susan Prior, Enzo Tedeschi and Stephanie Pringle (Photo: Sie Kitts)

As Susan Prior watched works from 15 actors and filmmakers that were screened at the third Face Off screen actors’ showcase at the Chauvel Cinema in Paddington last Thursday, she was constantly impressed by their bravery.

The actor along with filmmaker Enzo Tedeschi and Stephanie Pringle, co-founder of Chicken and Chips Casting, viewed the self-tests, teaser trailers and short films and gave the creators their expert advice and guidance.

“There were some beauties, a lot of thought and sweat. The word bravery kept popping into my head – the bravery to take the first step, to create your own work, and to put it out there,” says Susan, whose recent credits include Frayed and the upcoming The Gloaming and The Wrong Guy.

“Face Off and any other initiatives out there such as Mark Forytarz’s Melbourne Film Factory, Anthony Kierann’s The Artist’s Room and Ron Brown’s Ozflix are giving seedlings and older oaks the chance to connect, and learn, to express ideas big or small but all things filmic, in a safe, non judgmental forum. Looking forward to hearing of the future fruits of these generous and thoughtful beginnings.”

In a similar vein, Tedeschi tells IF: “It takes courage to put yourself out there in the way these actors did on the night, but it paid off in spades as there was some really strong talent on display across the board. I’ve definitely taken note of a few standouts for future reference.”

Glenn Fraser at Face Off (Photo Sie Kitts).

The screeners showcased works by Lauren Hamilton Neill, Zoe Carides, Chiara Gizzi, Briar Rose, Craig Walker, Carma Sharon, Stephen Walker, Dominique Viney, Anna Patch, Biddy O’Loughlin, Kya Stewart, Simone Neviani, Gianluca Cuscuna, Jake Frazer, Daniel Cugola, Aaron J. March and Timothy Kersten.

The organiser Glenn Fraser tells IF: “I’m always thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity for so many actors in this industry who often get overlooked for roles because networks, producers and distributors are always seeking the ’safe bet.’

“Face Off presents to an audience work that hopefully demonstrates that being playful and bold can be just as successful as playing it safe.”

Face Off will run again in March next year.