‘Let’s See How Fast this Baby Will Go’

Julietta Boscolo’s Let’s See How Fast this Baby Will Go is among seven films that will screen at the American Pavilion’s showcase of short films from emerging filmmakers at the Cannes Film Festival.

Funded by Screen Australia’s Hot Shots program, the film stars Liv Hewson and Tara Morice and follows pregnant teenager Gloria. Despite being in labour she decides to buy a new car and in the process of giving birth she becomes a new person.

Based on a true story by Gloria Harrison and produced by Eva Di Blasio and executive produced by Robyn Kershaw, the 15-minute comedy/drama won the emerging filmmaker award at the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival and the ATOM award for best short fiction film.

It was invited to Cannes Critics Week and has screened at numerous other festivals including the Flickerfest International Film Festival, Heart of Gold International Film Festival, CinefestOZ and the Big Sur Film Festival.

Currently Boscolo is on a Hollywood field trip sponsored by the Australian Directors’ Guild Metro Screen Open Fellowship. She is pitching projects to Hollywood executives, producers, agents and managers.

Now in its 31st year, the American Pavilion is accentuating inclusion and representation in Cannes this year. The full program features 29 films including 17 from female directors, six documentaries and 11 LGBTQ narratives.

“We have such great diversity amongst the films and international filmmakers, with more than half of this year’s films directed or co-directed by women,” said AmPav founder Julie Sisk. ”Our showcases offer a voice to filmmakers from around the globe and that is something we are simply thrilled to be able to offer.”

Emerging Filmmaker Showcase Short Films:

10 Syllables [Un-Con-Scious/In-Tox-I-Ca-Ted/Fe-Male]
2019, 16 min., USA, Drama
Writer/Director: Emily Skyle-Golden
Producer: Ryan Golden, Alphonse Polito, Tyler Bourns
Cast: Evan Faunce, Jasmeet Baduwalia, Riley McKinney
After the justice system fails her, Parker sets off on an inspiring journey to turn everyone’s #metoo into #nomore.

2018, 16 min., USA, Drama
Director: Thiago Dadalt
Writer: Thiago Dadalt, Dru Miller
Producer: Thiago Dadalt, Dru Miller, Ekin Ergen, Bruna Nogueira, Andre Chesini
Co-produced: Dawnella Trammell
Line Producers – Tuna Erturk, Mehmet Gungoren, Damaris Pinheiro
Cast: Robert Solomon, Piercey Dalton
When a nonverbal autistic teen’s family is falling apart, he must find his voice to keep them together.

2018, 5 min., USA/Canada, Animation/Music
Writer/Director/Music: Carolyn Downie
Dark jazz in a dark sociopolitical climate with a vision of a transformed, brighter future.

Kommando 1944
2018, 16 min., USA, Drama/War/Social Justice
Writer/Director: Derek Quick
Producers: Derek Quick, Lucy Quick, Nicholas Nathaniel
Cast: Daniel Joo, Jeff Seid, Bejo Dohmen, Louie Chapman, Aramis Merlin.
An Asian American soldier is thrown into a Nazi work camp on a farm in Germany as his family back home in America are forced into an American Japanese Concentration camp in Manzanar California.

Let’s See How Fast this Baby Will Go
2017, 15 min., Australia, Drama/Comedy/Biography
Writer/Director: Julietta Boscolo
Producer: Eva Di Blasio
Cast: Liv Hewson, Tara Morice
Pregnant and in labour, a teenager decides to buy a new car to take her to the hospital and ultimately take control of her life for the first time. Based on Gloria Harrison’s true story of the same name as first heard on This American Life.

Sorry, Not Sorry

2018, 7 min., USA, Comedy
Writer/Director: Monique Sorgen
Producer: Monique Sorgen, Darryl Pugh Jr.
Cast: Jessica Oyelowo, M. Emmet Walsh, Wallace Langham
A couple’s one-upmanship reaches unbelievable heights after a man eats his wife’s plums.

2018, 16 min., United Kingdom, Drama
Writer/Director: Richard Prendergast
Producer: Rachel Prendergast
Cast: Jolie Lennon, Benjamin Hartley, Maisie Prendergast, Gaynor Fraser, Evie Prendergast, Mick Fryer-Wesley, Willow Major
A car. A family. An unwanted destination.

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