Channel 7 has officially confirmed that period drama A Place to Call Home will conclude at the end of season two.

Despite being only halfway through airing the second series, the network has confirmed the development of season three won’t be proceeding. The remaining episodes of season two will still go to air.

Set in the 1950s, A Place to Call Home follows Sarah Adams (Marta Dusseldorp) who returns to rural NSW after 20 years abroad to start a new life. However, not all goes as smoothly as she planned.

Other actors involved in the show include Noni Hazlehurst, Brett Climo, Craig Hall, David Berry, Abby Earl, Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood, Aldo Mignone and Frankie J. Holden.

It has been speculated the reason behind the show’s axing is because the second season failed to provide the million-plus viewers of the first, though a Channel 7 spokesperson pointed out to IF that, with last Sunday’s episode drawing 855,000 viewers, “it’s not like it’s under-performing.”

They then said the choice not to proceed with the show was a programming decision and not a creative one. 

UPDATE: On October 27, 2013, Foxtel announced it would commission the show and that a third season would go ahead. Read the full story here.

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  1. Please do not axe this brilliant show .It is a is my must watch show each Sunday. We need good Australian shows . These actors are brilliant the story line everything about it I love. Far better than other repeats that go to air all the time .Border security The reality shows come on channel seven what is the issue here

  2. Channel 7 you dump a programme that as some substance to put on drucken trivia like what happens in Bali grow up that happens on the streets of Fortitude Valley except they are not diving off cliffes into the sea but getting smashed in the clubs that stay open all hours

  3. This saddens me but I’m not really surprised because the 2nd season has really disappointed me. It is so full of doom and gloom with very little happiness. I find myself so downcast after I’ve watched the show. I guess the twist is that her husband is still alive, but I may not be right, we’ll see!

  4. typical of the d**heads running tv programming in this country, here’s a better idea, sack the programmers or send them back to their previous jobs sweeping streets and keep the program going

  5. So over you Channel 7. If you didn’t keep pushing these shows to such late timeslots you may retain your audience. Just shove a few more reality shows down our throats. NEWS FLASH How about catering to the middle age for a change.You have lost me forever. ABC has great dramas.

  6. Very disappointing news. Why are we not supporting our QUALITY & CLASSY local productions?? The cast, acting, scenery, music and plots have been wonderful compared to other ‘trash’ being screened.

  7. This is a sad day for Australian content. The 20 something voyeurism that is reality TV currently is the most appalling in the history of Television in this country. Some of us want interesting national storylines and Bevan Lee has been creating them for so many years. We will never get better at this if we don’t keep telling stories about us. Not everyone wants the crap that is TV, you could have upped the Advertising budget to get the message out there that S2 was going to air and yes the time is too late.
    Well done cast and crew for your work on this series, I have loved it.

  8. Please reconsider axing A Place To Call Home. The show is up there with the best of Australian drama series. In fact I’d say it is Australia’s equivalent of’Downton Abbey. I don’t remember enjoying a drama series so much since The Sullivans way back in the 70’s!

  9. This is extremely disappointing. Not only interesting and clever story lines and great characters for the most part, it’s also head and shoulders above the vast majority of anything else produced domestically.

    Without knocking a couple other highly popular shows that seem like they were written with crayons after a big night out bonding session on Stilnox with the Aussie swim team—(as I believe if something rates high than good on it for finding that audience as it’s f****g hard to do that)—it’s just fully retarded and amazing that SEVEN wouldn’t stick with APTCH.

    Noting the 2nd season is a bit less cheerful (above, as one noted) it forecast well for excitement and reveal, and the stalwart actors matched with some exciting fresh faces and lesser-knowns and BEAUTIFUL production design and top deck values from A to Z should be rewarded with a bit of understanding and patience from the network as occasionally great value and quality might not rate as high as one would like but having a small jewel in the schedule has intrinsic value of it’s own.

    The people than criticize it as a bad Downton Abbey aren’t fans of Downton Abbey anyway so criticism on the ‘period piece vs. period piece’ isn’t valid. While the show, like any show, has it’s strong players and ones that aren’t as powerful, it was compelling viewing and one of the few shows you could turn on and not go “ah, local…” in a nanosecond.

    It’s captivation is/was that it was purely Australian for the purists, but felt ‘big’ and ‘international’ with fine direction and pacing and the rest that could fit on a USA or UK or other network and be appreciated just as well, in my opinion.

    It ain’t over until it’s over, and I hope SEVEN can rethink it, and perhaps it can be brought back, or transmogrified into Series 3 with another more understanding party—whether that be FOXTEL or what we don’t know that we don’t know…

    Write a letter TODAY. Example below:

    Complaints Officer
    PO Box 777
    Pyrmont NSW 2009

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing on behalf of the thousands of regular, dedicated A Place to Call Home viewers who are dismayed with the decision of Channel 7 not to follow through with the third series.

    This is a QUALITY AUSTRALIAN PERIOD DRAMA with a stunning location, excellent actors, quality period costumes and fantastic storylines.

    I understand Channel 7’s decision relates to their perception that it is only watched by over 55s. However, as you will note from the many comments on social media, it consistently attracts a broad age range from teenagers up (I myself am 42), not to mention lots of overseas viewers and those who watch via the internet.

    There is a growing movement of discontent about this decision. At least two Facebook groups have been created:

    Save A Place to Call Home

    Channel 7 don’t axe A Place to Call Home

    Channel 7’s own A Place to Call Home Facebook page has 18,626 likes.

    An online petition is growing day by day:

    I am imploring you to continue.

    I understand the third series has already been written. This is the ONLY show I look forward to each week.

    Please LISTEN to your viewers.

    Yours sincerely

  11. What is the real reason behind this action? I have been hanging out for this second series since last year. We love the show and never miss it I agree with the comments above. Such quality acting and writing. .. we are over all the reality shows. PLEASE reconsider axing this show.

  12. I am extremely disappointed that Channel 7 have decided to axe this series, which I look forward to watching on Sunday nights.

    Why doesn’t Channel 7 axe all those crappy reality shows, including the one about Australians misbehaving in Bali?

    I hope Channel 7 will reconsider. We need more quality Australian dramas on TV, and give A Place To Call Home a second chance.

  13. I am most upset to read about the axeing of APTCH .
    i agree with all the above comments & please get rid of some of those reality shows.
    I belong to the over 55 group & all my friends love it & we all talk about each episode each week, & hang out waiting for the next week to see what develops.
    Please I implore you to reconsider & let us see season 3.

  14. I’m from Algeria and I watch this show which I really appreciate. It’s a shame that it will be canceled after just 2 seasons 🙁 Please, do something about it 🙁

  15. Please do not axe APTCH i look forward to sitting and watching it every Sunday night – I make sure everything is done so i can enjoy it and i also tape it so i can rewatch the next day – it’s a fantastic show – with quality actors and a fabulous story line – axe this and you can go down the gurgler like channel 10 with nothing on their channel of any interest. Why are you keeping Australians misbehaving in Bali for that is a ridiculus show – sick and tired of reality TV – we need more quality shows like A Place to Call Home – seriously.

  16. In the past Channel 7 programs have been my choice among the commercial stations but in recent times this preference has started to slip. This decision to axe the third season of A Place To Call Home, such a brilliant LOCALLY produced show has now put Channel 7 on an even ranking with its commercial opposition.

  17. A Place to Call Home is a marvellous story, with wonderful Australian actors, superb costume designers, set decorators and cinematographers. It is a terrible decision of Channel 7 to axe the third series, as there is obviously so much story-line still to be explored. I am horrified to think that Channel 7 caters to the under 30s, with appalling rubbish like What Happens in Bali, and several other Reality Shows which are drivel. There are thousands of people who have looked forward to the sweep of the story of A Place to Call Home, every Sunday night for months, and we are all very disappointed to hear that Channel 7 has decided not to produce a third series. Shame on you!

  18. Very disappointed that this wonderful show is not continuing for a third season. I now I am merely one viewer but it has been such a pleasure to see an original idea so beautifully put together. I would have loved to have followed the story to it’s actual conclusion rather than an abrupt end

  19. Don’t over 55’s count any more! We love “A Place to Call Home”, give our Aussie actors more credit then what you are! Wake up channel 7 you have too many reality shows.

  20. Shame on you Channel 7 programmers. There is enough rubbish on your channel to keep the under 30’s happy. This was a quality show professional produced and gave us a chance to see some of our extremely talented actors. Can’t wait to see what you will replace it with, another low budget mindless reality show no doubt. Please reconsider this is not one of your better decisions.

  21. I love this show not only because its brilliant but my grandmother first introduced it to me and got me hooked and then my mother. So that means its so well like throughout 3 generations and we enjoyed watching it together. I was just getting right into it and you canned it. Now nothing we say here is going to change the outcome so complaining seems to be of no use but the purpose of this note is to let you know I won’t be watching channel 7 for anything any more and I hope other people follow. How will that be for your ratings!

  22. Channel 7 is pathetic. Do they purposely aim to lose viewers by saying there will be no third season, then pushing back the start time to 9.20pm and running a double episode? It was great family drama to watch with my 12 year old, now it too late and I can’t concentrate on tv for two hours this late at night. For some reason the programmers are pushing for a loss in ratings, and by the sound of things they will get it. Many won’t watch new programs as they know programmers will not follow through. No more chances 7.

  23. Disappointment plus, the only good Australian drama worth watching, a story line that you can follow, no mind numbing garbage no reality shows, no American garbage & no football.. what a relief… Great actors, that deserve better than this, I will be leaving channel 7 as I and others did to a particular radio station here in Melbourne after they dumped there regular morning people, I hope one of your competitors sees the light and pick it up and turn it into something bigger and better than it already is….Shame..shame .. shame on you for such a bad choice.

  24. This program follows others like the paeadise that we loved. Australia needs good television there is so much rubbish on. It is not fair that tv ratings are taken from sydney viewers. Here in melbourne we love this program please get rid of some of the reality series and renew a place to call home.

  25. Hi there,
    Please don’t axe this quality Australian show. They have left it open for
    More stories. The twists and turns each episode brings is too good to throw away.
    Olivia’s baby story could go so much further and Sarah needs to come back home with
    Or without her husband! Then there’s gino and annas wedding and so much more. The actors are incredible and it is just such a waste to throw this away.
    I am devistated. Please please bring it back.begging!

  26. Why why why do you have to axe this wonderful show we have so many friends come over my place to watch this every Sunday. We will not watch channel 7 as this is a very disappointing thing Channel 7 is doing. You have lost a lot of viewers all the best channel 7 and goodby. Shame on you channel 7

  27. This saddens me it’s one of the best shows on tv. I’m sick of reality tv it’s all the same concept. What we need is more dramas like a place to call home, it’s the Aussie version of downton abbey. Wake up channel 7 & listen to your viewers !!

  28. Absolutely devastated to read that Season 3 is axed by Channel 7..This show is the most wonderful show on television currently. What a joke…we are saturated
    with manufactured so called reality shows and finally a piece of Australian
    talent with magnificent actors and you decide to axe it….

    Hang your heads in shame!

  29. I am so disappointed to hear that channel 7 has decided to axe this fabulous Aussie mini series. It is the only show my family and I look forward to watching each week. It was such a refreshing change from the barrage of talent shows, game shows and boring reality TV that we are subjected to these days. The decision makers at channel 7 are clearly not focusing on quality products when making their choices. Like many of the viewers above, I too will be switching off.

  30. A Place to Call Home is a brilliant series: a real breath of fresh air after all the US sitcoms and crime shows, and reality shows that dominate our TV viewing. Please, please, PLEASE reconsider axing this excellent serial, and proceed with Series 3. This might just be a wake-up call to those who were complacent and recorded A Place to Call Home to watch later instead of viewing it on Sunday nights.

  31. After thoroughly enjoying last nights double episode of A Place to call home, I find out today it is not going to season 3. For whatever the reason I am sure this show has room to continue, if it not rating the pants of Sunday nights then move to a different night, the followers will follow. Realistically with all stations, the best content currenlty is Sunday and Monday night, the rest of the week I could take or leave with the programmes currently airing. Please channel 7 reconsider and take it to season 3 there are too many threads to tie up.

  32. Channel 7 I wish you would reconsider the axing of APTCH
    It is quality Australian drama that provides Australian actors
    both young and old the ability to show us how much talent we truly have
    here! It also shows us all of the beautiful scenery we have here in Australia!
    My husband and I love the show and will miss it on a Sunday
    night. You didn’t give it a chance in another REASONABLE timeslot!
    Shame on you!!!! Not happy at all!!!!!!!!

  33. I love this show. What a australian show it is and great story lines as well. All we get on tv now is america shows with blood and guts . killings and reality shows which I am sick of seeing. I have cancer and it start while I was in Hospital last year.
    We make our actors live her and work oversea because we don’t have work here. So you cut the australian actors out of a job working in australian what a loss.

  34. A superb show. We NEED and WANT good AUSTRALIAN dramas.

    Please get rid of some of the revolting reality shows instead.

  35. PLEASE DO NOT AXE THIS WONDERFUL EXCITING AND CLASSY SHOW! Hope another channel give them the change!!!

  36. Seven Network, please reconsider axing this Australian show, it not only employs Australian actors and crews, but is extremely good watching. As can be seen by the number of complaints from viewers, clearly a mistake has been made, so be big enough to admit your mistake.

  37. Words fail me Channel 7. The very best show on TV in years
    and you pull the rug from under the viewers who like my
    husband and myself watch it every Sunday and get so
    disappointed when the series goes into recess. I don’t know where you do your surveys but it’s certainly not
    on any of my friends and family. Bite the bullet and return this great show back to where it belongs please.

  38. I can’t believe you’re going to axe this show. It is such a classic Australian Drama like many we’ve had in the past. How about you survey the public first? Surely there are enough comments here to let you know that there are many Australians who watch this, aren’t our view points worth something as well??

  39. What disappointing news. We have such a limited choice when it comes to quality Australian drama. The writers and actors have done such a wonderful job on this series it’s a shame to see that ‘programming’ has seen it dropped. What a short sighted call channel seven.

  40. APCH is (was) one of the best Australian made shows that I have watched on TV.
    To find out today that there will be no Season 3 had totally floored me. What is going
    on?? Surely a Season 3 would be as big a hit as the first two seasons and Channel 7
    should seriously reconsider its decision to axe the show. Maybe another channel will
    have the sense to continue the fine drama series so we can keep on enjoying it into
    the future.

  41. I have no words This is just the biggest joke. A brilliant show with brilliant actors I am so disappointed. You have lost me as a viewer !!!

  42. So shocked to hear this. Love this show cannot wait for Sunday nights. We do not plan to anything else on Sunday nights. My sisters and their family, my daughter and many friends watch this show.
    Surely the number of viewers is still enough to continue.
    Let’s give it another go with Series 3.
    One of the greatest Australian series with great acting fabulous scenery and a great story.
    What more could we want.
    Not everyone wants reality shows
    This showcases Australia at its best.
    Please reconsider this decision

  43. Please don’t cancel A Place To Call Home, I just discovered this show and watched the first season in a just a week and have been watching new episodes each Sunday, this is quality TV. Surely it can continue as viewership is gaining in the US and around the world via the internet.

  44. OMG channel 7 what the heck are u thinking axing a very good show like APTCH yet keeping Some nuts in Bali.

  45. Very disappointing … Finally an Aussie drama that is captivating and engaging …. Leaving you wanting more as a viewer, with a quality cast this is a drama that could easily reach worldwide audiences ! Why cancel a show that shows off our Aussie talent so well!?
    Channel 7 should reconsider

  46. What a waste of a good series. Jeez, the minute we get some good Aussie drama happening it gets axed!

  47. I grew up watching period dramas like this. Good quality, entertaining, historical, educational… The list goes on. There’s so much reality TV out there. Most of it uneducated trash. Please respect us and feed our brains with something much more worthwhile such as A Place to Call Home.

  48. Another great show lost because the Australian population slowly loses the little remaining culture it has. Finally, we had something with actual talent to watch and enjoy rather than another wannabe reality TV music show hosted by out of work one hit musicians. I will soon turn my TV off than watch another talentless show structured and aimed at classless individuals who confuse celebrity with talent. I believe ‘A Place To Call Home’ really appealed to myself also, because it allowed us see that wonderful part of Australiana that has long gone, that real and beautiful Australian culture which has been sold and forgotten for those more artless and heartless … As much a loss for you too channel 7. Such a shame.

  49. Can’t believe you are cancelling this excellent well acted drama ,everyone it know watches it so not sure who you surveyed . No more reality rubbish produced cheaply , please don’t cancel this superb Aussie Drama !

  50. So disappointing that Channel 7 has axed Place to Call Home, great Australian drama with quality actors and good story lines. Not sure what is happening with Channel 7, first they provide MKR which turns out to be one of the most nasty reality kitchen shows on tv, then they dish up the crap called What Happens in Bali . I tell you what happens in Bali is that a bunch of young Aussie’s go over there, drink bulk amounts of alcohol and then do stupid things – all which is packages into a 1 hr show (inc ads), when in fact it could be a 2min news report called dickhead bogan Aussie’s embarrass themselves yet again. Finally we get an American show called The Goldbergs which apparently is comedy but which has no relatedness to Australia except that we also lived through the ’80’s
    Yet here they are cancelling A Place called Home – so I guess what 7 stands for (and what they believe we want) is mediocre rather quality. Show some strength Channel 7 and treat your viewers like they have some form of intelligence, quit the crap and provide quality program’s. Turning off 7

  51. Please don’t axe APTCH, I have really enjoyed watching this program it is as good as Downtown Abbey. Wonderful acting and storyline.

  52. Can’t believe ch 7 is axing this show, I love it and so do all my family and friends and it was starting to get interesting. – please reconsider ch 7. Bevan lee please write a book and continue this fantastic Australian story. I would be first to buy the book

  53. Very disappointed this show has been axed. Looked forward to it all week. Where does ch 7 get it’s figures from for the ratings, no-one knocked on my door to see if I was watching it. Give it a decent time slot not so late and get rid of the other American rubbish on TV. Best Aussie drama on TV for years. It should not be left with loose ends either. Very disappointed!

