Gulliver Media invited to participate in Guangzhou Doc 2007

Directors of Brisbane based documentary production company Gulliver Media Australia, Larry Zetlin and Chris Carroll, have been invited to participate in and showcase their latest documentaries at the prestigious annual Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival in China.

The Festival, better known as Guangzhou Doc runs from 2nd to 7th December. The festival has invited 50 International documentary producers, including 7 Australians to the Festival. 

The emphasis of GZ Doc is to allow Chinese producers to pitch documentary ideas as co-production projects to interested overseas producers. 

For International Producer’s Day (December 4) Larry will present Gulliver’s extensive portfolio of past and current documentary productions to local producers and broadcasters.

‘This is a great chance for Gulliver Media to see who from the Chinese attendees are interested in co-producing new documentaries with us,’ Larry said.

‘Gulliver Media has an ongoing production relationship with China Central Television (CCTV), China Anhui Television (AHTV) and Shanghai Television going back to 1989 and I see this as an opportunity to develop new relationships with broadcasters we haven’t worked with previously,’ Larry added.

Gulliver Media will present two completed High Definition documentaries at GZ Doc, Of Dogs and Gods and Merchants of Destiny, both co-productions with China and a new yet to be made doco called Chinese Beauties.

[release from Gulliver Media] 

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