‘Hotel Mumbai’. 

Nick Matthews was named Australian cinematographer of the year for his work on director Anthony Maras’ Hotel Mumbai at the annual Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) National Awards on Saturday night.

In addition, he collected the Gold Tripod for features budgeted above $2 million with Denson Baker receiving an award of distinction in that category for Claire McCarthy’s Ophelia.

In the awards presented online, Dion Beebe, Roger Lanser and John Wheeler were inducted into the Hall of Fame and the Ron Windon Award went to Robb Shaw-Velzen.

For features budgeted below $2 million Joshua Flavell received the Gold Tripod for David Barker’s Pimped and Chris Bland got the award of distinction for Heath Davis’ Locusts.

Among the other honorees, Zoe White won the drama series or telefeatures prize for The Handmaid’s Tale and Katie Milwright took the dramatised documentaries gong for Matthew Sleeth’s Guilty, which chronicles the final 72 hours of Bali 9 convicted criminal Myuran Sukumaran before his execution in 2015.

Caleb Ware collected the documentaries award for Daniel Braga Ulvestad’s By the River, which spotlights Varanasi, the holiest of India’s seven sacred cities where devout Hindus go to die in hopes of achieving liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

At the AGM yesterday the agenda included ongoing efforts to improve gender parity within the Society; the potential sale of the national headquarters to enable the ACS to find premises that offer more diverse usable spaces and facilities for members; and the importance of the wellbeing of its sponsors in the current economic climate.

Ron Johanson was re-elected national president, continuing a role he has held for 13 years, while Ernie Clark was re-elected vice president along with Erika Addis.

Calvin Gardiner stood down as national secretary, succeeded by Ben Allan, and Velinda Wardell continues as assistant secretary.

Denson Baker.

The full list of winners:


Gold certificate: David Szasz – Ship Out
Award of distinction: Ai Shaw-Veizen – Harry Potter

Student Cinematography

Gold certificate: Michael Filocamo – A Bird With No Legs
AD: Connor Gurr – Signal

John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks & Promos

Gold Tripod: Tony Luu – The Voice promo
AD Tony Luu – Good Food Awards

Music Videos

Gold Tripod: Kieran Fowler – Guy Sebastian ‘Choir’
AD: Zachary Hardaker – Taikoz ‘Towards the Rain”

Syd Wood ACS Local & National News

Gold Tripod: Arron Hage – Snowy Mountains fly fishing (Seven Network News)
AD: Arron Hage – Lake George is Alive (Seven Network News)

Neil Davis International News

Gold Tripod: Joel Lawrence – The Battle for Hong Kong
AD: Thomas Hancock – Surrendering from Baghouz: the final days of Islamic State in Syria (ABC News)

Current Affairs

Gold Tripod: Tom Bannigan – Foreign Correspondent, The Oasis (ABC)
AD: John Varga – Sunday Night, Crayfish Murder (Seven Network)

Entertainment & TV Magazine

Gold Tripod: Chris Lewis – Burringurrah
AD: Robert Hill – Sunday Night, Polar Bear Town (Seven Network)

Corporate & Educational

Gold Tripod: Lincoln Williams – Evolve Skateboards
AD: Christian Fitzpatrick – Volando: An Introduction


Gold Tripod: Caleb Ware – By the River
AD: Abraham Joffe and Dom West – Yarrow: The Virtues of Monochrome

Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature

Gold Tripod: Edward Salter and Daniel Hunter – Hostile Planet (Jungles: Bats vs Crocs)
AD: Jonathan Shaw – Magical Land of Oz (Oceans series episode 1)

Commercials – Local & Regional

Gold Tripod: Campbell Brown – Running Bare
AD: Liam Gilmour – Emporium

Commercials – National/International

Gold Tripod: Tim Tregoning – Rural Fire Services – Have a Plan
AD: Ross Giardina – President’s Choice

Dramatised Documentaries

Gold Tripod: Katie Milwright – Guilty
AD: Matthew Horrex – Just a Boy, Vicks- Touch of Care

Short Films

Gold Tripod: Carl Robertson – Ascendant
AD: Lucas Tomoana – My Name is Mudju

Serial TV & Comedy Series

AD: Judd Overton – No Activity series 2 episode 8

Drama Series & Telefeatures

Gold Tripod: Zoe White – The Handmaid’s Tale series 3, episode 11 – Liars
AD: Mark Wareham – Secret City: Under the Eagle, episode 1 – Run Little Rabbit

Feature films budgeted below $2 million

Gold Tripod: Joshua Flavell – Pimped
AD: Chris Bland – Locusts

Feature films budgeted above $2 million

Gold Tripod: Nick Matthews – Hotel Mumbai
AD: Denson Baker – Ophelia

Milli Award

Nick Matthews – Hotel Mumbai

Ron Windon Award

Robb Shaw-Velzen

Hall of Fame

Dion Beebe
Roger Lanser
John Wheeler

Here is a link to the Awards

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