Sara Kern’s debut feature Moja Vesna follows a 10-year-old girl who has to keep her grief-stricken immigrant family together.

An Australian-Slovenian co-production set in Melbourne’s outer-suburbs, reticent Moja (Loti Kovacic), her well-meaning Slovenian father Miloš and her volatile older sister Vesna all struggle to cope with the impacts of a significant death. But Vesna is in denial about the demands of late-stage pregnancy and Miloš barely speaks a word of English, so Moja is forced to assume the role of stabilising presence and cultural mediator – with little chance to mourn the loss of their mother.

Moja Vesna made its world premiere in Berlin, selected for the Generation Kplus program, and will debut locally at Melbourne International Film Festival – it is a MIFF Premiere Fund-supported feature.

Moja Vesna is produced by Gal Greenspan and Sharlene George of Sweetshop & Green and Rok Biček of Cvinger Film.

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