More big breaks for Queensland’s film and television industry

Film and television activity from local filmmakers is at an all time high with four more productions confirmed to shoot in Queensland, Arts Minister Rod Welford announced today.

Mr Welford said a children’s television series called K9, a feature film called Subdivision, a documentary titled My America, and the second series of popular drama Sea Patrol would all be shot in the state later this year.

‘These productions are a major achievement for the growth of the state’s film and television industry,’ Mr Welford said.

‘These projects will bring an estimated combined Queensland spend of more than $24.5 million which will have an economic impact of around $44 million.

‘The productions will also provide valuable employment and training opportunities for Queensland’s talented cast and crew, creating around 800 jobs.

‘The Queensland Government will provide funding support for all four projects through the Pacific Film and Television Commission (PFTC). Funding has also been provided by the Film Finance Corporation.’

Mr Welford said he was particularly pleased Sea Patrol would be filming in north Queensland again this year.

Sea Patrol premiered with the best ratings for an Australian drama since 2001 and was sold to overseas distribution company Hallmark before it was even completed,’ he said.

‘When the second series completes filming, the two series combined will have created around 516 jobs and increased economic activity by approximately $28.2 million.’

Mr Welford said K9, Subdivision and the theatrical documentary My America were all developed by Brisbane-based producers.

K9 is a 26-part kids show to be produced by Richard Stewart and Penny Wall which follows the adventures of Dr Who’s faithful robot dog from the iconic BBC television series,’ he said.

‘This is another major project from the same producers that recently completed filming their first feature film Acolytes in Queensland.

‘Subdivision will be produced by Trish Lake (Gettin Square) and Owen Johnston and will explore the relationship between a father and son.

‘It will be the sixth feature film produced by Queensland production companies over the past 12 months.

My America is a theatrical documentary from award-winning filmmaker Peter Hegedus (Inheritance) and producers Jane Jeffes (Without Prejudice) and Trish Lake.’

[release from the PFTC]

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