  54. What a shame!!!
    Such a great show, with solid performances.
    A sad day for me and so manny others.
    I hope they reverse the discision.

  55. Please let us view this superb Australian drama series. Axe Border Security. So tired of this repetive storyline boring show. Don’t even bother wasting money promoting your Bali show. This could have been a great idea but constantly focussing on dreary stereotype characters is just boring.
    Here’s hoping your programming team actually listen to your audience.

  56. Very disappointed that such a good show was axed, it was enjoyed by all, please re-consider and play another season

  57. My thirty yr old daughter gave me the heads up on APTCH
    We both love this show so much.
    Awesome scenery beautiful sets and clothes
    Great actors and a very worthwhile storyline
    Please do not axe this show .. It truly is one of the best Australian dramas
    We have too many reality shows on TV already
    So channel 7 in yr infinite wisdom .. Cans this great show
    And why .. Because too many of our older generation watch it as opposed
    To our younger generation .
    So Channel 7 you choose to be like our pathetic government
    With their latest budget …let’s forget about the older generation…

    The old die younger and the young get dumber !!

    Shame on you channel 7
    Very lame decision

  58. Please, please do not axe this show, it has been absolutely brilliant, it has been the best thing I have watched in ages, great acting all around. It is so refreshing to get away from reality tv.

    I loved sitting down on a Sunday night watching this show, as another person said, if it’s not rating, why not change it to another day or time slot. As I said earlier the acting in this show has been brilliant.

  59. Channel 7 are heading down the same road as channel 10 & look where it has got them terrible ratings. I cannot believe that you are axing one of the best if not the best Australian drama on TV. I don’t know where you get your ratings from but I would certainly review them before you regret this decision. Why don’t you listen to your viewers for a change instead of your programming people who have probably never even sat down & really watched the show, because if they had they wouldn’t be making this absurd decision. Please give us more of A Place To Call Home.

  60. My only pleasure on TV is being axed. Please tell me why? I hate all of the crime scene shows on TV, why can’t any of those crappy American shows get axed instead? A Place To Call Home is a wonderful Aussie Show. The actors are incredibly talented. The writers, the directors, the crew, the costumes. I love everything about this show. Why suck us in Channel 7 and brag about this new show if you’re not even going to honour your commitment to finishing it? Shame on you Channel 7 for letting your viewers down. Please re-consider as it is upsetting for the many who look forward to this show every week. I rush home from work just to see it. I love it!! I love the cast. Its my happiness to watch something I enjoy so much. It’s the only show I watch and for me nothing compares to it. It’s Australian!!! Come on Channel 7, do the right thing for the fans who love this show. Please keep it going. Please.

  61. It is a shame to axe such a good show, the actors were excellent, the year in which it was set was great, and it had such a lot of storyline to add to. It was refreshing to see an Australian show that actually showed Australians to be people who were not a lot of yokels which tends to be in many of our Australian made shows.

  62. I am so upset that A Place To Call Home is being axed. I know many people who watch this program and would not miss it for anything. Many of these people are people in e 40 year age group. I think you would find that numbers watching are far above your estimate as many people save it and watch at a later date.
    Please reconsider your decision Chanel 7

  63. Channel 7, you have me and most of my relatives and friends as we are all devoted fans of A Place To Call Home, which is so much better than all the other crappy shows on television of late, even better than Downton Abbey which is saying something. A good Aussie show, with some of our great actors and what, you shaft it cause in its beginnings of second season the ratings were not high enough. Where is The Aussie Stance of giving it a go, first sign of a lower rating and you toss it. Well bloody done Seven, shame on you, you have certainly lost a lot of fans here. Very sad indeed. Do the right thing, bring it back, tis a great Aussie Drama, highlights our beautiful country with some truly amazing Aussie actors.


  65. I live in the U.S. and I watch the APTCH every week, having spent hours trying to find the episodes online. The production of the series is so high, it’s definitely internationally marketable. It should be aired in the U.S. I also add my pleas to not cancel this fantastic series; as an American, I can tell you it’s better than any TV show made in the U.S. right now!

  66. I can’t believe that this show is to be axed. The story is so interesting and the actors, all of them, are superb. It is the highlight of our television week. Best show on telly, so Please don’t axe it.

  67. There is clearly a demand for quality content. I agree with all the above comments. Can this show be preserved by another less tacky network ABC/SBS? Please end the screening of over produced and contrived reality tv that renders it’s viewers pinging with cultural anachronism and frustration.

  68. It is almost a foregone conclusion that when the Australian film industry starts a good series on TV it is always axed after a short time, this show was an awesome show with lots of depth and reality to it and I was beginning to have faith in the Australian film industry again, but no I have been let down once again, I doubt I will ever allow you people to suck me in again, so will stick to my international favourites from now on. No wonder we lose so many great actors to overseas. PICK UP YOUR ACT!!!

  69. This is the best Australian tv drama ever. Storyline is great, acting faultless. We rarely watch Australian rubbish but this had us from the first scene of episode 1. Don,t you realise what a gem you have. Don’t you care what the viewers think. Lets hope you will reconsider and continue with series 3.
    Such a waste. Such a shame. Such short sightedness on the part of Channel 7

  70. Finally a brilliant Australian Show and you are going to Axe it. People love it. Much better than the rubbish from the US.

  71. Sunday night won’t be the same without series three. It is the only night of TV that I really look forward too. Especially with Mr Selfridge following.

  72. I’m very disappointed there is no season 3. It is my favourite show and I believe it’s been one of the best Australian dramas made. The acting is outstanding! Like it was said by the writer it’s not like its under performing. I feel it’s the wrong decision to get rid of such a great show that so many people enjoy for the reasons suggested….. We are just getting right into now and your taking it off! I hope the decision to take it off can be reconsidered. A very sad viewer.😒

  73. I’m 27 years old and love this show! Very sad it will not be continuing!!! Bad decision, maybe take one of the other dodgy shows off like what happens in Bali! Keep this show its great! And 855000 other people think so too!!

  74. From the Southwest United States….. DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW. The Dynasty of Australia. It is a beautiful and captivating show. PLEASSSSSSSE!!!!

  75. Please don’t AXE A Place Called Home. The network ended up putting it on later and later, Im sure this was to make way for more reality TV Show which I’m sure some of us are getting quite sick of. Its nice to have something other that reality TV. PLEASE DONT AXE. Maybe Kerry Stokes can help us out being our vintage. We see enough violence and misbehaving on TV give us something of interest. Ditch What Happens In Bali and give us back A Place Called Home.

  76. Wow, thanks Seven for repaying my viewer investment in APTCH.Shocking decision given the show had at least another 2 seasons in it.I too hope that someone else picks it up, but I can’t see it being the near broke Ten network, although as we know they do have a successful track record with rejected Seven product.But shame on you Seven for axing the excellent APTCH, apart from DA only thing worth watching on the most excruciatingly dumbed down of Australia’s networks.I’ll miss APTCH in particular because as someone alluded to earlier it evoked the glory days of The Sullivan’s – right down to a Mrs Jessup like character, similar warmth and lovingly crafted period detail.Seven: You suck.

  77. What a shame this will not continue. The show is fabulous, just put on in the wrong timeslot.

  78. very disappointed that channel 7 has decided to axe APTCH – we have been enjoying this series and look forward to it every week.
    the production values of this series have been excellent and the acting and storylines very convincing.
    its shame that channel 7 does not want to continue producing such fine Australian drama.

  79. The only show worth watching for the week.
    You push the boundary when you make it so late at night.
    You need to rethink your decision.

  80. Here I am Sunday longing for another episode of A Place to Call Home, surely there would be a couple more episodes left, only to discover that this is it! And that Channel 7 has axed the show. It was one of the best television shows in in a long time. Please keep going, I want to know what happens to Sarah, George etc.
    I am so disappointed, the cast were great.
    from Monica

  81. Dump this series and I will never turn on channel 7 again. A place to call home is truly sensational watching and the only series I watch religiously. An amazing drama and a loss to Australia if you go ahead with the axing.

  82. Following the several years’ drought of quality, well written Australian drama, we finally get a top show come along – A PLace to Call Home. Then suddenly Channel 7 decides to dump any further series. Unbelievable! I wonder if Channels 9, 10 or 2 will be smart enough to maybe pick up the show and finance a third series. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. So much for channel 7 supporting our local industry – NOT.

  83. Channel 7 should look at the sales of APTCH SERIES 1 to see how popular the show is. They appear to be putting all their eggs in the Reality Shows basket. Oh that’s right – Reality shows are cheap to produce – but so quickly forgotten by viewers. Very disappointed with Channel 7.

  84. Please channel 7 please don’t axe A Place To Call Home. It’s the one show we really look forward to weekly. Not interested In the reality Shows. Not interested in the cooking shows. We love everything about this show. The actors. It’s up there with Downton Abbey. Look at how many people have stated their unhappiness about you axing this show. We are aged 43(female) and 46(make) And we both love the Show. We were pretty peeved after you canned packed to the rafters but them you advertised APTCH so we invested in the show we loved it then you take it from us. But you continue to put crap on. That most set not interested In. So please don’t axe the show. Please

  85. As one viewer has already said – APTCH is far better than Downton Abbey – and this one is Australian. There is so much garbage on TV, so we don’t watch much at all now. So, listening to music will be our recreation now I guess.

  86. I live in the States and I find this show to be an absolute gem. Good period dramas are hard to come by nowadays and for it to be cancelled because of “programming” decisions… well, it’s an absolute shame. Please don’t cancel it!

  87. Why would you cancel one of the most brilliant Australian dramas. There are so few Aussie programmes of this calibre. Sunday nights will never be the same – prefer this to Downton Abbey. Lets hope another channel picks it up or you change your programming staff. Very disappointed in Channel 7.

  88. I can not believe that Channel 7 is axing such a brilliant show. Why air it on Sunday night and so late. I have been recording it each week and watching other nights. Does this count on the viewer figures as I am sure quite a lot of viewers were doing the same. There are so many loose ends left in the story e.g. Anna’s wedding. Feud between George and his mother, Come on Channel 7 Get Real. If you don’t want it sell it to another smarter channel.

  89. Brillant actors, great storyline and gorgeous rural settings – I know many age groups who love the show. Please reinstate the show before the actors go elsewhere.

  90. How can channel 7 axe this brilliant show…… They say poor ratings but it was them that put it on later…. if it was on earlier I’m shore that they would have gotten more viewers to the show….. I stayed up just to watch it…. So it looks like I can go to bed early now….. Because I’m not going to put myself out and watch something else at that time slot…. And I guess that goes for a lot of other people…. You have lost us…. I hope that Chanel 2 picks this up…. It’s a great show well worth watching…. I don’t even want to watch the final shows knowing that when they do end….they end on a cliff hanger…… With no outcome….. Wake up Channel 7 I’m so very disappointed with you….

  91. Please don’t axe this great show. We look forward to watching it on sunday nights. There so much crap on tv these days, especially the reality tv shows so over them. A Place to call home is the best

  92. I cannot work channel 7 out, they keep a show like Home and away going for a countless number of years ,yet when an excellent show like A Place To Call Home comes along they scrap it after only 2 series. WHAT THE!!! I generally don’t watch Australian drama because of poor story lines or bad acting , I watched the first episode and I was hooked great story and excellent acting by the whole cast how can you scrap a money winner. when I sit down to watch the show my eyes constantly move to the clock hoping for it to continue for another hour . Come on 7 give us at least one more series ,you cant scrap it…

  93. Keep this wonderful show on,,ridiculous that it has been 7 what are you thinking???????

  94. Words fail me. Why would you axe such a good show. We are flooded with american tv shows but when it come to good australian shows they are AXED. We as consumers are told to buy australian, its a shame to Channel 7 does not apply these principals. Shame on you channel

  95. I feel that the decision to axe a place to call home is a huge mistake. Please reconsider this decision. It is so refreshing to see a period show made in Australia with an exceptional cast most of whom are Australian actors. It would be a shame to let it go.
    I’m disappointed in channel 7.

  96. Barb from the Carolinas in USA here. Looks like reality shows are contagious. Here in the US more and more people are turning their tvs off–or looking abroad–to find programming worth our while. It’s not a “creative” decision you say. No, I strongly suspect it’s a budgetary thing. Reality show silliness doesn’t cost much, no actors to pay, only one unknown or untalented “celebrity” or two (some are probably producers’ in the world knew who Tom Bergerac was before AFV and DWTS ?), and featuring strange people who will do anything for money or their 15 minutes of ‘fame’. We in the US have looked to you folks for truly superior cinematic and television presentations, since our tv is fast going to the reality show dogs anf the Hollywood formulaic movies are taking over. HOW SAD. You have, as you say, “stuffed up” on this one. APTCH is an excellent show. Bad call.

  97. Damn it! Why does everything I like get cancelled?

    Watching this show in the U.S.(have just seen episode 7)and was really looking forward to season 3. We already know Sarah seems to have inherited Ash Park and is there as a very old woman, but now we’ll never know how that came to be…not unless the final episode ties up all the loose ends.

  98. I can only add my feelings to the comments of others.This is the best serial channel 7 have shown for as many years as I can remember. Why for gods sake are they going to cease production. If they do, I will never watch channel 7 again.

  99. I agree that I am not happy that the third season will not continue. I am 26 years old and I have loved every minute of A Place To Call Home. I am sick of all this reality tv and finally Channel 7 introduces a classy period drama and it is taken away at the end of a brilliant season. I am very disappointed Channel 7.

  100. That show is the only reason I ever turn on free to air tv. Now i’ll stick with foxtel. Gee, maybe Channel 7 could find another reality show. Why don’t they go and look for a bunch of big arsed sisters with huge egos and bore us to death with their daily lives. Who needs to watch interesting, well acted, authentic historical dramas when we can watch that sort of crap. Or perhaps they could create something in the homicidal maniac area – where we can watch people being mutiliated and treated like slaughter yard victims. Yessir, can’t have too much of that. Good one 7. I hope there is another station out there with enough love of good television, to have the insight to pick this show up.

  101. What a Disgrace Channel 7!….Shame Shame SHAME on You!!….The Greatest Australian Drams EVER,885 thousand to over a Milllion Viewers and You Axe it Half Way Way Through!????…WhatTHA!…..Shame SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  102. Totally agree with other fans of the series we are so lucky to have such quality actors makes you proud to be Australian the only show worth watching with people power this decision channel 7, you might wont to have a rethink. Get rid of the crap your showing for instance reality shows and stick with a show that has CLASS. To Noni, Marta, Brett and cast have loved every minute of the show – Thank you keep up the fantastic work.

  103. Very disappointing to see a quality Australian production axed. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this show & deeply disappointed to hear it wont be continued.

  104. Dear Channel 7,
    Please reconsider your decision to axe this brilliant Australian drama.
    An amazing show such as this should be continued …
    The amount of reality shows on free to air television are fast becoming the majority …
    Please do not discontinue such a great Australian drama.
    – Janice

  105. Everyone I know loves A place call home…superb actors and storyline…why would channel 7 axe it!!!

    With today’s technology heaps of us with busy lives may not watch it at scheduled times
    But we watch it on our iPads etc…

    Please think again!

  106. Cannot believe channel 7 has axed A Place To Call Home. It has a great cast and classic story lines. There is nothing screening on TV that even comes close to the quality of this show. It took so long for a good Aussie drama to come on. Shame on the programmers at channel 7. Maybe they think more of reality shows rate better. I think not.

  107. Please RECONSIDER your decision Channel Seven !! You finally have a great Australian drama with superb production values, great actors and storylines, and you go and shoot yourselves in the foot by cancelling it….. We do not need more mindless reality TV – there are lots of intelligent viewers, of ALL age groups, who are supporting this show, and you toss away their support on a whim. Foolish and foolhardy to waste all that viewer goodwill.

  108. You are absolute idiots Channel Seven!!!You disgust me! I can’t believe you would axe a wonderful Australian drama that has substance, beauty and real acting talent and then shove yet another reality show such as ‘What Really Happens In Bali’ down our throats!!!!!!!! Some of us have enough intelligence to want a little decent entertainment instead of constant immoral crud!!! BAD BAD BAD & STUPID CALL!!! I have always been an avid Channel Seven viewer from the morning Sunrise show through to the Seven News in the evening……however I will DEFINITELY not be tuning into your station anymore! Perhaps one of the other stations will have the brains to pick up where you fools have left off……………Jenny.

  109. Person to person I’m gonna say: do not axe this show. I love it my family and friends do, and really what’s so bad about 800,000 odd viewers? Seriously get your act together this Australian home drama is a wonderful example of what we can do. And its a thousand times better than the endless repeats of old shows that are always on TV. And if you in your right minds really cannot afford to keep producing this show, please at least sell it to another station. Or at the very least publish the script of series three so that your 855,000 fans, viewers and supporters can find out what happens. Please please please make my day! A segment of all this issue on sunrise would bbe the very least you could do!

  110. I can’t believe it – a quality show being axed when Reality Shows rule the roost!! We need these classy series to make up for everything else. Why does it get pushed back later and later – perhaps another night and it maybe increasingly viewed.
    Continue A Place To Call Home – we love the storyline, fashions, acting and location.

  111. Listen up people! I am watching this show in the USA, and I can barely wait for each episode to air…’s that addicting and bloody fantastic!!! Forget Game of Thrones….this is the bomb!
    I have a whole bunch of fellow Americans hooked on this and we actually discuss the potential direction each new week’s episode will take. What is wrong with the idiots who decided to axe this show? It is the best thing ever!! The acting is great, the costumes beautiful and accurate in design. The script is amazing and completely riveting. Makes me want to go to Australia!!! This whole program is a much needed breath of fresh air…..the last thing Channel 7 should do is cancel it!! Go sell it world wide it will blow Downton Abbey away!!! This show so takes me out of the nasty world we live in today, transports me back to more polite times, when people still cared about manners and behavior. Give me more I say!!!!

  112. What are you thinking Channel 7?? APTCH is reaching a lot of the younger generation and favourably too. Even if you say it only appeals to the over 55’s does that mean that it doesn’t matter about us? It’s called discrimination. What a wonderful change on Sunday night to get away from all those reality shows that are becoming boring and monotonous. The beautiful Australian landscape alone is a breath of fresh air and a thing of beauty. Many of us can relate to the era of the show and appreciate the story line which was reality. Please listen to the viewers!!!!

