With over 40yrs collective experience in the film & tv industry, our security team is highly trained to provide a secure environment for your equipment and protection of all clients . 

If you are looking for a security team that is committed to quality services and who offers outstanding client relations, then you can be assured you have come to the right place. 

Looking after high profile personalities is our specialty.  We are trained extensively to secure your filming location and protect your cast, crew and equipment. 

Providing the best services for clients that demand nothing but high quality guards and strong management support. We conduct regular patrols as well as standing guard placement to maximise surveillance and minimise any opportunity of theft, trespassing, vandalism and any unwanted activity.

Industry security is a necessity of a solid operation. We understand the expectations of being able to adapt to changes in location and being flexible with any changes along the way. We pride ourselves on reliability, professionalism and the ability to follow procedures. 

Our goal is to always meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. 

✅ Competitively Priced Security For Filming On Set Or Location

✅ Highly Trained Licensed Security Guards

✅ Crowd Control And Personal Protection

✅ Industry Knowledge And Highly Regarded

✅ Discreet And Honest

✅ Vigilant, Professional Elite Security Team  

Contact us at: http://nextlevelss.rurl.me/tpb

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