by Jordan King-Lacroix

Director Colm O’Murchu has turned the cliché “people don’t change” onto its head with his new film The Makeover.

The ultra-low budget film – inspired by classic comedy My Fair Lady – centers on the transformation of geeky Rodger Keaton into a swarthy super-stud within six weeks.

“I like the concept of an underdog nerd being transformed into a super stud in one month,” O’Murchu says. “I just like the concept of a challenge.”

The challenge comes about when journalist Patricia Bartlett tests pick-up guru Brad Holloway, telling him to prove his techniques really work. But just when things start looking up for Rodger, Brad threatens to bring it all back down.

The film stars Martin Dingle-Wall and has already tasted success after being accepted into the Cannes Independent Film Festival, which focuses on low-budget and independent films. From over 1500 entrants, The Makeover was chosen amongst a crop of 140.

“They’re putting us on Saturday night, primetime screening. I think for a Saturday night, party-style film it’ll be great, because it’s what we call a sexy comedy, but also a very moving little drama at the same time.”

The film was shot during ten weekends over a period of 14 months between 2007 and 2008 – a 30-day shoot in total – with post-production completed this March.

“Everyone was doing it on weekends, one weekend a month, essentially for the fun of it,” O’Murchu says. “It was a fun project we all loved doing.”

O’Murchu financed the film himself and supplied the equipment, acting as the film’s writer, director, editor, producer and wardrobe manager.

“It was all my own equipment. I own a JVC HD Pro Camera, my own tripod, sound equipment, lapels to hide microphones, booms,” he says, “I had tracks, [I even] had a makeshift little crane that I used quite a bit. The only thing we didn’t have were steady cams.”

The film has already had three test screenings with public audiences to help O’Murchu edit the film, especially as he is set on a cinema release for The Makeover.

“We got a hundred people off the street to test it, bit like what they do in Hollywood,” he says, “I gave them feedback sheets at the end and said ‘I just want to know’. Because when you’re close to a film, you don’t know what you’ve got.”

“We’re aiming at a cinema release,” O’Murchu continues, “It may not be a Village Roadshow release but we will definitely get a cinema release, that’s what we’re aiming at.”

To see the trailer for The Makeover, click here.

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