Lavalife sees Red for new TVC

By Simon de Bruyn

Supernova Films has wrapped filming on the first TV commercial to be shot using new Red One 4k production cameras, two weeks after the first Australian feature to use the technology wrapped principal photography.

Supernova producer Jason Sinclair said the technology was a bit of a risk for the client – online dating service Lavalife – as it was largely unproven; however the test footage sealed the deal especially when the client saw they could get better vision for a cheaper cost.

‘As far as I know it is the first TVC shot in Australia with the intention for release as opposed to tests. Luckily the client knew that we were in experimental land and was understanding,’ he told Inside Film.

‘There was a lot of nervousness and even though I have followed the technology right from the start I was cautious. But as soon as the footage came out it was clear that this was a different quality of image. It’s just amazing.’

He said Supernova rented its Red camera from Michael Seymour’s Sydney-based visual effects training company FXPHD, and the TVC shoot benefited a lot from the four months of tests that Seymour’s team had done. Toby Oliver ACS was the DOP, he said.

With a 12 mega pixel CMOS sensor that offers 60 frames a second, the Red One is touted as being a real alternative to 35mm film. DOP Peter Holland used two of the Red cameras on the new Australian feature, The Nothing Men, which wrapped shooting in late November.

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