By Simon de Bruyn

Independent filmmaker Igor Grabovsky has formed his own distribution company, IG Distribution, to release his World War II drama Katusha in limited release from today.

Filmed in NSW, Katusha tells the story of a father and son and their sense of duty, set against a backdrop of Russian counter-intelligence engaging with German forces in 1943.

Grabovsky based some of the military realism on his own experience in the Russian army, and spent four years meticulously recreating the detailed sets and costumes of the period to add the authenticity. Katusha is his second film.

After talking to a range of exhibitors, IG Distribution has managed to secure four NSW screens for this week’s debut and plans to expand to 17 screens in coming weeks, and perhaps further based on performance. Inside Film will check back in a few weeks to track the film’s progress.

Grabovsky is also working on the script for his film Honeymoon, and well as a range of other projects.

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