  113. I am watching this from Canada. This show is better than Dowton Abbey. I am speechless…

  114. I can’t believe it is a programming decision to axe this brilliant show. If it is , maybe 7 network should consider axing the program manager.The ratings have been good. Everyone I know watches it. Maybe they should consider not putting it up against theVoice, which always wins ratings.
    It is a great period drama. Nice not to have filthy language and violence

  115. I am almost speechless. How can CH7 possibly think this is a good idea?
    Trash TV rules apparently. Nothing good on CH7 now that APTCH has been axed.

  116. Terrible that there is not to be another series of APTCH. We will be left in the air no doubt so it appears a hyatus till the next series. I do not watch the relity shows – they all bring out the worst in people, spite, malice etc., not what I call proper competitiveness. Australian content I am afraid is just rubbish these days including thd ABC

  117. This is a great australian show, I have watched from the very first episode. Please reconsider your decision to cancel this show. It is a show that the older generations loved.

  118. I am very disappointed that 7 is axing a show that has Australian Actors that perform so well and yet 7 put on all these stupid reality shows we need more of Australian Drama shows You must think that most Australians are stupid because that is what you put on TV stupid shows like What Happens In Bali and House Rules when those people have properties already . I am so p… Off with 7 you have lost me as a viewer I will watch ABC sooner than watch 7 again.

  119. SHAME ON YOU Channel Seven! PLEASE DO NOT axe this fantastic show.GREAT Australian drama showcasing the best we have to offer.What a joke you are Channel Seven, with no respect at all for your viewers!!!!!!!!

  120. I wouldn’t normally feel as though I need to have a say about a TV program, but honestly Channel 7 surely there another rubbish program on you’re network that you could substitute or Axe so this one could stay on.

    The majority of of Australian TV is rubbish, however finally there is something a little different and all the actors/actresses play a great role.

    I believe this programe should still carry onto season 3, even if it is on one of your 7mafe or 7 two channels. At this moment my husband is watching Remember the Titians, and I am sure that this program would still be watched in its place.

    I am 37, and just loved the show.

    Please reconsider.

  121. Disgraceful that you have axed A Place To Call Home. You at last come upon some decent content and do not continue on. It is a wholesome show reflecting the values of the time. I do not watch any of the reality shows – these bring out the worst in people – spite, malice etc. and they run over time. I don’t know who you canvass for your ratings but I have not been asked what I watch. I have previously watched Sunday Night followed by APTCH but wont bother to watch Sunday Night now. The other show on your network that I enjoy is Downton Abbey. It would not surprise me if you dont run with that either. I refuse to watch reality rubbish and talent shows – don’t find that entertaining.

  122. I watch lots of TV and this is by far the most quality show on TV. Also I stay awake on Sunday night to watch it…..early mornings for me I am usually in bed much earlier than this programming time. I cannot believe that this show is being axed when I look at the inane drivel that is on TV. I am not surprised that more and more intelligent Australians stop watching local channels when you cancel the shows that actually nourish the heart and soul.

  123. Channel 7 are you serious? Not performing!!! I do not agree. This tv series is so entertaining and is an all Australian drama…..what will you replace it with some crap American series or crap like What happens in Bali??? Wake up this show is authentic Aussie drama and so entertaining I don’t know who it is that makes decisions but if you axe this show you are clearly making the wrong one!!!! People will vote with their remotes and channel 7 you won’t be that popular!!!!!

  124. The best drama in ages and you idiots at seven have to axe it. Get rid of your poxy “reality” shows and put good drama like A place to call home on in a decent timeslot.

  125. So disappointed in the short sighted decision to axe A Place To Call Home . One of the best presented Australian dramas we have seen. There are far to many reality programmes on TV now, we don’t want any more! You’ve lost us.

  126. This show is brilliant enjoy watch it ever week look forward to it , there are other show could be taken of , but boy this one come on think about what your doing . Please leave on , just like Downton Abbey brilliant shows , love period shows in this era . Continue this program please.

  127. why oh why would you not proceed with a 3rd series of a riveting drama that is such a thrill to watch. There are so many mindless tv reality shows that are the same old same old & bloody rubbish or repeats of old series. The storyline of this programme is excellent, the acting superb and I feel that it depicts the Australian era well. This programme should not be axed – it is a breath of fresh air on TV and well worth watching.

  128. Very disappointed to see a great show axed….I like many other viewers are sick of watching reality TV. That show What happens in Bali is a disgrace to Aussies . I’m only a young forty years old but I think its more shows like this that we need in our lives NOT TRASH…….

  129. I am so disappointed that channel 7 has axed A Place to Call Home. It is fantastic period drama. My daughter started watching the second season and she is hooked. It’s not just the over fifties watching this programme. The twenty somethings are watching it too. The setting is great and the acting fantastic. I don’t know what is wrong with these programmers, but they don’t know what the public wants. We don’t want more and more reality shows. We want good Australian drama and by that I don’t mean Home and Away.
    Please reconsider and let a season three proceed. Or hopefully one of the other stations will realise what a great show it is and take it up.
    Actually A Place to Call Home is the only thing I watch on 7 at the moment anyway.
    So if it goes, then I won’t be watching 7 at all.

  130. Very sorry to hear this show has been axed. It is a refreshing change. Love the characters. Interesting time in history. Good story line. Love Channel 7, such great shows. Not happy about this decision. Are we only interested in what under 25’s want to watch??

  131. What fools made the decision to axe APTCH?
    Obviously not Australians!!! Why would you axe an Australian production,
    supporting Australian actors, using an Australian story?
    Anyone in their right mind would prefer to watch APTCH over stupid idiots
    in Bali, or dickheads trying to cross borders or even the shit
    repeated on BH&G. APTCH is a show for all ages. Ratings may have been
    more stable if it was shown in an earlier regular time slot.
    Wake up to yourselves and at least finish off the story. Make Season 3

  132. Just heard that this programme is to be axed – just ridiculous! How disappointing – loved taking a trip back to the 50’s – actors amazing – settings authentic – and storyline moves along beautifully -one of the best shows on TV at the moment -so look forward to my Sunday night viewing – will miss it so much – Beats all these reality shows hands-own- Cannot understand your reasoning – sincerely hope all the stories reach a satisfactory conclusion although how that can be fitted into 1 hour of viewing is hard to imagine. If the audience wasn’t as large as expected maybe you should have tried an earlier time-slot!! I reiterate -VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING !!!!

  133. Channel 7 it is ludicrous that you are axing APTCH.
    The actors and the storylines are brilliant.
    Are all of us diehards missing something or is it that hard to to keep going with it and replacing it with the trash from bali .
    The idiots that control wheather it stays or not , they are the ones that should be axed not the show.
    Most upset WAKE UP

  134. Im shocked, A Place to Call Home is my favourite show and you have axed it. It was the only decent show on Channel 7 and you want to take it off. Well i definitely wont be watching anything on Channel 7 now. I cant understand how you can axe a perfectly wonderful show. why not axe What Really Happens in Bali instead as it is just plain crap. Not happy Jan. very disappointed viewer.

  135. Amongst all the rubbish on television, along comes a really good, enjoyable, looked forward to each week, fit for all ages, show , and it get cancelled. Who makes these decisions!!!!

  136. Very disappointing that there won’t be a 3rd season of APTCH. Just when we are all getting into the story and getting a feel for the characters it’s taken away. So much better than any if the endless reality shows – how many dancing, singing & cooking shows can one see!!!!! maybe if you had a better time slot you would have had more viewers.

  137. Cannot believe that this show is to be axed. We have put up with the lateness of your programming because we really thought that we had a good Australian series at last.
    Who makes these decisions? Suppose it will be replaced with some stupid reality show. When will you realize that not all of us enjoy these shows ! But do appreciate good stories and good acting/actors and enjoy good Australian content. I will miss my hour of slipping back into the past to a more restful time on Sunday nights Shame on the powers that be of your station who make these decisions. I will NOT be watching Channel 7 in the future, was becoming totalling disillusioned with the always late programming anyway1

  138. I am gobsmacked at this decision by 7!! I just finished watching tonight’s episode, which has been pushed so far back in it’s timeslot so many times I thought I could hear a morning rooster crowing outside!!
    You force feed us shite like ‘What Happens In Bali’, and axe the best Australian drama that’s been developed in years….who the f**k is running the polls on what your viewers actually want??
    Saw the promos also for the FINAL episode and am blown away that the loyal – EVERY WEEK – viewers are going to be left hanging in the air with so many of the story lines being left unfinished!
    You’ve lost me Channel 7 🙁

  139. My favourite show the last few months, please give us season three !!!! So sad it’s going 🙁

  140. Watch the show here in the Republic of Ireland via the Internet.It’s a great series and we’re disappointed to hear it’s cancelled. Please reconsider.

  141. Please don’t axe this beautiful show, I couldn’t wait for this years series to start and move heaven and earth to make sure I get to see it every Sunday night. The acting, costumes, characters and everything about this show is just lovely. I don’t enjoy much on TV these days. The miriads of pathetic reality shows just keep going in and on and on.. I would rather watch abc as their content is far more interesting than Chanel 7 has been offering for a very long time now. If APTCH is axed then I’m afraid you will have lost me and most of my family members as viewers. Very sad

  142. I watch one tv program religiously and that is this show… Already it’s been pushed back a time slot, but I still watch it.. There is so my trash on TV and they choose to cancel airing this wonderful show!!! I know so many people that enjoy this show.

  143. Please reconsider the decision to axe APTCH! Everyone I know waits for Sunday night to feel a part of a family with such diverse personalities, loves and friends. It gives an insight into life after the war and the evolution of the social changes it brought. It must mean something when cable TV wants to advertise during your program!

  144. What is channel 7 thinking ! I cant believe APTCH has been axed. The actors and the storylines are fantastic. Do the idiots in the 7 TV land, think that reality TV crap is more interesting. So much for supporting our wonderful home grown actors. It’s a great show. I looked forward to Sunday nights.
    Time to turn off channel 7 me thinks. Very Very disappointed.

  145. Finally get some decent TV that the whole family can relate too. NO excess violence, sex, drugs or the like and what does Channel 7 ? Axe it. What a waste.My bet is the advertising $ rules and as they couldn’t get the advertisers to commit because of the broader and then older demographic they axe it. If its ratings where falling constantly yes then its time to cut shows. Even total rubbish like Home and Away survive but not something that makes that show look like the total garbage it is. Give us back some decent TV Channel 7, some decent genuine real TV.

  146. ARE YOU SERIOUS CHANEL 7??? You are axing this fantastic show?? SHAME ON YOU!!!The best show to be produced in ages! At least give us a third and final season in order to close the story properly. we are bombarded with rubbish and yet the one show with a great story and wonderful cast and it’s axed. Who makes these stupid decisions? Pea brains! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  147. We enjoyed a Place to Call Home each Sunday night. It is an all Australian show for the family. Please reserve your decision Channel 7 – we are so over all the reality shows and re-runs.

  148. WORST DECISION I’ve heard all year!! This is such a fantastic show. The quality of acting is superb! I’m a fan from New Zealand.. and very sad to hear it isn’t continuing!! Very Very DISAPPOINTING

  149. A place to call home is a truly entertaining and enlightening TV drama. A storyline that delves into the craziness of world history, touches on some hugely contravercial social and moral issues, whilst continuing to draw in the audience and reward them with exciting plot and great Aussie actors. How can you air so much reality TV garbage and let go of something good that has entered the hearts of Australian families? A very big shame. I hope you regret your decision and change your mind.

  150. Bad bad decision on channel 7’s part to axe this show…sad sad day…..
    I can only hope another channel will have the sense to pick up this AMAZING show….

  151. Oh my goodness Channel 7 how on earth could you drop such a brilliant show as A Place to Call Home, with such talented actors, great story line.
    I’m sooooo very disappointed!!!!! please bring it back, do you want me tooo grovel!!!! I will.

  152. WHAT IS CHANNEL 7 DOING??????????? Such a great family show about an Australian era and you go and axe it. It is a pity channel 7 that you are losing viewers and you dont even care!

  153. Very unfortunate — and very much a surprise. They should’ve done a 3rd season, finalized the story line and then fully catapulting to the future with the relative that was working on the book in the beginning of season 2. That could’ve left the possibility of a future series while finishing up the story.

    Very short sighted of them — if it was under-performing at home, it would’ve been gobbled up by Netflix and Amazon Instant Video viewers worldwide — they could’ve made their money that way. I’m usually into SciFi, so coming from this viewer, that’s saying a lot.

    Excellent acting, writing, and production — storytelling at it’s best, sorry it won’t finish 🙁

  154. Shocked that this show is being axed. The only brightening aspect to the end of the weekend on Sunday nights was this show. With so much potential in the story line and characters, and obviously such a large following, I am amazed that Channel 7 only views ratings as an all deciding factor. Besides being the interesting on all levels, this is so different from the normal mainstream gun and violence genre that I would have thought it gaining more points than most other shows.

  155. Good on you Channel 7! You have bungled again. Why is it that when we have good quality Australian dramas, you have to cancel them. The ratings are great, the show is interesting and captivating, and the stars fit their roles perfectly. The scenery, old cars, clothing, storylines and lifestyle are so unlike today. Allow us to enjoy what was. Not happy!

  156. What a shame A Place to Call Home will not be back for season 3 but not surprising really. Channel 7 constantly delay the start time and keep dishing us up reality television, I for one am over cooking shows especially and I dont see the value in watching people renovating other peoples’ houses, playing up in Bali or singing on talent shows. A Place to Call Home is thoroughly enjoyable viewing and the acting is brilliant and now we are being left up in the air as it is obvious from the flash-forward of episode one that Sarah does live at Ash Park, and that Olivia has a Granddaughter who looks like her Grandmother and now we, the viewers, are being left in limbo.

  157. This may be one of Channel 7 worst misjudgements and I hope they rue the day theu decided to axe this gem I agree with all the above This was one of the best drama series ever and especially from Australian
    TV. WE are fed an endless diet of sport, so called reality tv and mindless US soaps and puerile comedies. This was quality tv with superlative acting.
    I am sure this would have a market worldwide and so are my friends .It is Australian Drama at its best – wonderful acting, story line and historical
    portrayal – you would be mad to discontinue such a gem. I know it costs $1mil per episode but it would have been a good investment and raise your
    stakes as a tv channel that can produce quality. Please don’t sell out. We put up with endless reruns and overwhelming ads that cut into programs
    mercilessly. Please don’t cater to the lowest denominator. There are many of my age group still appreciating good drama – for once please listen to
    them and we will stay loyally watching your channel – we deserve better

  158. I rarely write in regard to the cancellation of TV shows. But the cancellation of APTCH pushed me to doing it.
    While there is very little I as a single person can do in regard to having Channel 7 change their collective minds, there is one thing I can do, and I invite others to do the same.
    Quietly and with a minimum of fuss black ban not the show that will reoplace it, but the advertisers who pay to be associated with it.


  159. What a short-sighted decision from Channel 7. Quality Australian drama does not get produced all that often and when we produce something that ranks up there with the best of British or US television, it deserves to be heralded and supported, not ditched because Beauty and the Bogan Geek in Bali rated a little higher. Don’t throw out great Australian talent in writing, acting and producing. We need this kind of television. We need A Place to Call Home. Our children are going to grow up stupid and I blame Channel 7 for it.

  160. I am are deeply saddened that such a brilliant tv show is being axed.I think you have it wrong. In a world where we are surrounded by reality television it been a fantastic series to enjoy the escapeism. I think the powers that be have it really WRONG this time.
    At least have all the talented people in it finish off the next series to wrap up the storylines…

  161. Can’t believe this show is going to be axed!!! I’m so disappointed, I really love it and it’s my favourite show on TV at the moment. There are way too many reality shows and not enough dramas!! 855000 ppl is still a lot! It is the only show I will never skip watching! Why not show it on a different night and see how that goes before axing it! Pathetic!

  162. Again the network has got it so so wrong. Axing a quality show to probably replace it with some reality show dribble that we are all sick to death off. The powers that be at these networks need to get their heads out of their behinds and wake up to what the viewers really want. If network seven loses this show, it loses me as a viewer and I know I’m not alone. What crap!

  163. So disappointed with Channel 7 for the axing of A Place to call Home, such a good show which we looked forward to every Sunday. Looks like Ch 7 does not care for the over 55’s, it’s discrimination. Sick of all the reality shows There should be a balance of drama as well as House Rules and Kitchen Rules. I don’t, feel like watching Ch 7 anymore. Jean

  164. When ‘A place to call home’ came on seven network I was sp pleased. At last a decent period drama produced in australia. I rely on the BBC for these kind of shows. Nobody does it like they do. I was so very pleasantly surprised with this show. Well cast, great storyline and just a fantastic Sunday night watch. It has actually become my favourite weekly show. I think it is one of the best Australian dramas I have ever seen. Please recondsider channel seven. There is no other show on TV like this.

  165. I do not believe its not getting the ratings all my friends watch it and can’t wait for sunday to come it is such a good show wake up channel 7

  166. With the amount of rubbish we have on TV these days why is it so hard to keep one show that is different from all the others? This is a great show, every episode. I look forward to it every Sunday night. You say it’s a programming issue. I’m very keen to see what will take its place.

  167. Why are you axing this show? It is the best Australian drama that we have had in a long time. We are sick of reality shows and other trivia. I had been waiting for series 2 and looked forward each week to it. A very bad decision by channel 7.

  168. Well even after all our effects it seems 7 will axe A Place To Call Home next week ;SHAME,SHAME,SHAME and how will they wind up all the story lines they have going in 60 minutes, I will tell you how (VERY FAST). the same way as they handled Anna’s wedding they couldn’t get it over and done with fast enough . How can they justify axing this brilliant show I used to wait with bated breath for Sunday nights to come around to put me back into the 50’s I cant say it enough, what a brilliant show, and hey its AUSTRALIAN, every actor in this series has played their parts so great its a credit to them, and this show must surely walk out the door with all the Logies .

