Inside Film Awards support Burma’s ‘Saffron Revolution’ for democracy

The film industry came out in force at the 2007 Inside Film Awards to support Burma’s pro-democracy struggle, by wearing Saffron coloured ribbons.

Since August, Buddhist monks, who traditionally wore Saffron coloured robes, led peaceful protests against Burma’s brutal military regime.

Cathy Freeman donned a Saffron ribbon as did Best Actor winner Joel Lok and nominees Brendan Cowell and Richard Green. Other attendees, including Directors Tony Ayres and Dee McLachlan and actors Angus Sampson and Andy Whitfield also supported the cause. Staff and volunteers of the Inside Film Awards were also proud to show their support.

Dr Myint Cho, exiled activist and Director of the Burma Office stated, ‘The Burmese community is grateful for the generous support of participants and staff of the Inside Film awards.’

He further added that, ‘the brutal crushing of dissent and the murder of Buddhist monks is not acceptable in a civilised world.’

Since the beginning of the military crackdown on September 26, it is estimated that approximately 200 people have killed and up to 6,000 people arrested, including at least 1,400 monks.

[release from Sydney Burma Network]

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