Arrowhead, 2015 produced winner

Entries are now open for the Australian Writers’ Guild’s 2016 John Hinde Award for Excellence in Science Fiction screenwriting.

The awards, funded by a bequest from the late Australian film critic John Hinde, offer $10,000 for the best produced script, and professional support for the best unproduced script submitted each year.

The award was established to encourage, reward and foster creativity in the development and showcasing of science fiction writing for feature film, short film, television, radio and interactive media.

Jesse O’Brien, the 2015 winner in the produced category for his screenplay Arrowhead, said the existence of the award sends a strong message that ambitious genre in Australia isn't only possible, but welcome.

“We're only a few movies away from a significant genre resurgence and if Arrowhead can inspire the imaginations of other writers, then it has done the very best thing movies can do,” he said.

“Thank you to John Hinde for leaving this treasure for us to find, and to the AWG for presenting it.”
Penelope Chai and Adam Spellicy won the award for best unproduced screenplay Mary Mary, which was described by judges as “a searing indictment on gender politics”.

As part of the prize, they were inducted into AWG’s Pathways program, sponsored to attend the National Screenwriters’ Conference and had mini-mentorships with leading screenwriters Laura Jones and John Collee.

“Thanks to the support and encouragement of the AWG and the Pathways program, we’re now working on a new draft of Mary Mary that’s stronger and more compelling than the last,” they said.

“We’re proud to be part of the rich history and exciting future of Australian science fiction films. And we’re very, very grateful to the legendary John Hinde for his generous bequest.”

Entries close 5pm August 22.


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