  169. BAD MOVE Channel Seven, Please do not axe A Place To Call Home. The show is the best Australian drama series I have ever seen. It is far better than Downton Abbey. I don’t remember a drama series I enjoyed more. Top Acting, Scenery, Story Line. Far better than most of the other Dramas I have watched. It seems that you dont understand your audience, as I can see from reading all the comments above. It Would be a big mistake axing this Drama.

  170. Very sad about your decision to stop ‘A place to call home’ it was the show that our family looked forward to on sunday and it is unbelievable that we will not be able to see it to it’s end, devistated. Please reconsider, I have Season 1 and have ordered Season 2 and can’t believe I will not be able to have the whole series.

  171. ‘A Place to Call Home’ is the best show on TV. Please reconsider axing it. My husband and I look forward each week for the next episode. APTCH is better than ‘Downton Abbey’.

  172. I agree with all the above comments – a place to call home is an amazing show – we love it. We are absolutely over reality shows – it is so good to watch such a good drama. We love the story lines. I don’t agree with one comment I read saying series 2 is depressing. Overall the whole production is so clever portraying the 1950’s and all the actors are fantastic. We will be so disappointed if 7 does axe this show.

  173. Best show on T V even my husband loves it and he doesn’t like serial shows 7a8bo

  174. Very disappointed in such a ridiculous decision to axe this Show, APTCH ..
    So much rubbish on channel 7, so over dumb reality shows..
    Good bye SEVEN.

  175. I am very disappointed with Channel 7 for its decision to not proceed with A Place Called Home to a 3rd season. My husband and I settle in on a Sunday evening without fail to watch the various family relationships. What a kick in the guts to the Australian Film Industry. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  176. I am so shocked you would axe such a great show everybody I know watches it. I can’t wait for Sunday night to watch it very disappoint channel 7.

  177. Finally some decent viewing with great Australian actors which we enjoy and you take it away? What mindless junk are you planning to put in its place – looks like it is back to ABC for us.

  178. I am at a loss to understand why Channel seven has axed such a classy and wonderful show, especially when there is so much rubbish around. I have loved watching it and been moved to tears by the raw emotions and talents of the wonderful cast.

    I beseech you to reconsider this decision. From where I stand, 855,000 viewers seems a lot and what’s wrong with catering to an older audience, we are the ones who recognise class and quality in a show.

  179. What the hell are you doing!!!!!!your axing the best show ever!!!!!!!!!whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!

  180. Unbelievable a show I get into and now its being axed. One of the best shows on telly. Couldn’t it be aired on another night where it may attract more viewers. We should be supporting our Aussie actors not closing the doors…this show is better then Downton Abbey. And you leave your veiwers hanging and don’t air the whole season disgusting you’ve lost me CH7

  181. Sooooo disappointed channel 7 …. Who works out the stats for the preference of ‘reality’ TV shows anyway …? How old are your programmers that they want to watch (perv) on ‘reality’ shows like ‘Bali’

  182. I’m 29 and I love this show!! It’s a show for everyone! I love season 2 as much as season 1.
    Please don’t axe it!!! It’s one of the best series on TV !!

  183. ‘A place to call home’ is a wonderful film, one of the very best we have ever watched. It is great Sunday night entertainment, it brings the family together and a wonderful way to finish off the week. Why axe it? It does not make sense…. This series is worthy of international acclaim…. The actors are fantastic, it is so classy and people can relate to the story line (unlike Downton Abbey!!!) Please bring it back.

  184. why would you be axing a great show! best australian series for ages and I do not believe its not getting the ratings all my friends watch it and can’t wait for sunday to come it is such a good show wake up channel 7!!

  185. Maybe the ABC will take up the rights? APTCH is something that fits with the station profile. While not sledging recent offerings of the Dr. Blake Mysteries and the Miss Fisher offerings, the writing story line and believability of the APTCH is far superior. I have toa gree with other comments about Channel 7 and their apparent love affair with reality shows…they are never ending and the hype that goes with them is over the top. Seven to eight weeks of “it’s coming” wears thin, so by the time something actually arrives you feel as though you can’t be bothered watching it. X-Factor promo’s are a case in point. I know it is about advertising dollars, but just think most of the population is heading towards gray…maybe you ahd better start thinking of that market for a change.

  186. Well this is so like Channel 7 you finally get a wonderful show and a family show on a Sunday night and it is being axed. Well you say the rating where not there so what do you want the whole world to watch your channel and if the answer is yes PUT SOMETHING GOOD ON AND YOU MIGHT GET THE RATINGS I don’t believe you have axed such a great Australian Drama.

  187. Please don’t axe season 3 of A Place To Call Home because it is one of the best Australian dramas I have seen in many years. I got hooked in season 1 and don’t want season 2 to finish if it will be the last one. The storyline is interesting, the actors are talented, location and costumes first class. I have no idea why Channel 7 would cancel it. If you put it on at a decent time of 8.30pm you would get more viewers. Please let us have season 3 in 2015!

  188. Seriously channel 7 HUGE mistake … Hopefully some other TV channel will decide to take over such a great Australian Drama.. Will be sadly missed .. Loved it.

  189. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???????? Seven why have you axed this show it is the only thing I love watching at the moment. It is full of wonderful actors and great story lines. At least you could have done season 3 to wind it up properly. I am most displeased and seriously put out by your axing of this wonderful aussie drama. I suppose you will put on some stupid reality show or repeats of something no one wants to watch ………thanks

  190. Wake up channel seven!!! Axing this great Aussie drama means you are not listening to the people who are watching it. Get a grip and show some backbone.I was standing in a queue last week waiting to see a show and everyone was discussing how dissappointing it was that A Place To Call Home is ending. There are many of us who actually enjoy well produced drama rather a continual menu of reality tv and sport.

  191. I can’t believe APTCH has been axed because the demographic of viewers wasn’t to channel 7’s liking?? Now we are left with absolute garbage like What happens in Bali! Shame on you channel 7. Best thing on TV since Downton Abbey. And I’m under 50! Great cast, great story. Please reconsider!!

  192. I can’t believe APTCH has been axed because the demographic of viewers wasn’t to channel 7’s liking?? Now we are left with absolute garbage like What happens in Bali! Shame on you channel 7. Best thing on TV since Downton Abbey. And I’m under 50! Great cast, great story. Please reconsider!!

  193. Agree with comments. Bad move to can such a great aussie drama. Yet stupid shows like what happens in bali remain on air. What the!!!!!

  194. Like everyone else I am bitterly disappointed in your decision channel 7. What an insult to the amazing cast and crew who put their heart and soul into this truly beautiful production. Not to mention the slap in the face to all of us who search high and low for good Aussie drama. This truly is a Very Sad Day for Aussie TV. :-((

  195. GREAT all Australian drama, GREAT writer, GREAT countryside, GREAT actors and a show we could call our own home grown drama. Channel 7 how could you cut such an incredible show?
    So many are upset over what you’ve done. I honestly don’t know how you can replace such a show.
    It’s a much better than Downton Abbey. I’d be happy to pay to see this show anytime.
    I’ve no idea if anyone from Channel 7 will read this or care but had to voice my opinion something I never do online or on the phone. Very upset.

  196. This can’t be happening! Channel 7 – you are hopeless. I will never watch Channel 7 again until their programming department pull their finger out. I really hope another great channel picks up this great series. Please- someone with clout – can we?

  197. So so disappointed that you are axing A Place To Call Home. It is definitely one of the best shows on telly.. You can’t beat a good Aussie production. I really hope one of the other channels decide to pick it up. Definitely won’t be watching channel seven have lost all of my family and friends viewing your channel.

  198. how disappointing ,what are you up to ch7 are we going to get another rubbish show like ”what happens in Bali”?who cares to see drunken stupid people,.you had a top drama here ,the actors are amazing,you could have it on a bit earlier but it was a show to look forward to, is it going to be replaced with another cooking show ? no more ch 7 for me from now on .thankyou for nothing you

  199. So disappointing. This is the best Aussie Drama I have seen in years! Not liking Channel 7 at the moment.

  200. I HATE YOU CHANNEL 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. Marta Dusseldorp is the grace kelly of aussie drama and all the actors of this show have proved themselves as well as the STORY LINE. i do have to admit that i was getting frustrated in season one because in each episode not much was taking place BUT SEASON 2 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME just cannot get enough of this show and now you are AXING it you have really lost me on this one Channel 7. The rest of the shows are cheap crap in comparison. We finally get a show with the essence of real Australia and you go and kill it. shame on you!!!!!!!!! I am a hard critic of acting and i can tell you now this show has gone over and beyond my expectations it really has been wonderful. thanks for nothing.

  202. I am 30 yo, my husband and I look forward to APTCH every week even when you put it on far too late. Channel 7 you are a bunch of dickheads with no sense of reality at all. People of all ages love this show, enjoy seeing Australians getting the work over foreign programmes and then you go ahead and axe it cause your audience isn’t young enough.?Since when does an older audience not count anyway? Older people deserve to enjoy tv too and And there is nothing but shit on tv mostly anyway!! You really are a bunch of useless wonders that you would axe this show and yet constantly bombard us with crap like what happens in Bali and reality tv!! Reality tv is as boring as batshit yet it keeps coming back year after year. I hope the people making this decision loose their jobs and another network picks up the series, I won’t watch your channel 7 anymore, you only had one good show and now it’s gone! Idiots!!!!

  203. PLEASE, do not axe this wonderful family oriented Australian made programme. We are sick and tired of the American shows, Australian competition series, so overly choreographed that it becomes sickening. PLEASE do another series. WE NEED ONE.

  204. I am totally shocked at your stupid decision to axe APTCH.What are you thinking and who is responsible for this decision,?????i will NEVER have your channel screening on my tv EVER again.thoroughly discussed.

  205. You have just made the most stupid decision ever axe A Place To Call Home. Shouldnt you be supporting a good aussie drama and aussie actors. OMG do you seriously think that we want to watch shows like What Happens In Bali,is that your idea of entertainment.I will be switching channels after sundays final episode.Unbelievble.

  206. So sick of all the commercial channels not giving a damn about the viewer. If they’re not mixing repeats of your favourite shows with new episodes they’re changing the day or time-slot so you don’t know when its on. Do they think we’re so stupid we don’t know the difference. So what if the age 40’s and below don’t watch APTCH, don’t the older generation matter! Ill tell you why they’d rather make dribble like what happens in bali, because it’s cheap & while there’s an audience out there happy to watch this mindless dribble they’ll keep axing good shows like APTCH.

  207. I am really very disappointed that this show has been axed. This is one of the best Australian productions that has ever been aired on Aussie TV. Such a change from all the ‘blood and thunder’ which is shown every day. Please rethink this decision.

  208. We love this show – brilliant actors and fantastic storyline – please keep it going!

  209. I so sorry for them to axe place to call home I have enjoyed this show ever since the first series I am hoping with all the comments they bring the show back

  210. I Can’t believe you are axing A Place To Call Home. I’m sending this message on behalf of my friends who don’t have access to a computer. We are a Friday craft group and discuss the pros and cons of each episode. It’s so disappointing when we get a wonderful show to watch and there is no follow through. Please bring it back. Get rid of some of the crap you show. You’re supposed to cater for all not just an inane few. BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  211. Very disappointed it is the best show on TV
    Only show I looked forward to see. Great Actors
    Great Aussie show as for Dancing-with the stars that is one
    Show I won’t be watching
    All my family and friends watch Place to call home
    gives you something to talk about . Please
    Bring it back.

  212. Why do TV stations always axe really good Australian drama shows and replace them with overseas trash. Please do not axe an excellent show A Place to call Home, like so many thousands of viewers it is the only show I look forward to watching on a Sunday night. Please reconsider your decision to axe this show.

  213. I am so disappointed. A great show, much better than he the staged reality make over shows. Hopefully some channel 9 might realise the mistake channel 7 have made and take over the filming for season 3. I’m 42, love the show. Channel 7 need to realise that changing the time every week and pushing it through to later time slots some audience members won’t be able to watch the show live. APTCH has been the best thing on TV for so long.

    Very disappointed that’s a great show will end tonight. Please bring backs. Place to call home season 3!!!!!

  214. Cannot understand how A place to call home can be axed! The only show on T.V. That tells the younger generation what life was like during and after World War 11. It is exactly what life was like, and some soldiers who were thought dead wetter found alive years later and reunited. A true Aussie story, why axe it for probably another American Show. In my opinion is far ahead of Downtown Abbey!!! Please listen go the people and continue.

  215. Very sorry that there is not going to be another series , as it is one of the very few programs on t.v that is worth watching, as comments above ,the very poorest of programs still seem to be shown all the time

  216. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! I too can’t believe such a brilliant show has been programed out. Sunday night will become a very boring TV night when APTCH has finished. Congrats to the Aussie actors and those behind the scenes on their success. Boo to the network for their axing.

  217. So true people. Maybe if they made A place to call home a reality show they may keep it on ….because tv does not have enough reality tv does it?….this was a great aussie show. But hey chanel 7 don’t deserve ratings because they axe every good show….All Saints, Packed to the rafters, a place to call home….how long before winners and losers….How about we axe channel 7 from our TVs. There is nothing worthwhile left on it

  218. Why would you axe such a fantastic series after only 2 seasons?? It is just mind boggling !! Please do at least one more series!!

  219. Hey switch to channel 9. They have house husbands. At least they keep their aussie drama on. They will be getting my ratings now

  220. Unbelievable – the only good drama series on TV. & you drop it???? Wasn’t it neighbours that a channel dropped & another one picked it up & we know how that went!!! Have the guts to pick it up another channel – you won’t be sorry. Channel 7 don’t deserve to have it!!

  221. Unbelievable!!! You take this great show off an bombard us with crappy reality shows!!! No wonder people are turning off local tv

  222. How dare you, I’m highly offended. Why would you axe such a brilliant TV show that is based in 1950’s. It has been the most decent Australian TV show that has been made in years.

  223. You have GOT to be kidding!!! Take off the rubbish about “What really goes on in Bali” and the dreadful midday movies that are Z grade! Might be changing back to Channel 9 again!

  224. A totally “wrong call” Channel 7. Sack whoever made this decision as you WILL lose viewers over this.

  225. I was sooooo disappointed to hear that A place to call home is not going to film season 3, this is an excellent Australia drama with great characters and a plausible story line, and they have even let a lot of openings for the story line to continue. It is also veery disappointing that we have spent the last two years watching this series and it is being cut short.
    This is very sad as Australia drama is slowly reaching a higher standard. I can’t stand fhat show “what happens in Bali” soon viewers will after changing channels…..

  226. So disappointed the show isnt continuing. At last we get a fantastic Australian series and not to continue is so frustrating. The best aussie series i believe we had on the tv.
    Loved the actors also:(((((((((

  227. Yes, please continue a Place to call Home. There are so many unfinished story lines.. Get rid of the silly reality shows and support good Australian scriptwriters and actors.

  228. Channel 7 have bee faithful to watching your channel to support a station that supported Australian Drama. With the end of this wonderful drama can’t believe I read THE END of what has been a great, enjoyable and extremely entertaining show the me and my family enjoyed on a Sunday night.

    You leave Home and Away on and axe this great show that has a great and life related scrip.

    I have just changed channels, not to support Channel 7 from this day forth.

    NOT HAPPY…..!!!!!

  229. Please reconsider cutting this show. There are so many horror, murder, and other crappy US shows on TV, and here we have an enjoyable, Aussie drama watched by 855000 viewers!!!!! and you axe it? doesn’t make sense to me please please please being back series 3.

  230. Completely and absolutely sick of reality shows,I was enjoying this drama.Feel like we have been left without an ending. like watching a movie and never seeing the end,VERY ANNOYED

  231. why axe this great show. weve seen some ordinary audtralian dramas go on for years yet this one axed. a few weeks ago there was an old sarah telling the story of her life . wasnt she mrs Bligh? yet the story ends with her and Rene together. bring it back ..

  232. This is utterly absurd! This is the best Australian show I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing. Shame on Channel 7. I agree with everybody else’s sentiments. Such a captivating show, with a fantastic cast, and suspenseful story line. This was wonderful to watch with my mother on a Sunday night. I won’t be watching the other trash on Channel 7. Back to TEN I go…

  233. A place to call home is an AWESOME!! Series and I am really upset and angry channel 7 have axed it! You people don’t know good television if it slapped you in the face! How many more talent, home Reno, and cooking reality shows do we need. Support Australian actors. This is a great story from a great era BRING IT BACK!!!!

  234. At last a show comes along that you can get into and understand . A show that if you are not home you set to record so as not to miss an episode . Then a decision is made by someone to axe it and we end up with crap in its place

  235. Shame on Channel 7 axing a great show. I suppose all we will get now is crappy reality tv that you have to be brain dead to watch. Thanks for nothing. Hope your overall ratings go pear shaped.

  236. Seven what a mistake, it is your own fault for the viewers count, you kept pushing the program back each week, the second series answered a lot of questions, though it did finish in a weird way, it could have gone on for another series easily and ended with all the characters positions within the story line answered, sad day when reality rubbish and talentless singing shows are better then a great Australian drama, yes we are older demographic in age, shame seven.

  237. I agree with all of above I looked forward to watching APTCH some of the other rubbish you put on EG what happens in Bali is not worth watching all that does is show how stupid Australian’s are abroad how about giving us something with substance like A Place to Call Home

  238. I am so disappointed in the axing of this great Australian drama, I have enjoyed every episode. Too bad the programmers do not axe some of the ridiculous reality shows instead. One wonders if channel seven is only employing people under the age of twenty, maybe send them back to work in the fast food trade where they belong with the other teens. So so disappointed .

  239. Gobsmacked at this decision. It was my favourite show of the week. My husband and I watched tonights shoe, and were dismayed to read The End. Thus we looked up what was happening next, and found this page. It was the best series on television, let alone Australian. What is Channel 7 thinking!

  240. I think it’s disgraceful of channel 7 to axe such great Aussie drake which we don’t have enough of! I can think of so more story lines for a place to call home to run at LEAST another season…..e.g. Channel 7 take note,…..the baby to be proven not to be james… and Sarah to re unite…..Elizabeth to come home …?. So many things could be made into another series. I’m so disappointed that I don’t even want to watch channel 7 in future. Get real.

