‘Miriam Margolyes Almost Australian’.

‘Miriam Margolyes Almost Australian’. (Photo: Alex Craig)

Miriam Margolyes Almost Australian, a three-part docuseries produced by Southern Pictures, has been sold to BBC2.

The series follows actor Miriam Margolyes – who became an Australian citizen in 2013 – as she embarks on a two-month, 10,000 kilometre road trip to get under the skin of her new homeland. Margolyes, born in Britain, explores the Australian dream, mateship and the idea of ‘the lucky country’.

The series premiered on the ABC last Tuesday, continuing over the next two weeks, with the sale to the BBC via ABC Commercial.

Margolyes says: “Although I’ve been coming and going from Australia with my Australian partner for over 40 years, and we have a house here, I felt I had to get out of my ‘bubble’ and meet all kinds of people. I think that’s something we all need to do. It was a journey of discovery – and I loved every minute of it.”

Southern Pictures executive producer Laurie Critchley says: “Miriam is able to shine a light on things that other people miss. While she can have a kind of bull-in-a-china-shop energy, it’s always coupled with her incredible powers of empathy, insight, humour and an open mind. Miriam is upfront about being a new Australian with a lot to learn — and we were amazed how she connected with everyone she met. I’m extremely proud that our series will be part of the BBC’s primetime line-up for 2020. Miriam and Australia are an irresistible combination.”

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