Fans of Seven’s A Place to Call Home can breathe a sigh of relief. After Channel 7’s shock announcement earlier in the year that the popular romantic drama would not be returning for a third season, the show has been commissioned by Foxtel.

To be produced by Seven Productions, the show will be made exclusively for Foxtel, who have already made an order for two more seasons. It will premiere on Foxtel’s SoHo drama channel next year.

The agreement was announced this morning by Foxtel Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh, and Seven’s Network Director of Production, Brad Lyons.

In a statement released to the media, Walsh said: "A Place to Call Home is Australia’s most loved drama series and has captured the hearts of millions of fans across the country. We are proud to partner with the Seven Network on this landmark deal and ensure that audiences can continue to enjoy this beautifully crafted and elegantly produced series for a further two seasons.

“The Seven Network has produced Australian television’s most successful drama series of all time and we are delighted to partner with the highly experienced creative team at Seven, who will now work their magic for Foxtel subscribers.”

Added Lyons: “This is a terrific signing. All of us are proud of A Place to Call Home and its success. Today’s agreement is great for Seven Productions and it is also a tremendous signing for the cast and crew of the programme and the millions of people who love the programme.”

The news will no doubt be welcomed by fans of the drama, many of whom lashed out when the announcement was made to discontinue the series. An online petition was also launched in a bid to save the series and attracted over 10,000 signatures.

A Place to Call Home was created by Bevan Lee (Packed to the Rafters, Winners and Losers) and follows the lives of the wealthy Bligh family. Set in the 1950’s, it has been described as the “Australian Downton Abbey” and stars Marta Dusseldorp and Noni Hazlehurst.

Development on the new third season will begin shortly.

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  1. thank god for common sense.This show is brilliant viewing and we watched last night,gutted thinking that this was the final.A place to call home nz fans

  2. The last episode screened here in NZ last night. It was flat and hollow, but left enough room for a follow up series…I was heartened to read this today that a further 2 series are being planned. Well done as this almost rivals “Downton”. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Hi it’s fantastic news on a place to call home but what happens like for my parents who love the show but don’t have foxtel?

  4. Many thanks Foxtel for the life line for A Place to call home. I have been a fan from the beginning and so happy it will have the chance to continue. P.S The cup cakes for the picnics were a great idea. Well done. Whoo hoo……

  5. It is great news that the show is to resurrected on Fox. However if you don’t have fox you miss out. What’s is the chances of a free to air channel picking it up. Channel 10 could do with a ratings winner. Any thoughts.

  6. OH !! that is so awesome I have just finished watching what I thought was the final series and it left me completely up in the air, so thank you so much for another 2 series to come that is awesome.. Just hope we get to see it here in NZ fingers crossed.

  7. last episode was screened here in nz last night and it was a disappointment, great to hear there will be a further series best show on tv

  8. That’s brilliant news! The ‘final’ show left the stories unfinished so really pleased us fans get to follow our favourite characters hopefully for longer. Well done to the cast and crew for a quality production too.

  9. Adealide in particlar seems to have a strong following amongst a large portion of Italian descent and many of whom, now aged, seem to report wathcing it. I agree with Vicki’s comments about this group. Perhaps a delayed viewing may become available for this audience.

  10. Well done I like many New Zealander will be over the moon. The ending left so many things unanswered. It is one of the best series I have watched. It makes Downton Abbey look dull in comparision.

    Judi Griffin

  11. And what happens here in NZ? Where will it screen here with no Foxtel? Sky or TVNZ as per the first 2 seasons?

  12. I’m delighted to hear that this series will continue. I felt the last episode (shown in N Z) last Sunday evening was a complete fizzer with no conclusion and left heaps of ‘fodder’ for a follow up season. I recall early in the second series, an ‘elderly’ Sarah was interviewed in the homestead by a young journalist who was obviously a relative, this was never followed up, as well as the ongoing situations with all family members. Just pleased to hear that it’s going to be continued.

    I was aged 8 – 9 in the early 1950’s and can relate to much in this series as I was brought up in a country town in N Z with many similarities as ‘Inverness’. It certainly brought back memories of my childhood.

  13. Just about to watch the final few episodes of series 2 here in the UK. I am hooked. I keep telling everyone to watch it. So pleased to hear the good news that there are to be another 2 series. I just hope the BBC buy it. I feel old. I remember watching Noni Hazlehurst in The Sullivans all those years ago. Very best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year from fellow fans here in Great Britain x

  14. And we in Scotland think this is one of the best dramas shown on Oz tv. The acting is superb. Channel 7 needs a good kick where it hurts most. I hope we can still get the new series from Foxtel.

  15. I am so relieved to hear that A Place to Call Home is going to continue. I have been glued to the set, the acting and the characters are superb, I just hope we get it back here in the UK, otherwise I shall be looking for the dvd, I feel as if I’ve been left high and dry because I second what Jill Brookes has written on the 29/10/14 that an ‘elderly’ Sarah was interviewed in the homestead by a young journalist who was obviously a relative. I really need to know what happens next. Happy New Year to you all from Suzie here in Devon, England xx

  16. I watch A Place to Call Home on BBC Iplayer and am totally hooked,it is brilliant!! I am so pleased there will be more as I felt it was left without a proper ending. I love this programme!!