  241. I didn’t even watch series one but this season I have been hooked. It is brilliant the storyline, the actors, the set brilliant brilliant brilliant. I was saddened to think this was the final episode to this season but then to googled it and find out it is over. Devastated.. Please reconsider and bring it back for at least another season.

  242. Shame on you Channel 7. This is quality Australian Drama that you have axed and yet promote such rubbish in the form of these reality TV shows that have absolutely no substance. Very disappointed in you.

  243. Shame!Shame channel 7. You’ve just established a unique place in the history of Australian TV by cutting off one of the best Ozzie dramas of all time. Now we will never know…

    Perhaps Bevan Lee could write the novel…

  244. I am so disappointed that Channel 7 is cancelling this wonderful show!!! What are they thinking!!!! It is such a cleverly crafted show with a wonderful cast and great storyline. I can’t believe they say that they don’t get the ratings as everyone I know watches this show. How do they calculate the number of viewers — when there may be 5 people in a household watching it altogether, and then others who may record it, or watch it on catchup TV on the internet… honestly it is beyond me!! Very sad. Back to me watching American TV shows streaming on the internet!!!

  245. Best Australian drama series produced for decades, which leaves reality shows for dead, It is great Sunday night entertainment with marvellous story lines, acting, scenery and drama. Please complete series 3 to tie up the loose ends of the story.

  246. So so devastated that you have decided that reality TV is MORE important than this amazing view into the past. I have loved the whole experience of the 50’s combined with the amazing acting of the entire cast. Please reconsider you poor choice of axing this wonderful series.

  247. Channel 7 what were you thinking when making the decision to cancel APTCH? Just watched the final episode. I’ve read elsewhere there were two endings filmed for S2 obviously they do this just in case it isn’t renewed and the story lines can be wrapped up.
    I hope I get to see S3 one day in the future.
    I’m 46 and looked forward to Sunday nights just for this show.

  248. I was very sad to hear that Channel 7 is axing APTCH, it was one of the shows that I looked forward to each week. What is it going to be replaced with I wonder? more garbage reality TV shows. Fine Australian Drama shows like this are very few and far between, I dont understand why such a great show, with superb acting and great story lines is not going to continue. I guess I want be watching Channel 7 in the future. I dont know who makes these decisions, but really Channel 7 you should seriously think about replacing them because they obviously dont know a good show when they see it.

  249. This is so sad I love the period drama and not to mention home grown drama. I agree with so any above why axe such a good show then just put reality rubbish on. 🙁

  250. Have just watched last episode of the best show on Aussie TV.Too many unanswered questions. Did not tie in with the first episode of this series.Channel 7 should hang their heads in shame. Bevan Lee is a gifted writer and should have been allowed to continue with his excellent storytelling. Please give older Australians a fair go and finish the story!!!

  251. OMG how could it end like that, you have to do more episodes it can’t end like that.
    Please Please reconsider, I would love to know where you got YOUR ratings ??
    Everyone I talk to watches A Place to Call Home…..

  252. I couldn’t agree more! I wonder if we all boycott seven, whether we might be able to the the programing executives axed instead?

  253. I just watched the final in Season 2, and I have thoroughly enjoyed this brilliant Australian TV series. I am so disappointed to discover that it is not to continue with Season 3. I have not missed any episodes of either Season 1 or Season 2. So beautifully produced and all very fine actors, gorgeous costumes and scenery. A Place to Call Home has kept me glued to the screen… and I just want to see more.

  254. Channel 7 – what are you thinking? I have just heard you have cancelled season three of APTCH. Who makes these decisions – you cancel a wonderful Australian show, with wonderful story lines, costumes and scenery and yet you run those inane, rubbish reality shows. I cannot believe you would cancel this and it is not just older people who watch, my daughter is in her late 20’s and she and her husband love this show. I am so sick of being ‘dumbed down’ by the crap on TV eg, that pathetic Bali show, so how about giving those of us with a desire for intelligent viewing something to watch. My family always watch ‘Sunday Night’ then APTCH, no longer – we will be watching another channel now so you will lose even more viewers. And by the way, what happened to ‘Mr Selfridge’. That seemed to come back for a couple of weeks and then disappear. You really need to rethink this decision.

  255. Absolutely disgusted with u channel 7 -SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU. Please ABC IF U HAVE ANY SENSE, please pick up this wonderful Australian period drama – We need to support such wonderful Aussie actors

  256. I agree APCH has been great, and I’m under 50….and the ‘final episode’ tonight ended so disappointingly…very unsatisfying, looked like hurried decisions were made to the script at the last minute. The series and show did not deserve to end like that.

  257. A Place To Call Home, is one of the best Australian Drama’s to be seen on TV for quite sometime. I am 45 and love it(I hear many think only oldies watch the show), I am not young but not old either?
    In a world of reality TV & Politics not to mention technology that has changed how we interact with each other.
    It is fabulous to have a well written, fabulously cast TV show to look forward to each week, it is also nice to be reminded that it was not so long ago life, love & unexpected twist & turns we’re what made life exciting & challenging, the term good ole days comes to mind.
    Please bring this show back to a loyal mixed aged fan base which I am apart of with my mother & 34yr old sister Inlaw, as we dearly love the show & the Aussie talent it so brilliantly showcases with every twist & turn, thank you!

  258. Soooo disappointing to see no season 3 coming!!!!!! I (age 39) have watched this show with my daughter (age 11) and we have looked forward to it every Sunday night! I remember explaining to her old fashion behaviours displayed in this era. So nice for her to see the way people used to have values!! What a shame to think I had to change the channel from seven,when some Bali treking skanks in their undies skanked up the streets in that stupid what happens in Bali show!!! and all in the school holidays…… Shame! Shame! That we are all usually committed channel seven watchers and this is what channel seven want to encourage for our kids, skanky Bali and drunk people!!!

  259. Channel 7 you are axing a brilliant TV series which will become a historical monument in Australian TV Drama. Never before in all my years of TV viewing have I seen a beautifully developed and produced Australian TV Series that depicts life the way it once was. Every conceivable detail was meet to bring this show to life, to brilliantly portray a story in Australian life in the 1950s, and such a wonderful story it is. You will regret letting something so beautiful fade away into nothingness.

  260. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not axe this show. It is a terrific drama with quality actors. Maybe another channel can have some sense and take it up!!!!!

  261. Can’t believe this. Nobody watching eh? You advertised how many of your own shows? Ads for KIA, Jeep, Holden, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, and Ford. Ads for Apia, Youi and compare the market car insurance. Obviously the motor trade thought you had enough viewers to make it worth spending. Ads for Fisherman’s Friends, Oral B, Panadol, Loreal and a Chemist Wharehouse healthy break about scholl products and a Dettol mop ad wow! A lot of $s from the health industry for a show with no viewers. I will sorely miss this show and agree with the previous comments.

  262. Only to night I mentioned that APTCH is the best Australian drama I have seen. Watched the final only to find out Ch7 has scraped the 3rd season. Big mistake Ch 7. Extremely disappointed – it will come back to haunt you.

  263. Please please I beg u, save “A Place to call Home”. It is a very good drama. Please

  264. You have got to be joking channel 7!!! The best Aussie drama show to hit our screens in years and you decide to can it! Shame on you! I suppose it will be replaced with some stupid reality TV show full of un-wholesome garbage! A place to call home was a credit to your station, you have blown it channel 7. I will no longer view your channel!

  265. I am thoroughly disappointed at the axing of APTCH!
    Finally a decent cast, storyline, down to earth 50’s show in the middle of happy, sad, exciting, mystery parts of peoples’ lives all of a sudden coming to an end!! Unbelievable Channel 7! Maybe there has been a drop in audience, what about the 855,000 viewers who do love the show. How can you justify axing a show that so many people do enjoy watching. I didn’t realise until tonight when the episode finished and ‘The End ‘ came up on the screen that it was the final show. Sarah is telling the story, how does she end up as matriarch of Ash Park, we will never know. I feel robbed and utterly disappointed, heartbroken to think the decision was made to axe this show. Thanks Channel 7 I think not, I will think twice before watching this channel in the future!!

  266. Very disappointed that this show has come to an end. I absolutely loved the show and looked forward to watching it. Please, please, please, rethink this!

  267. A place to call home is the only channel 7 show I watch (I should say did watch) disappointing to let such a good show go for no apparent reason.

  268. How disappointing you may think you wound it up to finish however how do you explain Sarah as an older person as the head of Ash Park in an early episode with her granddaughter writing a book on her life. I have loved every episode and have taped it only to watch again and again just loved this period Australian sweeping drama will have to buy the DVD’s. I suppose I will have to put up with some american rubbish, can’t imagine why we don’t promote Australian talent over american and the constant repeats. Hoping for a rethink and a series 3.

  269. Channel 7 – take note of all the comments written here & return season 3. This series was the most outstanding piece of work I’ve watched in years compared to the uninteresting, un imaginative & utterly boring programmes served up to us. I definitely won’t have any reason to watch channel 7 from now on!!

  270. I have read all the comments above and I agree with all of them. Please please please channel 7 DO NOT AXE this great show

  271. I have just finished watching the last episode of season 2 and went on the internet to find out when season 3 will be on. I was horrified to see that there won’t be one. I live in Wales GB and I look forward to watching it every week. The finale was a bit strange, so many loose ends. What is wrong with Chanel 7! Thank god Wentworth is still going, another of my faves. People power bought back 24 when it was cancelled, hopefully the same will happen with APTCH.

  272. Absolutely agree with the comments above.
    This is a quality drama, of which is lacking in Australian television.
    I will be completely honest with you, I don’t usually watch any Australian TV drama series, because I find the quality of writing to be idiotic and the acting to be so over the top it’s just unbelievable. APTCH, brings both of those qualities back to our lounge rooms, equalling the likes of Downton Abbey.
    Please, please, please, reconsider the decision to axe this quality drama. Finally, we had a TV drama to be proud of, in my opinion.
    Very, Very disappointed.

  273. I have loved this brilliant drama since the first episode and have looked forward to it every week. I am absolutely staggered by the decision to end this show. My fear is that as it becomes harder and harder to find quality viewing these days, engaging period dramas and the like will disappear in favour of ridiculous reality nonsense.

  274. So dissappointed this was a wonderful programme the Actors are just so great why do Axe such good Shows.

  275. Well I said it would end fast, and fast it did; what an insult to all the Actors of APTCH who have put so much into this series, every one put in a grand performance WELL DONE . As I said before I don’t watch Australian Drama because of poor acting, poor story lines, and poor scenery , but APTCH had superb acting every one of them played their part to perfection the story line excellent hats off to the writer, and the scenery was great , although it didn’t mater the story was so good. As for Channel 7 for not giving it another year I think you’ve got rocks in your head and you need another programmer because I think you will get a lot of bad feedback from this action as people looked forward to this show every week .Very disappointed John Hanlon

  276. What gives here? Channel 7 cancelling this program is such a shame indeed. Reading the posts simply comfirms the sentiment. Too many reality shows (v***t) Too many news shows and all news people appear over and over again. Can’t watch re runs of highway patrol??Please mo more MKR! Hosted by one who sends restaurants to the wall and has no street cred!It is all so fake. Relity tv has become so scripted.
    Television is just simply very poor. An absolute disgrace. News readers really now come across (try) as masters of what they do…there not, just auto script readers. It’s a like what politics is missing ‘statesman’we need them again.
    Thankf god for abc and sbs.

  277. That’s really disappointing! Americans love this show too! (if we have the very good fortune to hear about it) my only consolation is that it was pretty cleanly wrapped up. some shows would be better if they were cut off instead of going to seed (like upstairs downstairs). It’s just hard when you love characters to never see them again!
    ..oh well, will have to go search Britain and Canada and for stuff to watch!

  278. Channel 7 has made a mistake in acing this show , about the only one which has me switching to 7 .the finale last night , obviously written to tie up loose ends in a hurry , left the audience with even more loose ends .

    Surely they could have come up with a better solution , if they really HAD to axe the programme. Despicable Andrew , could have been killed off in a crash in his fancy car , as he drove off in a rage to blackmail somebody ; Rene could have had his brain op. and either , died as a result, leaving Sarah and George free to marry after an appropriate time; which would also get rid of Regina, OR Rene ‘s operation could have been successful, and he and Sarah could live happily ever after . Then poor old George could have been thrown from his horse , and killed . Resulting in James taking over Ash Park , and also getting rid of Regina for good. With Regina and Andrew gone for good , most of the audience could rest in peace !!!!

  279. So typical, and was half expecting it. Why? because that’s what happens in our grand land of Australia. We have the talent, brilliant writers, yet for some reason we fail to hold on to and continue with brilliant quality dramas. Instead we have to endure Australia’s biggest bogans?? or What really goes on in Bali???. Really?? that’s how our Aussies are represented??? good God, give me a break. Oh well American television it is, shame, as we do have the ability to provide our own dramas “And everybody wonders why our home grown talent goes abroad”

  280. I am sooo furious with channel 7. How dare you bring out the best series ever and then stop it so abruptly. I have decided that the perfect ending to this series would be that Elizabeth Bligh go on to Sydney home of channel 7, after leaving Ash Park, and sack the board members then buy the station and air series three.
    Brilliant script writing has been pushed aside for reality tv etc. Who gives a damn.
    I was going to buy the dvd but what’s the point there is no ending.

  281. Firstly channel 7 you suck!
    I can’t believe you get people to start watching a series and then axe it.
    I will never watch any series you advertise ever again for fear you axe it.
    In fact where channel 7 use to be my first channel of choice to watch you will now be my last considering other than bargain hunt the rest of what you air isn’t worth watching.
    And I agree with the comments above I’m sick of reality TV !!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. One of the best shows on TV for ages, and the ONLY thing I watched at present on this channel. So there is now no reason for me to turn to this channel again, so put on all your awful reality shows, but I for one won’t be seeing any of them. Nor the advertisements, which are your reason for being. Nor will, by the sound of it, many other people here. Channel 7 has likely lost a lot of viewers and made a lot of bad PR.
    I congratulate the writers and others involved for the series, and for managing to pull the last episode nicely together.

  283. I saw the last episode of Season 2 of A Place to Call Home and was devasted to learn that Channel 7 has axed it. I cannot believe they would do something like this. At last in a long time an Australian series has aired that is absolutely brilliant. The cast is brilliant and now all we have to look at is shows like X factor etc who I am sick of and other TV shows that have nothing to them. Well done Channel 7 for your incompedence. All you have is American crap and reality TV!! I am disgusted.

  284. I agree with all the above comments, in the 5 years that I have been in this country, this is the only programme I have ever looked forward to watching and have never wanted each episode to end, last nights episode had a really disappointing ending and has been left in the air, so please rethink your position on this, and get rid of some of the drivel that you put on and make way for another fantastic series 3.

  285. And here we go again!!! A top class Australian drama programme is released and then because its ratings aren’t No 1 every week it gets axed. This show is brilliant TV viewing which doesn’t rely on people running around half naked, swearing or lame dialogue and I for one am very angry that it has been discontinued. Nor does it have people screaming expletives at each other like they do on those reality shows. Don’t worry about giving people quality viewing, just dish up the same crap reality shows that clog our screens everytime we turn on the TV. I am sick to my back teeth of that trash but you will continue to show it because you don’t have to outlay as much. The “contestants” don’t get paid (only if they win) so I suppose that’s good and cheap enough for you. Maybe if you had put APTCH on at 7.30 and crap reality at 8.30 the ratings would have soared. The ones who want to watch a couple of “celebrities” performing the tango through a kitchen while shoving a souffle in the oven and then waltzing into the loungeroom collecting a tin of paint and a paintbrush along the way to redecorate the walls would stay up but the rest of us who work could go to bed. There’s an idea, put the whole lot of reality into one show!! I watch APTCH on Yahoo7Plus during the following week which I reckon a lot of others might do because they can’t stay up too late for the very reason I mentioned before. Good on you Channel 7 for showing how you support Aussie actors, writers and all the other folk involved in producing brilliant Aussie drama. Soon we won’t have the Logies, it will be the Realities!

  286. Cant believe A place called home has just ended…..I assumed there would be a series 3 you can’t make people watch a series get so involved and then decide …’Oh doesn’t matter what the viewers think we will just not make any more’ …it wasn’t even left as a suitable ending too many ties left unanswered!!! Shame on you Channel 7. How do you expect viewers to trust you any more on any future good Australian dramas…which there are so very few of!!!! You might just decide once again ‘we’ll just axe this it doesn’t matter that viewers have been watching and enjoying and looking forward to the next series!!!”

  287. This is ridiculous this is getting axed. Such a wonderful drama after a long time. i never missed a single episode. shame on channel 7. Sick of those reality shows. cant believe season 2 ended like that yesterday night. please reconsider this decision of axing this great show.

  288. I think it is ridiculous that A Place to Call Home has been scrapped and we won’t be seeing the Third Series.
    It is by far the best show on Channel 7 besides Downton Abbey.

    All the actors are so talented! They would be very disappointed!

    You obviously don’t know your viewers and what they enjoy watching.


  289. I am very disappointed that the show is to be axed. It is quality Australian drama, with a few (family) twists thrown in. A must see every Sunday night. I have bought the dvds and enjoy watching them. Marta is brilliant as Sarah, as she was, playing the main character in Jane KIng, sucsessor to Crownies, on the ABC. Lets face it, we as an audience have been watching Noni Hazlehurst and Brett Climo on our tv screens for years and they still do a FINE job. As for Frankie J Holden, well… whats not to love?? There is nothing wrong with all the new faces within the show, either. All I can ask is that the show not be axed, it brings refinement to our tv screens and is a sight better than some of the trash and rubbish that is aired, which I might add, I rarely watch! I enjoy the logistics that would have to go into producing a period drama. I was born in the 50’s, so can relate to all the elegant attire of the ladies and the suits and ties and work garb of the gents. AND, as many Ozzies can proudly say, my dad owned an old Holden, several in fact over the years and I adore the quality of vehicles that have appeared on the show, all polished to a point of beautiful finery.

