Press release from Madman

Groundbreaking SBS documentary series, First Australians, was awarded a Silver Logie at Sunday evening’s 51st TV Week Logie Awards ceremony. The Logie, awarded for Most Outstanding Documentary, is prestigious recognition of the importance of the series, painstakingly produced by Darren Dale and Rachel Perkins. The achievement is a highlight on an ever-growing list of accolades for the series, which critics have already called “One of the most significant documentary series in the history of Australian television…”

First Australians reveals the untold story of Australia. Produced by Australia’s finest Aboriginal filmmakers, the astonishing series chronicles the birth of a country and the collision of two worlds. It’s an epic story that comes alive through the struggles of individuals, both black and white.

Beautifully filmed, including cinematography by Warwick Thornton (Writer, Director and DOP of Samson and Delilah), the series blends landscape, art, interviews and first-hand accounts with a vast archival collection to present the birth of contemporary Australia as never seen before, from the perspective of its first people — the First Australians.

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