  17. I’m so glad they are going to complete this story properly. I am a little concerned that it was renewed for two more seasons. I always heard the story was planned as a three season arc so I hope the extra episodes will not spoil the flow of the story. Either way as a non Foxtel subscriber I can not wait to start streaming the show online.

  18. Loved both series 1 and 2. Cannot. wait, fingers crossed, for next series to be aired on UK TV. BBC don’t let viewers down.

  19. Thank you Foxtel, please advertise clearly when the new episodes are to be aired. I never understood why Channel 7 axed this very polished programme.

  20. I am in France and have watched this show avidly. It is brilliantly shot, written acted and produced. I have been hunting high and low to find a new series. It is wonderful and beats the socks off Downton. More please.

  21. Thank goodness there will be more! It has been a fantastic series – I for one can not wait for series three! I have be watching ever since a friend of mine suggested it as I have been on Chemo, having to rest and recuperate, I have my daughters and mum watching it with me. Excellent drama.

  22. This is a wonderful programme with very believable stories. The last series endied leaving so many unfinished stories, please, please let us have a third series.

  23. So glad to hear this wonderful series is to continue. It kept me company through a nasty cold. I too want to know about the elderly Sarah story line and who was interviewing her. Do hope BBC get these 2 series.

  24. thanks be to the powers that be…..A place to called home has finally found a godfather, thank you Foxtel.
    I picked this up on dvd and watched the entire two series, and could not possibly imagine there not being closure to all the story lines…..can’t wait for the 3rd instalment….don’t keep me waiting too long…

  25. Great news to hear that there will be more sessions of this amazing series, but what about those of us who don’t subscribe to Foxtel. Channel 7 you have let a good show slip through your fingers

  26. am so relieved to know that this excellent series will continue. there are too many loose ends to tie up. the acting is superb- a la BBC. Australia does excellent work. this from a person in the benighted south of the usa.

  27. Have loved this show,all the actors are great,I have bought series one and two.i hope the B.B.C. Get the rest off the story as it has been great nighttime viewing for an insomniac

  28. I started watching A Place TO Call Home on ACorn TV. Ilove it. It is very good drama and romance.The acting on all parts is superb..I like all British and Australian TV shows and movies..I just finished season 2.I came across this article because I was hoping for a season 3 or more….THANK YOU

  29. I loved A Place to Call Home! Just watched Season 2 by streaming it through Acorn. There are many of us in the USA who were terribly disappointed to think there wouldn’t be a season 3, so I’m thrilled. Can’t wait. Hope Acorn will again pick it up.

  30. If you want to compare acting with the Anzac Girls, Gallipoli & A Place To Call Home – A Place To Call Home wins hands down! I thought the acting in the other two series was really weak & predictable. A Place To Call Home was a fresh take. There are no other programs set in the fifties, so it was quite unique. I can’t wait till Season 3!

  31. I have purchased Series 1 and Series 2 of A Place To Call Home. Was so very pleased to be able to buy them here in America. Superb Australian talent all around. Love the writing, compelling story lines, relevance of themes for today, and sheer entertainment by gifted writer, producers, actors, everyone together to gift television viewers seeking intelligent, important works! I remain very grateful for the coming of Series 3 and Series 4. Huge thanks to fabulous movie makers Down Under… respected and valued all over the world.

  32. I have been enjoying A Place to Call Home through Acorn TV. Since then, many of my friends are also watching it. Everyone loves it! My mom is visiting me and we watched the last episode of Season 2 last night on Acorn TV. When they put up, “The End” at the end of that last episode, we were: What? Is that really the end? So, this morning, I am on-line trying to find out and YEAH! Thank you for having the commons sense to complete the story! I love the characters. The good are good and the evil are evil and then there is Doris! Roy is the best! Each character is wonderful. Thank you!!!!!

  33. I recently started watch A Place to Call Home, love it and want the last two seasons to run on PBS as in the past. I pay a lot for my TV shows and feel short changed that this won’t be running in America. Get with it!

  34. Have watched the first 2 episodes of Series 3 and absolutely love it – even better than the first 2 episodes. Please don’t let it finish!!!!!
    Thank you so much for resurrecting it.

  35. Has the 3rd season been completed. Looking for it here in USA. Watched previous 2 seasons on PBS.
    It was a big shock to hear it was to be dumped by 7.

  36. Cannot believe there are no more episodes of A place called home.. instead you’ll have crappy reality show on thats it you have totally lost me now no faith in australian broadcasty be it radio or television ..All these other shows of the voice australia’s got talent. all about a quick buck not some good quality entertainment with quality actors .. unreal as for home and away and other rubbish I don’t watch them .

  37. Glad to hear a third series is being made. We are watching it in the uk (2nd series) and it is just as good as Downton Abbey, may be better!!

  38. I have been absolutely glued to this drama and hope it continues. Just saw the last one today and was devastated it leaves you wondering what happens to them all please please
    lets see more.

  39. Fab fab show cried through most episodes superb acting from a great cast. Thank you for wonderful stories xxx

  40. When the second series finished here in England on BBC2 I was so disappointed. It was unfinished and I could not find a follow up coming anywhere.
    You say they are making more . But when and will we be able to see it in in England.
    It is a great programme cant wait to see more. It seems a long time coming.

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