  290. I am 21 and I love watching this show every Sunday night that it has become a ritual. I have been following the series since the airing of episode 1. It is one of my favourite Australian dramas, and I am heart broken that it is being axed. On behalf of the younger generation, please reconsider filming season 3.

  291. WOW!!!!! one of the best australian series i have ever seen. i enjoyed every single episode.and absolutely couldnot wait until the next week to sit down and see whst was going to happen next.we have purchased the dvds because my 9 year old daughter loves it and continiously plays 2 or 3 episodes at a time. it seems rediculous to me that it is not going to continue.there is so so so much more to still be told. so many more twists and turns to happen as they all grow older. there could be severel more many thing to happen over the many things that sarha as an older woman has to tell olivias grand daughter. olivias grand daughter is a story in its self!! now we will never know how she came about and what happend in her life. sarha is old and living at ash park??? many many questions un answered. so very many things left un absolutely fabulous story ,script, acting… and BAM!!!! the dumbest finish to a wonderful story that has many more chapters to be told. i feel like i have been given an amazing book to read and i get to the middle and some one has ripped out the rest of the pages and only one book was ever made so i will never find out what happend to all of the wonderful people i had gotten to know. just can not believe channel 7 has axed it. i am so sad and sick of so many other garbage shows that are shown on our the batchelor ,beauty and the geek.. realy they are just silly shows.

  292. Statistics give the numbers, ages and the like of who watches a show, but they don’t necessarily say who is watching. Which should be of interest to the advertisers. But what if the same people are watching, say all/a number of these reality shows. The numbers of people watching each of these shows might look good, so the advertisers pay to have their advertisements shown, but it’s very likely the same people watching the same ads with every show. Then A Place to Call Home earns a different audience and the ads get a new audience and so are seen by more people. Even if the viewers are less, it’s a different set of people who are now seeing the ads. It could be, that ad-wise, this series has had more success re people seeing the ads, than the reality shows, where it is likely the same people who are watching the ads again and again most of the time.

  293. I cannot believe such a great show would be stopped after two series. I loved it and am extremely disappointed. Channel 7 should invest in Australian drama and not the reality shows that appear one after another – none of which I watch. C9 is no better, thank goodness for pay TV and video shops!

  294. ARE YOU KIDDING!!!! SERIOUSLY you are going to axe the best show on TV. it’s writers are to be congratulated, the actors are amazing and believable. Channel 7 you have to reconsider. Everyone I know watches this show, where do you get your information, no one surveyed me. what do you want from us to get the 3rd season. WHAT DO YOU WANT?????? please reconsider.

  295. Can’t believe you would axe such a great show, all we get is one reality show after another which may suit some people but there is plenty of people who enjoy a good drama. Why don’t you try putting it on a little bit earlier, then you might get more interest.

  296. Well that’s done it for me no more channel 7 . its bad enough we don’t have a government that believes in Ausssie products that you the media see to also follow the same mantra shame on you all

  297. So totally upset to hear this wonderful program has been axed!! How ridiculous a decision is that! It is one of the best programs I have ever watched on Australian television and it was as delight to watch every Sunday night. Unless we wait for Downton Abbey to return, there is not much else worth watching on TV these days. I agree totally with all the above comments. Please consider doing the third series of this amazingly well produced and entertaining period Australian drama.

  298. You didn’t even allow the show to have a moment of dignity in dying by your hand, never allowing them a chance to bring the story line to a conclusion. This show more of the ineptitude of the powers that be than to the quality of A Place to Call Home. I dearly loved this show, watching it faithfully every week on my computer from Tucson, AZ. It was a high quality, well thought out drama and I will dearly miss its absence.

  299. Hi viewers , we can make Channel 7 do series 3 of APTCH if we all stick together , just ban 7 do not watch it, their ratings must surely drop , come on lets drop 7 …NOW . regards John Hanlon

  300. Very upset by this decision. Congratulations to all the actors and production team for entertaining us with such a fine series with such class and distinction. Noni, I have adored you since I was a kid. It was great to see so many fresh faces adoring our TV for a change. Channel 7 I am lost for words!! What a stupid decision you have made!! I look forward to seeing series 3 on another station in the near future. Surely there is a wise programmer out there who can see past these hidious reality shows. But the decision needs to be made quickly before these talented actors are snavel up for another production overseas.

  301. It is disappointing to see that channel 7 has axed such a great show.
    It is one of the few shows I watch each week.
    Looks like I will be back to the ABC for good drama.
    Channel 7 puts on overseas rubbish but axes good quality Australian shows.

    Sack the program people rather than the show.

  302. Why? Why? Why? A Place To Call Home is a show that a family (including the older folk)can sit down together and watch and not have to be concerned about bad language, constant nudity and sexual innuendo. I hope the decision makers at Channel 7 are proud of themselves for denying viewers that precious family viewing time. There is so much rubbish on TV. A Place To Call Home is an amazing Australian Drama to be very proud of. It is a welcome relief on a Sunday Evening. This is such a major disappointment. I can’t understand why and how Channel 7 can be ashamed of this fantastic tv series, oh, hang on it forgot, Channel 7 is all about sport, sport, sport, reality tv sensationalism and smut.
    I really feel for the older people who are not interested in sport & reality tv etc. For some of these older people, shows like A Place To Call Home is the highlight of their week. I really hope you’re proud of ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. They axed this and left that brainless bogun show on television and truly expect viewers to continue watching channel seven. Really?
    How many more great shows must they dump before viewers have had enough and leave in droves. I already have. I found Couchtuner. Goodbye channel seven!

  304. I think channel 7 should listen to the huge response of push backs above. Surely your viewers are important!

  305. All of the messages above say exactly what my thoughts are too. I would much rather watch a drama that was well written rather than the ones on the reality shows that follow the prescribed formula of back stabbing, bitchiness or drama happens/ad break/drama avoided (MKR was the worst for this which is why I stopped watching it). I find the assumption by television stations that I am a mindless twit who cares what some idiot is up to overseas whilst under the influence or worries about whether a delivery will be made on time for a decorator or a recipe can be followed without going wrong in someone’s kitchen quite insulting. It has been so refreshing to be entertained with a quality drama with exceptional acting. For the record I am not part of the apparent ‘over 55’ audience. As for ratings, no one has ever asked me what I’m watching so I’m not too sure that you can take the figures as being gospel. Hang your heads in shame Channel 7. Oh and sack the idiots who think this is a smart decision. They clearly don’t know their stuff 🙁

  306. A Place to Call Home, is one of the MOST brilliant productions I have seen on Australian television. I simply cannot bear to think that it has been axed. This was one of my great pleasures in life, watching this series on a Sunday night. What is Channel 7 thinking axing such an amazing story, setting and acting all absolutely fantastic. Please bring it back All that reality crap that we are forced to watch, as there is nothing else. I think I will be hiring more movies from our local Video Ezy store, rather than watching the crap and boring reality shows, total rubbish. Can’b believe it !!

  307. I cannot believe 7 has axed what is possibly the best Australian production we have seen on television in years. Great cast, extraordinary acting and fantastic story lines. For the first time in years we watched 7 on Sunday nights from the news onwards waiting for APTCH. Thoughtless decision 7 and unfair and uncaring towards all the fans of the show eagerly awaiting what was to come. I no longer trust your judgement on what makes good TV viewing. Everything is left up in the air – I cannot even be bothered buying the DVDs which I intended to do. Who wants a half finished story – it is like reading half of a book. Unbelievable! Fantastic job by the writers and cast and I hope they all move on to a place where their extraordinary talents are appreciated. It is obviously not at 7!

  308. I have just found a petition to sign for APTCH it is on please make sure you sign

  309. Channel seven. Are you completely MAD. This was a prized show for your channel. We loved the show. How can you make such a bad decision. We will boycott channel seven now, and watch Nine, Ten, & Two. Channel seven we hope you suffer.

  310. What a pity to axe such a great drama.I think if you had kept the 8.30 time slot or possibly slightly earlier you may have had
    increased viewer numbers.When I have to get up at 5am Monday morning I don’t stay up Sunday night – I watch it via the internet the next day.However it was so great to have an alternative to the ghastly reality shows -I am very disappointed that we will not be able to follow the storylines to their conclusions.

  311. That sucks best show on TV and you axe it and leave eveyone up in the air. NO WANDER WHY I DONT WATCH YOR CHANNEL VERY OFTEN

  312. Finally something worthwhile to watch and it gets axed.


    Looks like we will have to watch all the other nonsense that they dictate and choose for us.

    How absolutely unexciting and unacceptable

  313. OMG!!! I love this show and cannot believe it has been axed. It has so many stories still to told. A very sad day for Australian television.

  314. What a shame Best drama on TV at present
    Very shortsighted of the Channel 7 management
    I suppose you will either replace it with some American drivel or another reality show.
    Just about the only show I watched of commercial TV too

  315. I adored Downton Abbey and was delighted to have APTCH to fill the void – best Aussie series ever – fabulous actors & storyline – has been my “must watch” in recent times – greatly disappointing to learn 7 has shelved this fantastic series.
    A very frustrated fan.

  316. Channel 7 should be ashamed of themselves. Not Australian at all, would rather put some other coutries shows on rather than keep something Australian. How pathetic. Will definatly be warching other stations from now on. A Place To Call Home was my favourite show. A lovelystory behind it. Dont understan how you can axe A Place To Call Home but keep something like What Really Happens In Bali??? Very disapointed channel 7. Hope You lose a lot of have now lost me.

  317. Channel 7, you have just lost me as a viewer. There is so very much rubbish on all channels at the moment. And here you have a quality show with incredibly actors. What is wrong with you? Keeping A Place To Call Home would only heighten the intelligence and integrity of your channel. Terrible, terrible decision. It would only be to your advantage to reconsider this uninformed, careless decision.

  318. It was the only thing I watched on 7. Great acting. Great story line. Great location. Great photograpy. You’d think it was an ABC or SBS series as it had so much class. Makes sense. Trashy 7, not suited. What really happens in Bali? Who cares? Hope Foxtel, or ABC realises its value. 7 had a gold coin and threw it away thinking it was 5c. Their loss. Next, 7 will be axed, I’m not watching it anymore

  319. Channel 7 please reconsider, this is a great period drama with a great cast and storyline.

  320. My husband and I where very disappointed in the ending of A Place to Call Home. What about poor Mr Bligh! The first show of Series 2 showed Sarah as an elderly lady and Olivia’s daughter or granddaughter doing an interview. What was that? It was never finished.

  321. bring back a place to call home .I was so getting in to the show. I don’t like a half a show bring it back please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  322. What a disappointment. The best acted Australian Drama all year and you axe it. Feed up with Cooking Shows and other reality shows we have to endure. The acting by all casts members young and older is superb. Hope ch7 has a rethink. As someone else said don’t bore us with other shows and delay the time of excellent drama.

  323. Oh dear Channel 7. Great series, great cast, great storyline and wonderful production. Too expensive to produce compared to reality tv I suppose. Glad I have Foxtel.

  324. Oh dear Channel 7. Great series, great cast, great storyline and wonderful production. Too expensive to produce compared to reality tv I suppose. Glad I have Foxtel.

  325. I find it hard to believe that channel seven has made the decision to axe Place to Call Home.
    Such good quality Australian drama. Do you think the viewers were down because you put
    it on later after all the reality shows. Come on seven rethink this decision & give us series 3 at prime time

  326. To the programmers of channel seven, honestly, what is the real reason behind the axing of APTCH because it seems so utterly senseless? Already there is very little of value to watch with so much USA rubbish. Rarely does a good quality Australian drama as this, come to the screen. The top quality actors, story line, scenery etc. left me hanging on for the next episode. By the way Channel 7, there are plenty of multi generational people I know of who have enjoyed the series. That is not a valid excuse!! Beware of dismissing your viewers so lightly.
    At least please be big enough to reconsider

  327. Axed!!!! You’re kidding me! How is that watching drunks in Bali rates better, or is worth keeping, above this quality aussie drama……of which there are very few!
    Wake up you people, bad enough you bump it out late, along with many other programmes. Watching drunks is not my idea of tv. I think it is time to change channels!!!!!!! I only every watch 7, but now you have nothing of interest to me I’m afraid!! See ya!

  328. Im very disappointed. One of my favorite shows and done of the few I watch every week. I dont think that it only appeals to the over 55s, im 36 and know alot of people my age who watch it. I will now also b boycotting channel 7. Boooooooooo to you Channel 7.

  329. Disgraceful Channel 7
    Disgusting discriminatory decision towards your viewers
    You have lost me.. one of many..
    We don’t want any more low grade uninteresting fake reality shows thank you
    Get your priorities right or get out of the business!

  330. I am fed up with the way brilliant shows are pushed back and back to cater for all the reality shows that are on TV now! How dare channel 7 axe this amazing show! I was shocked when “The End” came up on the screen. We are not all mindless idiots that want to watch your so called- reality shows! Bad, bad move 7, you have lost this viewer & many others!!

  331. It is a shame that such an excellent program is meeting the chopping block when so many bad programs are still on the air. I’ve looked forward to watching each and every episode.

  332. Love this show! Get rid of the “what happens in bali” rubbish instead! Poor form channel 7.

  333. Get rid of these stinking boring cooking shows with the ego inflated, lard arsed judges and these tedious teeny bopper talent singing shows with the egomaniac judges who know little about entertainment and do a third season of an excellent production of A Place to Call Home.

    The viewing audience treated with utmost contempt to have to wait for nine months for Season 2, then chop it, and advise there will be no Season 3 with so many UNFINISHED STORY LINES.

    Boring, badly written Bold and Beautiful goes on for a hundred years and Channel 7 does not have the tenacity to stick with what should have been an all time winner.

    Very few weak acting moments and a few story line flaws, but overall and excellent job and so good to see Australian actors in jobs telling Australian stories.

  334. Wow the amount of comments that have been posted I’m pretty sure channel 7 is recomsidering. I mean they have to! What I find confusing is that in the beginning of second season, Sarah is in the manor and at the end she’s happy with Renai? What the? Please explain! I really hope they have a season 3!!

  335. And they wonder why we don’t watch free to air channels anymore shame on you channel 7 a place to call home was a great show. I guess I’ll be watching foxtel or any other free to air channel but I will not be watching channel 7 on Sunday nights from now on. Clearly someone needs to think about the fans watching your programs we are the ones that keep your channel from going off the air.

  336. To the execs of this show.
    I live in Canada and have been watching your show since I found it on of the best ever on t.v.My friends in Canada .U.s.a,and Europe now faithfully also watch the show.You should have releasesd it around the world .You should have believed in your show and continued to a season 3.
    Your story line and characters were great.shame on you.

  337. Please don’t discontinue A Place called home I so look forward to the show on Sunday I can’t believe you have axed the show the story is unfinished!!

  338. We are losing a national treasure. Television studios seem to want to glorify the Aussie bogan and dumb us all down. If anyone takes the time to read all of our comments, they will see that there is a great need for quality drama, a greater need for entertainment of this calibre and a demographic that is intelligent, vocal and (dare I say it) over 25. We are sick of rubbish TV and are sending out a clear message that what is on offer is largely unpalatable and unacceptable. Books and music are a great alternative, and guess what? No ads!

  339. This has been my favourite TV series, compared to the crap that is on free to air much of the time, we have Foxtel for that very reason but I’ve come back to free to air because of A Place called home. This series is nothing like other Australian series, the actors are amazing and the storyline wonderful. Please continue with season 3, 4, 5 ….

    Shame on you 7. You obviously care nothing about your audience and even less about these amazing actors.

    A Place called home can continue on Foxtel if they like, I’ll be there waiting for it.

  340. I was shocked to hear there will be no further seasons of A Place To Call Home, when I saw ‘The End’ appear I was so annoyed, it is an amazing show with wonderful actors & story line, best show on TV. Television seems now to be full of reality shows!! What a shame Channel 7, my Sunday nights will be back to reading. I am so disappointed that such a brilliant show will no longer be!!!!!

  341. I have felt extremely dissapointed with Chan. 7 for some time infact APTCH was the only show I had been watching. I believe you people are totally unethecial and have absolutely no morals what so ever. Here we have a wonderful tv series and you ax it. Surely you must know your ratings on MKR and several over show has dropped off and yet you continue to view them. Home and Away just teaches our grandchildren to sleep around, you can kill someone and not go to jail in this show and what about all the swearing in MKR and the O my God in Home and Away. I truly hope people mean what they say not to ever watch you again chan. 7. It will serve you right. I believe APTCH was the only decent program on your station. You have totally lost me. I’m with John Hanlon never to watch chan. 7 ever again. God bless you all because you tv station and all who work there is going to truly need him.

  342. Soooo very disappointed in 7 This was a great show my children of 16 and 21 enjoyed! It was good to see something other than a stupid reality show or singing show … Bring back good Australian television and keep our actors in Jobs!! theyre obviously good at it!!
    and How can you leave us hanging mid story … that was not an ending .. You should be ashamed of yourself 7 no wonder so many of us move to Pay tv like Foxtel

  343. What an insult to Australian Television. This has been the best, most enjoyable programme for a while. Whose idea was this? It’s wrong. As for the magic word, ” ratings “… what rot !!!! It rated for those who watched it, and looked forward to future episodes. The casting, scenery and story was wonderful
    At present, there are too many reality shows, cooking shows, and renovation shows…… tedious and repetitious.” A Place to Call Home” had story lines and personal issues of the characters, that could be developed for years. For example, I was looking forward to the future of the baby. WAKE UP ! Reconsider this bad, misguided decision. Keep the show going… and DON’T be bullied by ratings. This show rated for so many, from an era with which so many can identify. Have a backbone, 7, and ring it back!

  344. I live in the U.S. and I absolutely adore this show. Please reconsider. Don’t end the show! I’m not the only person not living in Australia who would like this show to continue. Most people around the world watching this show were not counted in the total number of individuals watching it! It is more popular than you realize! Please, please, please reconsider.

  345. This is why people only watch some of the episodes of new series. We fall in love with the characters and the story lines and the channel axes it because it doesn’t get the million viewers it hoped for! So over the crap seven normally puts on… Like home and away that repeats its ridiculous story lines but is cheap because the actors wear no clothes and are unknown young people! Commit to delivering quality tv and you will reap the long term rewards! Most unimpressed with you seven!

