Filming of the third season of Hoodlum Entertainment/the ABC’s Harrow resumed on Monday in Brisbane and South-East Queensland after star Ioan Gruffudd came out of quarantine.

Production of the 10-part series was shut down in March due to COVID-19 with just seven days to go. Gruffudd returned to Los Angeles so producers Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield had to obtain permission from Border Force to bring him back.

Scripted by co-creators Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath and Michaeley O’Brien, the Screen Queensland-backed show follows Gruffudd’s forensic pathologist Doctor Daniel Harrow as he investigates the death of a young man who claimed to be his son and gets entangled in a dangerous criminal underworld.

Faustina Agolley, who guest starred in the second series, plays Edwina Gharam, Harrow’s new assistant, joining Jolene Anderson (Dr Grace Molyneux), Damien Garvey (Detective Sergeant Bryan Nichols), Darren Gilshenan (Lyle Fairley), Ella Newton (Fern Harrow) and Hunter Page-Lochard (Callan Prowd).

The Welsh-born actor made his directing debut on this series, alongside Tony Tilse, Grant Brown, Catherine Millar, Mairi Cameron and Peter Andrikidis.

Hulu bought the US rights in a life-of-series deal with Disney Media Distribution. In the UK the series screens on UKTV’s Alibi Channel.

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  1. Very well written and very complicated story arcs and talented actors with great credibility and convincing portrayals of their characters. I found myself binge watching because I wanted to get to the next episode and find out what was happening next.

  2. Each episode is unpredictable, interesting, stand alone but with a continual story line running through each Season from start to finish. Really enjoy it. Brisbane looks stunning as the stage for this series that I hope runs for many more seasons.

  3. I love this series it’s so full of twists & turns. All the actors & actresses are exceptional especially Damien Garvey who should get the Australian equivalent of an oscar for his portrayal of Nichols in the camping trip episode. His expressions of irritation were spot on & I could almost feel him trying not to snap when fairley smacked his hands. Ioan Gryfudd is also fantastic in this series, who couldn’t love harrow? When harrow, nichols & fairley are in the same scene nothing can beat it. The writing & filming are superb. I can’t think of a better series & if we don’t get a fourth series it will be a crime!

  4. I’m really enjoying Harrow and I am hoping to have another couple of seasons! I love that the writer’s are giving us more information about all of the characters and how they relate to Harrow off of the job…as well as on the job! The actors are very talented, the stories are engaging and the scenery is fantastic! Love it!!!

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