The Clangers.

The Clangers, a remake of the classic 1960s stop-motion series, was a huge hit in the UK when it launched last year. 

The redo is narrated by Michael Palin, and bows on ABC Kids this Monday.

The Clangers are a family of pink, long-nosed, inventive and inquisitive mouse-shaped creatures who live on a small blue planet, out in the starry stretches of space not far from our world.

The planet’s surface is peppered with craters topped with metal dustbin lids. These flip open and shut with a “Clang!” – hence the series’ name.

Beneath the craters are steps and tunnels to warm, inviting caves and burrows. The family have many friends (the cast regulars) that participate in and make up their community. 

But space is also filled with all manner of weird and wonderful objects and creatures that can visit the planet too. These visits are often the catalyst for a brand new adventure for the Clangers and their friends.

The Clangers communicate with distinctive whistles and a narrator (Palin) assists our audience by commenting on their everyday events and adventures – rather like a knowing, Attenborough-esque wildlife observer.

The Clangers airs 7.45am weekdays on ABC Kids, beginning February 1.

Watch an episode here.

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