A new sketch comedy series is being developed for ABC1 by comedy producing team Jungleboys.

Executive producer Jason Burrows said, “We can't say too much because the show is still in development; however what we can say is the new series is a pure sketch show with no apparent linking device or theme. While we are open to reoccurring storylines and characters, much of it will be made up of stand-alone pieces stemming from interesting ideas and concepts.”

Burrows said he was keen to move away from what he believes has become stock-standard practice in Australian comedy.

“We’re interested in making a series that is grounded in reality – good performance comedy – rather than comedians doing over-the-top impersonations.

“Tonally, I think it’s going to be very different to what we have been seeing on Australian TV. There’s been a lot of parodies, impersonations, mock-doc; so you probably won’t see any of that. You probably won’t see us focus on any current or topical issues. We’re just after little ideas that are clever and interesting. There won’t necessarily be reoccurring characters and if they are it will hopefully be a developing narrative.”

However Burrows is quick to point out this all might be thrown out the window in the name of humour.

“If something’s funny, it overrides all other roads. All rules will be broken if it’s funny,” he said.

Burrows originally created Jungleboys in his Bondi apartment, and since then the company has expanded to produce TV commercials, TV programs, branded entertainment and corporate films for advertising agencies, television networks and brands.

The company also created the popular online platform Jungleboys.tv to provide a space where they could showcase their work.

However it is only in the past few months the team have begun to enjoy real success with long form projects.

This is largely due to popular TV series A Moody Christmas, which was written and created by Jungleboys co-owner Trent O’Donnell and scriptwriter/actor Phil Lloyd.

“Jungleboys.tv is where our sketches kind of started and that’s the thing that has generated the interest,” Burrows said.

“But in terms of long-form, the last six months have been very exciting. The response we’ve had to A Moody Christmas… it’s already won a couple of critic’s Best Comedy of the Year Awards… it’s been an amazing three months.”

Burrows said fans can “hopefully” expect the team’s developing project, as yet unnamed, to screen next year.

In the meantime, Jungleboys are looking for expressions of interest from writers.

“It is a great opportunity for us to work with some new exciting writers, and we hope that there are some creatives who are willing to empty their bottom drawers,” Burrows said.

 However he went on to warn, “While Jungleboys will produce the show, the ABC will have the final say on which writers will be selected so don’t shoot the messenger.”

Please email expressions of interest by Thursday 14 December to: sketches@jungleboys.com.au.

Examples of their work can be found at http://jungleboys.tv/


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