The third season of Hoodlum’s Five Bedrooms will stream on Paramount+ New Year’s Day.

Back for another eight episodes are Kat Stewart, Stephen Peacocke, Doris Younane, Roy Joseph, Katie Robertson and Johnny Carr.

This season, they navigate their way through the perils and pleasures of not only co-housing, but turning said house into a bed and breakfast.

Plus, there are now two couples living under one roof, a garden-variety blindside betrayal, a brave new sexual journey, an unexpected parenting proposal, plus one-and-a-half unexpected marriage proposals.

Five Bedrooms is created by Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett, who wrote the third iteration with Alisha Hnatjuk and Mithila Gupta.

The set-up director is Peter Templeman, alongside Fiona Banks and Craig Irvin.

Andy Walker is the producer, with executive producers Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson.

The third season has been developed and produced with support from Film Victoria, and assistance from Screen Australia.

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    1. Love the show and all the characters! I sure hope it airs in Canada. Can’t wait to watch season 3!!

  1. Have watched EVERY episode of seasons 1 and 2! Please, please, please release season 3 to Canada soon!!

  2. Can not find Season 3 of Five Bedrooms on Paramount + .
    Is it not airing in the United States? Any info would help.

  3. 5 Bedrooms? Yes please. BRILLIANT!!! Just love the characters, plots etc. So excited for series 3 to drop on the BBC. Love it!

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