This session will give you an understanding how Getty Images’ content and services can be used to lift your scripted productions and add value at each stage of the production lifecycle.

When creating scripted productions for TV, cinema or VODs, there is often a need for additional visual content. Whether it’s visuals for pitching and storyboarding, footage for establishing shots, content for set décor or historical reference, or plates for VFX in post – having the access to the right content at the right time will enhance your narrative and streamline post-production work.

Join Arran Birchenough, Director, Broadcast (ANZ) and Natasha Gallace, Director, Corporate Counsel at Getty Images for an overview of the endless creative content options available at Getty Images, including our unrivalled editorial and archival offering and real examples of how our content has been used in other scripted productions, including Netflix’s Clickbait.

What you’ll hear about:

  • Pre-production: how to use Getty Images’ research services to find the perfect clips and how to access content
  • Production: how to source pre-cleared playback content and appropriate, authentic imagery for set décor and set design
  • Post-production: where you can use Getty Images content in promos and marketing, how to access high quality establishing shots (at a fraction of the cost of shooting them) and how to fill content gaps 
  • TV and Film Licensing Rider: what’s included and what rights are granted to offline partner collections, including BBC, NBC News, TVNZ and ITN.

Getty Images live webinar – Wednesday 10 November 2021, 12pm AEDT | 2pm NZDT

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