New sci fi series to shoot in Canberra

Canberra-based That’s-A-Wrap Productions have announced plans to film a pilot for a new science fiction series, Resistance, in the capital in March.

Created by Executive Producer, Andrew Dillon, and developed for television by American writer Craig Miller, Resistance is the on-going story of a covert attempt by aliens from outer space to take over the Earth and a guerrilla-style battle to stop them when most of the world won’t believe the threat exists.

The focus is on a band of super-smart teenagers at the centre of this conflict, dealing with not only saving the world but hormones and dating.

Set to star in the series is Nicholas Hope (Bad Boy Bubby, Farscape, Scooby Doo) and Belinda McClory (The Matrix, Janus, Blue Heelers, Corridors of Power). Casting for other roles is currently underway throughout Australia.

Pre-production has begun for Resistance, with an animatic of the hour-long live-action pilot currently being produced to aid in creating the visual effects and stunts required for the science fiction adventure.

This month Hope, McClory, and other actors gathered at the Canberra based NRS Group to record voices to bring the animatic footage to life.

The series itself will be shot in High-Definition in Canberra and the surrounding communities by That’s-A-Wrap Productions, with Dillon as executive producer and principal.