Reg Cribb.

Last Cab to Darwin scribe Reg Cribb is Dendy Direct's Guest Curator for August 2016.

Each month, Dendy Direct invites a guest curator to pick their favourite titles available via the VOD service, with No Activity's Patrick Brammall and The Rover's David Michôd two recent participants.

Cribb, who is currently working on a feature film adaptation of his play The Damned, winner of the 2012 NSW Premier’s Literary Award, said his choices were dictated by his upbringing on an isolated coastal town in Western Australia called Esperance.

“In the early 70’s, we had no TV infiltrating our lives. When I wasn’t reading voraciously, our whole family would pack up the Holden and visit one of the two drive-in theatres on the outskirts of town, at least three times a week. Many of the films I have chosen were devoured by me on the big screen at the Pink Lake or Esperance drive-in theatres."

“I remain to this day very influenced by gritty 70’s cinema and if they weren’t made in that decade, they tend to have a strong 70’s feel to them. It was the decade of the anti-hero, urgent high stakes and confronting themes.” 

Cribb has won the Patrick White Playwright’s Award, two WA Premier’s Literary Awards, a NSW Premier’s Literary Award and a QLD Literary Premier’s Award. He won an AACTA award for Best Adapted Screenplay last year, for his adaptation of his own play Last Cab to Darwin.

Cribb's choices include Aussie classics Wake in Fright and Walkabout. Check out the rest here.

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