  346. Hard to imagine how this decision not to run a third season could have occurred .
    This show has obviously won the hearts and minds of so many…
    Rethink channel 7…there is still time

  347. Please do not axe a place to call home I have enjoyed every minute of it great acting better than all the rubbish reality ………. Reconsider

  348. Please don’t axe this show. We look forward to it on a Sunday. We even bought season 1 and watched it again before the second season started. Fantastic actors and a great story. Please continue.

  349. What a crying shame one of the best Australian dramas has been taken away from us…Makes no sense to me?!?

  350. I too am so disappointed that such a wonderful show is being axed. It is such a rarity to find a decent TV show to watch these days – this was 1 of 2 shows that I actually make the time to watch each week. I am mid-30s and I’m sure there are plenty of other non-oldies enjoying too. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!

  351. This is the first Aussie drama show I have ever loved, please bring it back, fwd up with all the crappy shows on tv. I looked forward to it every week, why take a show off that is so good. Actors are great, I didn’t realise noni is such a good actress, she is fantastic. Please please bring the show back.

  352. The director and all involved in the production of this series need to be rewarded! Not axed! Completely outrageous that such amazing acting and screen writing should be cut, extremely disappointed with channel 7s decision.

  353. One of the better Australian Dramas of recent times…good acting and an interesting plot. Give me this any day over some poorly thought out reality show. I wish there was some way to gauge the true impact of a series like A Place to Call Home. It may not have the cheap and crass connotation of what happens in Bali but it does however, make for compelling viewing. Sorry to see it go.

  354. I will agree with the previous comments! I am an American. Although I have to go to the internet to view this wonderful show, I am sadden it’s going away. USA 7 has the same problem dumping quality shows because of viewing stats, but as one comment indicates they put these shows on so late in the evenings that you can’t possibly get the numbers you expect. I sure hope you change your attitude about this or maybe bring it to the USA. If not, A Place to Call Home will be missed!!!!!!!!!

  355. Shame, Shame, Shame. I will never again watch channel 7 unless series 3 of A place To Call Home is aired. Let’s hope ABC or Foxtel gets hold of it. Tell me how it is that you had 1 MILLION AND 50 THOUSAND viewers which rated the show 7TH OUT OF 20 other programmes in that time slot and yet you say that the rating was not high enough. You have cooked your goose channel 7.

  356. I can’t believe that & can do this when we get repeats of Deal or no Deal all the time do they think that we are that stupid that we don’t rembember what we watch. I honestly thought that we were in for a series 3 when they started off the way they did with Sarah being an old lady and going back in time. Shame 7 you obviously don’t want to keep your veiwers when you put crap like Bali on and sratch anything with class. Just shows how out of touch you are with the veiwing public and yes agree with another comment decissions made by overpaid people who don’t care what they produce and show. Stop treating us all like idiots

  357. A Place To call Home was a wonderful Australian drama series with some of our very best actors…it’s one of the few things I watch on channel seven. Finally some great Aussie drama instead of the reality shows that were great at first but their formula is getting very stale & boring! Why isn’t a local network supporting great Aussie drama? The characters provide endless possibilities in future story lines. Your executives need to ask themselves do they want to keep some loyal viewers or not. If this show is taken up on another network that’s what I’ll be watching. Please reconsider!

  358. A brilliant Australian drama that has been dumped for some mindless reality show no doubt – shame on you Channel 7 this is a sad day. A Place to call Home was one of the better Australian dramas, superb acting with beautifully written scripts. You have lost me as a viewer now Channel 7 !!

  359. Unanswered questions. James went through horrendous treatment to “cure” his homosexuality. He then goes home and seems to be leading a “normal” family life. Does that mean that he was “cured” ? So we are led to believe from the way the show ended that this psychiatric witchcraft actually works and Gays can be “cured”. Channel Seven please explain.

  360. I agree with all the above. Please rethink your decision, there is very little else of quality to watch on TV. Definitely do not watch reality shows.!!

  361. Chanel 7… hang your heads in shame fore axing this excellent aussie drama.
    enough of the pathetic reality shows!! When is enough, enough?

  362. The above comments are a testament to the show’s great popularity !!

    Wake up! The show’s a winner.

    Forget ratings……. this show obviously rates for so many people here and overseas.

    Reconsider. Bring it back A.S.A.P. We’re all waiting!!!

  363. I’m Canadian, and I’m disappointed that they’re getting rid of the series so soon. Isn’t that saying something Channel 7? Please reconsider, you have way more viewers than you realize, and it’s clear from the comments above that so many love this series.

  364. We love this show here in Ireland and are gutted to see it end after 2 brilliant seasons. The storylines and acting are excellent, I think it beats Downton Abbey any day of the week and I love that too.
    Please, please, please don’t axe one of the best things to come out of Australia since Hugh Jackman!!

  365. A cannot believe that Channel 7 would axe this wonderful program. But then again it is a very high quality drama and that is something Channel 7 decision makers are obviously not familiar with.

  366. So disappointed, I enjoyed watching A Place to Call home, great cast, good story line and something to look forward to watching. I agree with the other comments, less reality rubbish and give us shows that we can relax and watch

  367. Channel 7 axes APTCH ,and yet continues with programming that is a struggle to find anything of substance on any given night of the week,I looked forward to sitting back on a Sunday night to watch the first Australian drama which had such quality actors, great story and finally an Aussie production that was world class ! Reconsider what you think Aussies like to watch channel 7 as it is very clear you have no idea

  368. Have watched and loved this show with my wife and never missed an episode. Loving the way the characters and story lines were emerging.Why keep a mindless series of a rich blonde bimbo seeking revenge on a family when you have this great Australian drama? Who cares what goes on in the drug capital of Bali. Stop putting it later to accommodate home Renos. We do have to work. Bring it back and finish what you created. The best Australian drama on TV.

  369. I watch APTCH every week from France. Channel 7 managers must be completely incompetent and out of their minds to finish brutally such a beutiful series on an end without any sense.

  370. I’m from Ireland and I love this show. This show has an internationally fan base, how can they cancel it?

  371. I am shattered!! I have watched every show and consider it the best thing on television. Superb acting, excellent characters with awesome storylines. Does anybody running television programming have any taste? They throw crap at us like “What happens in Bali” and other realisty TV to numb our brains and then when they do provide ENTERTAINMENT they rip it away just as quick. Please reconsider this appallling decision.

  372. I’ve never seen so many people outraged at the axing of this show – please rethink your decision so many more stories to be told especially of an era in Australia where anything was possible.

  373. Channel 7 should be ashamed of the way they have falsely made a lot of people watch this marvellous production only to make people disappointed for having put their faith in you for making us get so involved with this show only to have it taken from us.Isn’t there a law against false pretense.I have been reading a lot of the comments above and it is clearly obvious that you don’t give a stuff about the people who watch your channel.There are even people from afar who go out of their way to watch this great show.If you have any regards for your viewers you will damn well put this show back on air.You have to realize the viewers backlash is going to have an effect on your channel.Who is actually running this channel?

  374. This decision not to proceed with series 3 is so disappointing. The show has been an excellent quality drama that shows the real Australia from that era. It is streets above all the so called reality nonsense that is force fed to us. So sad…..

  375. I am really disappointed in Channel 7 for the axing of this brilliant drama. Has a great story line and a fantastic cast. Why why why??????? Axe a great show like this and put on such pointless rubbish like Bogan Hunters and What happens in Bali-who cares about these types of shows. Grow a brain channel 7 and bring it back!!!!!

  376. What an absolute shame. Great drama, well made, shot, fantastic production values. I’m well under 55 and love the show, along with other great Aussie productions such as Miss Fisher’s, Dr Blake and Offspring. Another season to tie things up would have been ideal. But I suppose Home and Away is cheaper.

  377. BOO HISS Channel 7. You axed our favourite TV show. Sack the programmers ! bring back the best Aussie drama ever. We will only watch ABC and SBS now. Bad bad mistake ! We are sick and tired of reality TV shows with boring selfish people.

  378. Mr Stokes!!! Please, get a grip on your moronic programmers. Reality TV just doesn’t cut it and is only watched by people with half a brain. This show is outstanding in all aspects and has the potential for many more series and the ability to promote superb Australian TV to the world. If Channel 7 was a political party you would not be game to lose this many votes!!!!
    Please get rid of these people who purport to be programmers and continue with APTCH .
    TAKE CHARGE!!!!!!!!!

  379. Channel 7, have you lost your marbles? In the famous words of Dr Phil…
    “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!” Axing a brilliant Aussie drama like A Place to Call Home.
    My hubby and I would sit together every Sunday night to watch this marvellous programme, jam packed with talent and a great storyline.
    Do your producers have a personal vendetta against classic drama like this?
    Why air it in the first place and get viewers all excited for a new season when you aren’t even planning to continue filming it. Get real and listen to all of the comments on this website of other disappointed viewers, like myself and return the programme back onto our screens. In the meantime, consider getting rid of the REAL rubbish and note that your lose could be another network’s gain.

  380. I feel the same as the others how can you axe good Australian content. Why waste the rest of the series if they have already been made, change the time you air it and give it a second chance for all of us that enjoyed the show so much

  381. I am a Kiwi. Absolutely love this series. Can’t bear that it has been axed! Hope this will be reconsidered. The story line is fantastic and the characters have really endeared themselves to many! Hate that it is all ending so abruptly. I guess one consolation is that in the first episode of series 2 we got a glimpse into the future so can work out a few things that happened ….

  382. That is such sad news. Here in America we dont have good programing like this. It is so bad here that many of us unspoken watcher watch this show on the side. I only say this because there is just no good shows worth watching here in America. Please keep it on and if you would open it up so others around the world can watch it you will find there are far more than a million watchers.

  383. Oh my goodness. I am so upset that this brilliant show is being cancelled. I think this is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. The best show on tv. I am so devastated to hear there won’t be a season 3. Guttered 🙁

  384. This is so sad and it makes me very angry! The storyline and actors were both great and i would look forward to a new episode every week. Yes season 2 was a little too gloomy and needed a little more happy scenes, but there are so many different things that could’ve happened next especially with the ending we received. Really disappointed…again.

  385. I can’t believe that they would axe this fantastic show, it is one of the best series on TV.
    Shame on you Channel 7

  386. Shame on you Channel 7, this was a fantastic series, it was the highlight of my viewing week.

  387. We are so disappointed that you have made this stupid decision to axe this fantastic series. You have taken it upon yourselves to decide that no one has been watching. Read the complaints!! People from various countries have been watching and seeing our amazing country and watching our brilliant actors.

  388. Absolutely flabergasted to hear about the axing of a Place to call home. We looked forward to watching it every Sunday night. It was well written, had great actors and magnificent scenery in it. It also showed the good old fashioned morals that we so lack today. We are so sick of Reality shows and that rubbish terrible show about What happens in Bali should be banned. It shows Australians as a bunch of drunken idiots with no morals and no sense. I don’t know who they surveyed but neither I or any of my friends got a call. We all used to remind each other that it was on and discuss what had happened after each episode. I know for a fact that it was not limited to the older generation as my daughter and friends watched it as well as the young girls I worked with. Hopefully this bad decision can be overturned and common sense will prevail and Series 3 can be shown next season. Show the faithful viewers who watch Channel 7 that you take notice of their feedback and overturn your original decision. If we want to keep our great Aussie actors in this country we have to write and produce great shows like A Place to call Home.

  389. I could not believe that you have axed this wonderful series. Television viewers are so sick and tired of reality rubbish. How many talent, cooking and renovation shows do you think we wish to watch! In my house none.

  390. Yep it’s sucks. If channel 7 stop putting theses fantastic Australian shows on so LATE on a Sunday of all nights.. Oh we’ll maybe we should all stop watching channel 7 they are not the only net work

  391. Loved this Show. So what – is Channel 7 going to replace it with – say “Another Cooking Show”, or “Another Talent Show” or “Another Weight Loss Show” or some other mindless, garbage that has become the dominant choice of programming over the last few years? Yes ‘A Place to Call Home’ does appeal to the Baby Boomers – but hey Channel 7 Exec’s – doesn’t your research/marketing gurus give you the correct stats here? The BBs are the ones with the money to spend!

  392. Shame on you channel 7, this show was the highlight of our viewing week. Fantastic cast, story lines. U

  393. I ask that you reconsider the discontinuation of this particular series. This is a quality program – which are few and far between.. I’m extremely disappointed that channel 7 would not see the value in supporting local talent – in the continuation of this wonderful period drama.

  394. Well, I don’t watch channel seven very often, and this just proves why when they axe such a wonderful show! Madness! It would be great if another station where to pick it up. PLEASE!!!!!

  395. Really disappointed that A Place To Call Home has been axed. Really enjoyed both seasons. Such a great story and amazing actors. So so sad!

  396. So disappointed that this quality period series has been axed. This was the only reason i watched Channel 7. This mustn’t be important to those powers that be.
    Such a pity to lose the wonderful seasoned Australian actors in this show. I was also a window into the period in which it is set. Many people will have have had little experience of what life was like during the period of the drama.

  397. I watch APTCH all the time. It is great Australian drama. It was wonderful to have a show that portrayed the kind a values and respect of others that we all should aspire to but has become lost in a lot of today’s society. I don’t need to watch the rude, inconsiderate people shown in the reality shows, as we all see too much of that already. How can parents enforce good manners in young children when so many shows displaying bad manners appear on our TV screens. Get a grip Channel 7 and listen to your viewers. Bring APTCH back please.

  398. It is not fare that you put on 2 good series and then you just cut off the third and it was the best stuf you have ever put on TV and selling the DVD One and two and then leaving DVD three not available at lest make the last series and put it on DVD Cheryl holland

  399. I feel very saddened on hearing the news that this wonderful series has been axed. It has been captivating and so refreshing to watch a quality Australian drama that both my husband and I could look forward to each week. Many of my friends and colleagues have expressed the same disappointment that the series will not be continuing. The actors have all played such wonderful roles, congratulations to them all and to Bevan Lee for providing us with such a terrific drama series. Will be surely missed from our Sunday night program and very hard to match. 🙁

  400. If you put it on at a proper time you wouldn’t of lost viewers!!? So much more!!!!! & not a year apart. What the hell well if you took time to read how many people love show you wouldn’t axe it. Never going to watch your dramas again no point you like it * just can’wait for the nkt episode only to have you kill it BOOO

  401. How can they speculate that they are going to axe an excellent Australian drama and fantastic Australian actors; because viewing numbers were down. They need to provide the viewer with more Australian made drama instead of flooding the viewing space with imported international rubbish(not all). Thank goodness for the NITV channel that I am able to view great Aussie drama. Channel 7 please re-think about supporting great Australian drama and continue with the series of A Place To Call Home.

  402. There have been few shows to compare with this great show. I can’t believe Channel 7 does not realize how popular it has been, and how bitterly disappointed people are to hear it has been cancelled. Surely the story has been written – why not just do the next series and sell it on DVD. There are so many people wanting this to come to a proper conclusion. IT JUST DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TO CAN A SHOW THAT IS SO POPULAR. Puts a person off watching anything now, because at any time they might can it.

  403. How disappointing the ending of Series Two was.
    Please reconsider . It’s unfair to leave we loyal fans hanging like this!

  404. A place to call home is the best Aussie drama I have seen in a long time. There are too many reality tv shows currently that are fake and boring. Aptch has a very interesting story line that is strong. The actors are very very talented and their costumes are Devine! The setting is beautiful! Ash park( main house) has a lot of character and helps make the show great. I felt proud as an Aussie to have quality drama like this. I was so upset with the short ending to the series. It makes no sense at all. Fans of all ages love this show and beg for it to come back. Sunday nights just arnt the same anymore.

  405. I too, love APTCH—Channel 7 have made a HUGE mistake in axing this wonderful program
    I REALLY-REALLY WISH that SOMEHOW Channel 7 could SEE & READ THE 1,000’S & 1,000’S of comments on SEVERAL SITES plus 3 petitions—Seemingly—they just DON’T CARE.

  406. I have filled out a suggestion form to the ABC today to see if they can obtain the rights to APTCH and produce the show on ABC TV I would suggest that everyone on this forum do the same thing to try and save this show .ITS TOO GOOD TO LET IT DIE. Regards John Hanlon

  407. What a disgrace. The whole family was watching the show in my house, from 14 to 57 years old, what a load of crap about the over 55 group.
    Wake up to yourselves Channel 7 a bring it back now!!!!!

  408. Soooo disappointed that channel 7 have decided to axe this show. It was as good as “The Sullivans” and had the potential to run for as many seasons. The rubbishy, reality shows that the programmers seem to think are entertainment certainly have no appeal for me or my husband. Please reconsider your decision as at present the storyline is just hanging and no-one knows what the outcomes will be.

  409. SAVE APTCH. Write a letter TODAY. Example below: Complaints Officer PO Box 777 Pyrmont NSW 2009 Dear Sir/Madam I am writing on behalf of the thousands of regular, dedicated A Place to Call Home viewers who are dismayed with the decision of Channel 7 not to follow through with the third series. This is a QUALITY AUSTRALIAN PERIOD DRAMA with a stunning location, excellent actors, quality period costumes and fantastic storylines. I understand Channel 7’s decision relates to their perception that it is only watched by over 55s. However, as you will note from the many comments on social media, it consistently attracts a broad age range from teenagers up (I myself am 42), not to mention lots of overseas viewers and those who watch via the internet. There is a growing movement of discontent about this decision. At least two Facebook groups have been created: Save A Place to Call Home Channel 7 don’t axe A Place to Call Home Channel 7’s own A Place to Call Home Facebook page has 18,626 likes. An online petition is growing day by day: I am imploring you to continue. I understand the third series has already been written. This is the ONLY show I look forward to each week. Please LISTEN to your viewers. Yours sincerely

  410. When I googled, is there going to be a 3rd episode of APTCH and found this web site and the answer I was/am so disappointed. How can you channel 7 axe a great Ausy drama like this. It didn’t even end properly. I also agree about these stupid reality shows, how can things be real when you have a camera stuck in your face while you are doing things. I surely want be watching 7 again Unless they bring back APTCH

  411. This is one of the few dramas which does not insult the intelligence of those who love watching quality dramas. It’s a disgrace that it has been axed.

