Who would win in a battle of the facts between a kid and a comedian?

With the first season airing now on ABC Me, ABC Education and ABC iview, Know It Alls is a new kids factual entertainment show from Production Group, the ABC, the NSW Department of Education and some of Australia’s very best cultural institutions.

The show sees hosts Adelaide, Chanelle and Marianne take one smart kid and one comedian adult on a fact-finding mission through a unique museum topic.

Who can cram their way in a ‘Kid vs Adult’ quiz to be declared The Know It All?

Participating institutions include Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney Living Museums, Questacon, National Art Gallery, Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of NSW.

Each episode centres on a new topic, which fall under Australian curriculum including history, science and visual Art.

Guests include Mark Humphries, Anna Polyviou, Dane Simpson, Genevieve Fricker and Sam Campbell.

Director and executive producer is Andrew Garrick, with director and editor Henry Inglis. Senior producer is Madelin Logan, producer Laura Ritchie, integration producer Ali Chadwick, and series producer and writer Jess Skinner. Writers include Jazz Twemlow and Kate Keegan.

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