Celebrating 23 years of short film excellence Flickerfest remains Australia’s leading short film festival.

Flickerfest brings its ‘Spectacular Short Films With Soul’ to 50 different venues around the country, screening in every state and territory. See a smorgasbord of shorts from Australia and around the world from January to May 2014.

WHEN: 25/01/2014 to 15/05/2014
WHERE: Across all states and all key capital cities
STATE: National

Flickerfest remains Australia’s only Academy® accredited and BAFTA recognised short film festival, ensuring that we continue to present A-list short film programmes recognised amongst the best in the world.

Over 2,300 entries were received for Flickerfest 2014, and only the top 120 shorts have been selected in official competition, all handpicked to represent the most innovative, creative and cutting edge short films being produced in the world today.

Flickerfest will be screening an entertaining, inspiring and award winning range of shorts, many of which are world or Australian premieres, giving local Flickerfest audiences the first look at the hottest short films in the world today.

The calibre of this year’s program is undeniable with several films screening at some of the worlds most prominent and revered film festivals including Sundance and Cannes.

Screening on tour are the following programmes:
BEST OF INTERNATIONAL 1 PROGRAMME. Highlights include: A very moving and intimate short The Phone Call starring Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins and Oscar winner Jim Broadbent; & Today’s The Day Standing up against the inner voice that spreads doubt into what we believe in most our dreams, starring Danny DeVito;

BEST OF INTERNATIONAL 2 PROGRAMME. Highlights include: A beautiful film about differences & acceptance with Kanyekanye; plus Linear a unique & quirky animated tale.

BEST OF AUSTRALIAN SHORTS PROGRAMME. Highlights include: Vote Yes set in May 1967 and focusing on Australia's referendum on Aboriginal rights, as two women unite and come to terms with the prospect of change, starring Miranda Tapsell from The Sapphires; & Tango Underpants Carolyn, a young Australian backpacker, travels to Buenos Aries where she discovers not only the wonders of the Tango but also the vital importance of the right underwear! starring Emma Booth; & The Chuck In 24 Beers, 3 Boys and 1 Flawless Plan by Jon Bell writer/producer: ‘Gods Of Wheat Street’ & writer: 2 series of ‘Redfern Now’.

SHORT LAUGHS COMEDY PROGRAMME. Highlights include: No Budget Hugo Weaving and David Wenham try to muscle in as two cineastes debate the best way to take on the world of low budget film making; & Liars A group of failed creative’s faithfully support each other as they pursue their ambitions – that is until their true feelings are revealed in spectacular fashion. Is honesty really the best policy?

FLICKERKIDS PROGRAMME. Highlights include: A delightfully entertaining programme of shorts that will appeal to the kid in everyone; includes Jump A visually dazzling story about the importance of family when pursuing your dreams, Jump tells the tale of a 12 year old Edwin, a circus clown like his father who defies tradition by embarking on a daring quest to become a trapeze artist.

As part of our National partnership with ABC Open we will be screening local ABC Open shorts prior to Flickerfest programmes in most locations around Australia.

The Flickerfest International Short Film Festival National Tour kicked off in Byron Bay on Friday 24 January finishing up in Cairns on 14 May, 2014.

For full programme and tour information for each of the 50 tour venues visit:

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