Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann had great success last year when they won Movie Extra's Webfest. The team was then given a budget of $50,000 to produce series Henry & Aaron’s 7 Steps to Superstardom. The webseries premiered on the Movie Extra in December. And now the lads are back with a new clip that has gone viral over the weekend.

As of Saturday, the two-minute comedy digital short It's A Snap had more than 80,000 YouTube hits. As of now, it's received more than one million views.

Written and directed by Henry & Aaron (who also star), the clip about "learning in the city" was made for the Central Institute of Technology.

Creator and executive producer of US comedy Community, Dan Harmon, tweeted over the weekend: "Walked in on writers watching it. Amazing."

McCann's latest short Perished has been chosen for next month's SXSW festival. Henry & Aaron's official website can be viewed here.

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