The second season of Glitch will be co-produced by the ABC, Matchbox and Netflix  making it the closest thing to a Netflix Original produced locally. 

The first season of the zombie drama streams on Netflix Oz and debuted on Netflix U.S. last week (October 15).

According to Chris Oliver-Taylor, MD of Matchbox Pictures and the show's EP, "Glitch was something that Netflix were interested in very early as a result of the quality of series one."

"Matchbox always tries to produce programs that work for an international audience. The international deal was reasonably simple to construct; the more complicated piece of the puzzle was working with Netflix, NBCUniversal and the ABC to work out the local Australian arrangements, working through windowing and how to manage on-demand."

Oliver-Taylor is excited about what the deal might mean for the local sector.

"We think that by bringing on Netflix to be a co-producer of Glitch with the ABC for series 2 we have achieved a number of things  primarily we have secured a second season of Tony Ayres and Lou Fox's brilliant drama, secondly we have brought a great partner to work with Matchbox and the ABC, and thirdly we can show Glitch to a very large international audience. This new series will generate jobs in Victoria and put our wonderful Australian creative talent on an international stage."

Glitch's cast includes Patrick Brammall (Upper Middle Bogan, Offspring), Rodger Corser (Party Tricks, Rush), Emma Booth (Cloud Street, Jack Irish), Emily Barclay (Suburban Mayhem, Lou), Genevieve O’Reilly (Episodes, Star War Episode III), Andrew McFarlane (Devil’s Playground), Daniela Farinacci (Redfern Now, Lantana), Sean Keenan (Puberty Blues) and Ned Dennehy (Sherlock Holmes).

Made up of six one-hour episodes, the show was created by Tony Ayres (The Slap, Cut Snake, Nowhere Boys) and Louise Fox (Broadchurch, Dead Europe).

Speaking to IF, Ayres called Glitch "a series made with a lot of love and passion, and it's thrilling to see the journey of the Risen continue into series two and all across the globe with our phenomenal cast.”

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  1. So happy there is another series coming!
    Series one was gripping and I’m really intrigued to see what happens next.
    If you haven’t seen Glitch yet get prepared for this series and watch it as it leaves you wanting more.

    Well done 😊

  2. I’m so happy to see another season! Yay! I really enjoyed the first and thought that was it. I thought it didn’t get picked up for any others. I can’t wait!

  3. Thoroughly captivated by this Australian series. Countryside and town settings were so well done. The
    Paranormal theme is so popular now and great to see Australian TV cashing in on this. Only criticism is that there needs to be more characterisation. Perhaps we’ll see that in second season.

  4. I just binge watched all 6 episodes of the first season on Netflix here in Texas USA, and completely enjoyed it and left me wanting more! Hopefully the producers, writers and all involved will make a 2nd season with more than 6 installments. As it stands now I am left on the edge of my seat with a lot of questions and wanting more ASAP! Very good job with the writing, filming and acting. All top notch.

  5. My wife and I binged watched this amazing show, and for the first time in so long the producers of Glitch have managed to create a truly original, off the charts series that keeps you captivated and on the edge of your seats! The concept alone is incredible, and keeps one thinking “WHAT IF”? Can one imagine truly what it would be like to be once again standing face to face with a loved one, who came back from the dead after so many YEARS, and the implications of the circumstances surrounding that return? What if you’ve been re married, but the love of your life stood there in perfect health staring you face to face, looking you in your eyes with a look that only she could give stirring up emotions that only she could stir. And so many More possibilities surrounding the WHAT IFS, that it boggles ones mind! The concept of this show is nothing short of genius! I wish the season had more episodes, and I’m hoping that the second season will. Thank you for such a refreshing and new concept on the concept of the rising of the once dead!

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