Movie Network Channels sells Chandon Pictures to Lionsgate

Movie Network Channels is thrilled to announce that its locally-produced comedy series, Chandon Pictures, has been bought by Lionsgate for worldwide distribution. 

An original production from Movie Network Channels and Shadowfax TV, Chandon Pictures premiered on Movie Extra in November of 2007 struck a chord with audiences for its offbeat characters and understated humour, which was also praised by critics.

In the deal brokered by Lionsgate’s Craig Cegielski, who was recently promoted to Executive Vice President, Programming and Sales, International Television, and Peter Jenetsky, General Manager, Marketing & Content Strategy for Movie Network Channels, Lionsgate retains rights to distribute the series worldwide outside of Australia, including the U.S. domestic market.

Said Cegielski, ‘We’re proud to add this innovative gem to our strong slate of award-winning, top-notch programming.’

The first-season of Chandon Pictures features eight original half-hour episodes. Written, directed by and starring Rob Carlton (Sony Tropfest 2006 first place short Carmichael & Shane), the series follows the comedic adventures of self-proclaimed documentary maker Tom Chandon (Carlton) and his struggling video production company. The series also stars Rebecca Massey (All Saints, Son of the Mask), Darren Gilshenan (Swinger, Dark City) and Josh Lawson (The Librarians, Sea Patrol).

Jenetsky said, ‘Chandon Pictures is an original concept with unlimited potential to do well in the worldwide marketplace.  Australians delight in the offbeat sense of humour it delivers, and this style of comedy is definitely proving to be relatable abroad. Audiences from any culture will be amused by the misadventures of the motley crew that makes up the Chandon team, and we’re extremely excited that Lionsgate will be exposing it to overseas markets.’ 

Lionsgate will be taking Chandon Pictures to the NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) conference in Las Vegas later this month as part of its slate of original, alternative programming.

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