Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) director Richard Wolstenscroft may face police charges, following an illegal screening of the film L.A. Zombie in Melbourne last year.

The filmmaker received a summons last Thursday, with a diversion notice offering to settle the issue- presenting Wolstencroft with the opportunity to avoid having a felony on his record by means of donating to charity.

But in a statement, Wolstencroft said he and his legal team were considering their options.

“I feel I would like to pursue this matter further, but have been put between the proverbial rock and hard a place,” he said.

If the case proceeds to court, the festival director could face up to two years in prison.

Described as "gay zombie porn", L.A. Zombie was directed by renowned Canadian queer filmmaker Bruce La Bruce.

The movie was selected for the Melbourne International Film Festival last year but was withdrawn after being banned by the Classification Board.

The illegal MUFF screening took place on August 29 in front of 200 audience members.

Police raided Wolstencroft’s home last November, searching for copies of the film.

They were unsuccessful.

"Our only intention was to play this important work of cinematic art to an appreciative adult audience,” Wolstencroft said.

The festival director is being represented pro bono by Bryce Menzies and Barrister Peter Clarke.

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  1. I’ll visit you in jail, Richard. I’ll bring the iPAD and we’ll watch the film together in prison, and film it for the Victorian Police Fundraiser. Actually, don’t back down. We got charged from for ‘distributing and displaying’ those suppressed pictures of underworld secret witnesses from the DPP and AFP two years ago and it took a battle but we won it…WITH COSTS. There is justice to be had in Victoria, but it’s few and far between.

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