Stuart Beattie's I, Frankenstein, will be filmed in Victoria, it was announced today.

The film, which stars The Dark Knight actor, Aaron Eckhart and is written and directed by Beattie, will carry out pre-production, filming and post-production in Melbourne.

Based on the graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux – the creator of the popular Underworld franchise, I, Frankenstein is the story of Frankenstein's monster, Adam (Eckhart), who, centuries after his birth, comes to aid of humankind as a war between two supernatural clans threatens to take over the Earth.

The film is described as a modern day gothic thriller, and is expected to create approximately 500 jobs for local cast and crew.

Precise locations in and around Melbourne are currently being determined, but the production will be primarily based at Docklands Studios. It is estimated that the film will spend up to $37 million in Victoria.

Shooting is scheduled to commence in February 2012. Hopscotch/eOne will distribute the film locally, with US distribution to be managed by Lionsgate.

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  1. Could you pass on to Stuart Beattie that I have written a new version of a modern frankenstien tale. I am an inexperienced writer with no publications. I have written around 400 pages of two books.

    Would he consider looking at my work
    thank you

  2. hi, im a local and i’d like to be an extra in the do i go about it?
    kind regards

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