  412. So so so so disappointed. When you actually put on a decent drama you axe it in the middle but continue to programme some of the most stupid Reality show, which actually have nothing to do with reality. First Rafters, now A Place to call home – where on earth is your taste.
    And why put it up against everything on a Sunday night.
    This was as good as the Sullivans and could have lasted a couple more years with the story lines you had going. What an absolute disgrace, so upsetting. You obviously have no idea what the general public want = you’re just feeding the monekys the peanuts instead of showing people our wonderful past history, with a wonderful story.

  413. Channel 7 is more interested in not having to pay for quality programs. It would rather feed us never-ending mindless drivel with cooking shows, home reno shows, low common people over-privileged ‘people’ behaving like morons in Bali, shopping shows ad nauseum. I for one am fed up with the state of so-called TV entertainment in this country. It’s really hit rock bottom and actually quite appalling including disgusting ads about personal hygiene. I’m also sick of the so-called ‘season’ of Downton Abbey & other quality programs, lasting about 6 weeks – it’s pathetic having to wait nearly a year for these programs to re-appear only to be told a few episodes later that the next one is the ‘season finale’. The people who make these decisions are a joke. NOT WATCHING CHANNEL 7 ANY MORE. HAD ENOUGH. SBS & CHANNEL 2 FOR ME OCCASIONALLY. You’ve done me a favour Channel 7 because now I’ll get more exercise by NOT watching your channel.

  414. I am sorry and angry that yet another wonderful Australian series like A Place to Call Home has been axed What were you thinking channel 7 then replacing it with another reality program or garbage like what happens in Bali, who bloody well cares. Those poor unappreciated actors. As someone said above, Please ABC pick up this show and continue it on. Why on earth would you ever end the show with Sarah and Renee being together and leaving George with nothing. Well, what a hurried ending that was. Not happy channel 7. No-one came to my door and asked me if i did or didn’t watch APTCH either. I sick and tired of all the reality shows and their time run overs

  415. I too feel so strongly at the dissapointment of this show ending. I actually dont really watch very much television as there is simply nothing worth watching on television. Sunday night was my night and I really looked forward to watching a place called home every week. There is nothing worth viewing now, the programs are209 either reality shows, British home shows or re runs of shows that have been aired too many times.

  416. Channel 7. Please bring this wonderful series back. It was my highlight of the Weekend.
    Such a wonderful Australian series. Please reconsider.

  417. It’s extremely disappointing that APTCH has been cancelled by channel 7. We don’t have many quality Australian dramas and to cut short this one when there are so many story lines that could be explored is criminal. Lets hope one of the other networks picks it up; it happened with Neighbours!

  418. I can’t believe that Channel 7 has axed such a good series APTCH. Great family entertainment that Australians could relate to in their 40’s-60’s. Now days everything caters for the “younger generation” and not so much for the more “Senior Generation”

    Season 2 leaves a lot of twist and turns still to be revealed :-

    Did Anna write the book!, what did the poison letter contain, was it burnt or did it get the better of her! What’s Regina’s next move! there’s conflict between George/Elizabeth as she departs from Ash Park, how do Olivia and James fair, does he find out her secret! etc., etc…

    This excellent programme deserved a “fair go” its just as worthy of other series such as Town Abbey, Pack to the Rafters, Winners and Losers..

    If Channerl 7 can not see the sense of bringing this show back with a Part 2 called “A Place to Come Home to”…perhaps another Station can take it up> PLEASE BRING THIS EXCELLENT DRAMA SERIES BACK

  419. Rare is the pleasure of viewing an utterly brilliant series. What about class over ratings? You’re not taking into account online viewing which is how I discovered the program and was immediately “hooked” on the show. Please do not cancel and reinstate this wonderful series. In a world of seedy reality shows and profanity-filled shows it was quite refreshing being bathed in pure grandeur. My brain and heart appreciated this experience (and wants more). Do bless us with the 3rd season if it’s been written. Thank you. I’m tired of being offended and A Place To Call Home is a welcomed treat! It isn’t always about the numbers… Quality is priceless!

  420. Yes channel 7 if you get rid of half the other crap and place A place to Call home on a better time slot and re-run it through the week for people that miss it on the Sunday night would make every one happy. But to finish it the way you did the show did not deserve that, at least turn it into a mini series like Against the Wind and then we can watch it on DVD. If you can’t finish these shows do not start them in the first place like channel 9 gets you drawn into Dallas then axes it.

  421. Please do not stop this perfect series. I live in The Netherlands, often visited Australia and we love A place to call home. We were really looking forward to each episode and enjoyed it immensely. I la o know that lots of Dutch people watch a place to call home as well, so please add an extra part to thisxbeautiful series. We d appreciatec t very much.

  422. I think every one is climbing up the wrong tree, Channel 7 have their heads buried in the sand ,in fact I think their whole body is covered in sand , they are not taking the slightest bit of notice, the best thing to do is just boycott their station and don’t buy their advertised goods. Our only hope is to get another station to take up the series before all the actors are snapped up for something else ,(these actors preformed so brilliantly in APTCH ) and I don’t think they will be out of work for long, so why not write to the ABC as I have and try to get them to produce the show .

  423. A place to call home held a special place in my heart. It made me happy, it made me sad, it mad me laugh and it made me cry. Thank you channel 7 and all the cast for two wonderful seasons. I would love more and if you find a place in your heard to do so you would make a lot of people happy. If not then I am just going to have to re watch it!

  424. So very sad Channel 7 axed this show. It is a quality show with a decent and interesting story line. I need to know what happens next and was looking forward to the next season. Please change your minds channel 7!!!!!I’m sick of all the reality tv rubbish. If you wont reinstate it, could some one write the book for the series and I will definitely read it as a second option.

  425. My name is Yoshie and I am a Student from Japan I got hooked on this show with my Homestay mum watching it on a Sunday nights. Love the story line, the characters, Australian’s beautiful land what a shame, there is so much other rubbish on in place of APTCH what were you thinking!. For me it was also good English learning excercise listening and reading with the series. After all that is what I am here for to learn about Australian culture and that includes the past how things were. Please reconsider a Season three. How can you say it had not enough ratings, you only need to view this site and read all the comments from followers. I hope another Channel takes it up and I am still here to witness the continuation of this “brilliant piece of Aussie drama” and then Channel 7 will be sorry. On principle we will not watch Channel 7 again and encourage others to do the same. SHAME SHAME ON YOU – for not recognising what a JEWEL you had.

  426. Sorry folks but the ABC has just replied to my email and they say they do not have the funds to take up APTCH as they are fully committed to the drama they have ,(do you hear that 7, FULLY COMMITTED )at least they finish their shows, where do we go from here , Peter Vernon has a petition going on face book for anyone who has not signed , but sadly I think the battle is lost, how could 7 be so dumb …..!!!!

  427. Instead of axing this fabulous period drama (a quality unlike any other Australian drama I have watched, and one which could have been produced by the BBC) Channel 7 management should axe the contracts of their marketing managers. If they can not sell a series like this overseas for $$$’s they should not be employed.
    I have lived here for 10 years and have never ever been so impressed by any other Australian drama. My 13 and 15 year old daughters and their friends were all addicted to it as well, so I dont know how they came up with the idea that over 55’s were the min viewers. As many other people have commented, what is wrong with Channel 7 if all they want to air is some ridiculous reality tv which is mindless and moronic.

  428. you can’t start season 2 off with a trip into the future with Sarah elderly and at ash park so obviously somehow she ends up back there with george and not with rene…we need to shown how all that happens please at least make one more season 🙁

  429. Channel 7, this has to be one of the dumbest moves you have made. I will make it known that I and many others will not forget your treatment of a great Australian Drama. Had you put it in the correct time slot and not have been so inconsistent you would have kept the numbers up. I repeat everyone OF THE ABOVE COMMENTS …………………………………… OUR ADVICE IS FOR YOU TO RETHINK YOUR POSTION ON THIS AS IT IS UP THERE WITH THE BEST IF THE BEST OF ALL AUSTRALIAN DRAMAS..

  430. Totally agree with everyone’s comments. My wife and I both love the backdrop of your beautiful country. This should at least conclude with a 4 hour movie. I am in the USA and this is very popular here. This is the kind of show that PBS Masterpiece Theater should get behind and broadcast in the USA. You seem to make a big deal about the over 55 age group, but we have tons more disposable income than the twenty somethings you think are so desirable. Think no children to support and no house payment. But go ahead and cater to the twenty somethings. I would love to discuss this issue with the people who make the decisions for your station. Poor channel 7 wouldn’t know a successful show if it sat on one.

  431. SHAME SHAME SHAME Channel 7 for cutting APTCH! It was such a AWESOME show which actually made me turn on the tv every Sunday Night.No wonder so many people in Australia download overseas shows when the TV stations here air so much Reality crap and Repeats. Bye Bye 7…

  432. I was so disappointed when I heard a place to call home was finished ,I use to look forward to Sunday nights so much I absolutely love that era loved the actors. I just don’t know what channel 7 is thinking PLEASE channel 7 please bring back the show . Joanne Winton.

  433. Shame on Seven for axing A Place to Call Home. Worst still, they replaced it with a perfect example of trash TV. Many are now boycotting Seven.

  434. I will not be watching any Seven channels or shows since they axed this wonderful show. In fact I was so upset I created a petition to protest. Then I created a Facebook group and we now have over 1100 members. If you’d like to join us the address is

    Hope to see you there!!

  435. So disappointing to have this quality drama axed – yet there is a never-ending supply of mindless ‘reality’ drivel. The final episode felt like a ‘gallop’ to get everything wound up in a hurry – no finesse at all. Your other quality drama “City Homicide” was also axed when it was being enjoyed by so many. Do you only cater for the under 30 audience these days?

  436. Please reconsider axing A Place to Call Home. It is such good quality Australian Drama. I am in shock and saddened at the news. There are so many of us who do not like watching trashy reality TV. Make a stand for Australian actors channel 7.

  437. I am extremely disappointed in the decision to axe this great drama. Surely it cannot matter if the viewers are over 55 or under 35. The main thing is that they are watching it and quite likely to recommend it to others. They are also more likely to pay for DVDs than younger people.

    Come on Seven, admit you got this one wrong and the actors find other roles.

  438. I am so pleased to see the momentum has not stopped with people letting Channel 7 know their feeling about the scrapping of A Place to Call Home. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING ALREADY SAID IN FAVOUR OF CONTINUING THIS SERIES.
    Channel Seven your programmers/management are both short sighted and demonstrate you 205do not really know the real demographics of your viewers and the numbers of people watching this amazing production. I am an avid fan of several foreign tv series & movies due to their professionalism in acting & production. I was instantly hooked on APTCH that was a quality production not often found in Australia. Everyone I have spoken to are shocked that this series was not filmed to its storyline conclusion.
    Are you all crazy ? Someone has already pointed out the opportunity to complete the series and once the final is shown on TV market it on dvd like Downton Abbey another brilliant series.
    Channel 7 you dont have many quality programmes what is your reasoning?!

  439. With the sale of dvd’s and music cd’s, A continued APTCH would have made money for channel 7. Why would you buy the dvd’s now? Have a dvd of an incomplete series? No sense what so ever! Last week and this week 7 offered nothing worth watching. Rather than speed thru Mr Selfridge with late night double episodes, they could have saved it to replace APTCH, to lessen the blow. But no , over fill the time slots and now there left with total crap. Is channel 7 using Channel 10’s programmer for Sunday nights?

  440. Hi ,I am a sifi nut and blood and guts guy, for me to watch this show was amazing that i did,But i was hooked on it ,when the last episode finished i could not belice it, the series has to continue. It cannot finish just like that. We want more assi drama ,not these stupid realatity shows, dont often write in about this sort of thing but i feel I must, come on 7 buck up and do the right thing for your viewers or risk loosing us

  441. I loved this show so different from all other shows it made you look forward to watch Australian TV we have so many great Australian shows that get axed and we have to watch to much American crap …OVER and OVER again
    The story line was just great 7 you really have no idea what us viewers want What about AXING some sports shows not every one likes sport … get your act together and think what some people like This show was right up there with the BEST an all ACTORS well they were fantastic makes me proud to be Australian.. wish one of the other channels would take it on


  442. I concur with the comments previously posted. I would put aside other engagements to ensure I was home in time to watch APTCH. I could not believe it when 7 dumped the show. The actors were excellent and what a role played by Noni Hazlehurst. She nailed it to a tee. Give some consideration to returning the show instead of the mindless dribble that has taken it’s place.

  443. I persuaded my husband to watch the 1st Episode with me for 10 mins after which he could leave to watch his own programmes.He was hooked! It was wonderful to have a drama which strongly appealed to both of us. We stayed up late to catch up on episodes we missed and were anxious to see Season 3. We have recommended the series to all our friends. Then we went on line to see when the next season might start only to read the pathetic reasons for axing the show.It was heartening to see so many people writing in to support it continuing. Imagine how many people feel the same but have not emailed their protest.
    Channel 7 needs to seriously review its decision and air Season 3 as soon as possible. If not, maybe one of the other channels will do so!!

  444. Why would this show be axed??? Finally we get a great show with great actors and it gets axed? No wonder I rarely watch channel 7.. you axe the best shows and keep all the trash….

  445. I have stated before how good this show was, I just can’t let it go. There are a couple of petitions going on if you want to help, Emily Johnson has one going and she only needs a few hundred more to make the 10,000 to send in , we need every vote we can get, sign now if you haven’t already, Thanks

  446. Such a refreshing change from the boirng reality tv shows. APLTCH is great drama but obviously not “down” to the Channel 7 standard. Hopefully, ABC or some other channel will pick it up next year!!

  447. Channel 7 I can’t believe we are no longer getting A Place Called Home. But we are now getting Highway Patrol. Wrong wrong. I shall not be watching channel 7 after 8.30 on Sundays in future. Thank goodness for channel 2. Lily

  448. Here we go again! Getting rid of a decent Australian Drama whilst we plunge further ahead with reality shows, putting on movies that are full of foul language (which you try to keep out of your house), and this latest show re holidaying in Bali – we couldn’t show Australians at there worst if we tried!!!! Wake up channel 7 & have a look at what you are doing. If you are worried about ratings at all, take note, you are doing it to yourself! Bring back this great Australian show, A Place to call Home, and get some of your viewers back.

  449. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Surely season 3 would be just as good. What are they replacing it with. Another reality show which amuses the smaller mind?????

  450. This wonderful series was axed 1/2 way through 2nd Series – the second series was deceitfully shown with a fabricated ‘end’ – series 3 had already been written by Bevan Lee with view to maybe 5. Ch 7 were aiming for audience of 45s & under but say it was watched mosly by over55s!!! There is a website under Save a Place to Call home Group – there are currently over 2,400 members all fighting to have this show returned. Please join and give support. Also petitions on-line with total of over 18,000 signatures! Serious action is underway in united protest!

  451. Aptch is one of the best Aussie dramas seen on TV. The storyline is strong with many twists and turns. This fantastic story was ended far too soon. There are too many loose endings. The actors are sensational and deserve to be back on the set of this awesome show. The scenery is gorgeous. I miss it all so much on Sunday nights. Ch 7 has made a huge mistake. To help save this wonderfulnshow please visit :

  452. hope you rethink the axing of aptch, it was one of the best shows on tv, sick of all these reality shows which I dont watch, aptch was one of the dramas that I looked forward to every week, my favourite channel was channel 7, but have turned off it now as there isnt anything interesting on it anymore, channel 10 and 9 are looking much better now

  453. A PLACE TO CALL HOME. Channel Seven has insulted the intelligence of it’s viewers. Firstly in the decision to axe on of the best shows on telly, secondly, by the rushed ending to season 2 that made no sense at all, and thirdly, by ignoring the outpouring of anger and disbelief from the huge audience. I am no longer watching the couple of Seven shows worth watching. A pity, but I’m making a stand. Why would an Australian company want to make and show things like What Really Happens In Bali? How embarrassing! Have a think about your actions of taking off such a fantastic show and keeping crap like that on your programming list.

  454. As I previously was unable to watch the series on television, I bought series one and two just recently to watch at my own leisure. It was so very riveting to watch plus the acting was just absolutely superb. I was very disappointed to find out that this valuable production had been culled even though I read that series 3 had already been completed. I too like so many others am fed up with the so called “reality” shows that go to air…So much utter rubbish filling our screens..I say bring back APTCH and fill our television screens with other more memorable television shows such as this!! Excellent viewing!!

  455. I am shocked that you have axed A Place To Call Home!! It has been an incredible series from start to finish. Such a bad decision Channel 7 !!!

  456. Real television with a wonderful story line. You axe this wonderful show and yet it has proved its worth. You screen it late on a Sunday night and still so many people looking for sensible TV viewing stay up to watch, come on 7 please bring back real television.

  457. This was an outstanding Australian show that employed outstanding Australian actors. It was a wonderful insight into life in the 50s and appealed to audiences young and old. I cannot understand why any network wouldn’t want to embrace this, instead Chanel 7 you consistently load us with reality shows that we are sick and tired of. Why don’t you listen to the public and please bring back this wonderful show

  458. Shame on ch 7. Axing a wonderful Australian Drama with Brilliant acting.
    Giving up “reality crap” in return. Corrupting our youth who you are targeting with this reality rubbish.Your responsible for the lack of culture and class on our screens. Well guess what. I have boycotted ch 7 since the axing. I have written multiple letters to executives including Kerry Stokes. I have made phone calls to ch 7. Yep I am median age…61…old no way. Hear my roar.

  459. How can you claim that this was not financially viable when you have just entered billion $ product with afl. How can you pour so much money into reality shows and not produce a masterpiece like A Place to Call Home. None of it makes sense. Ring it back 7 we won’t watch your other crap so you are losing your viewers. You can’t treat Australians like they don’t matter. The cast and crew of this series matter, the viewers of this show matter. We won’t let you rest until we get it back on. We have a group and we are growing in numbers you never realized existed and all because of this show. Bring it back your public demand some decent entertainment on their tv.

  460. PLEASE, PLEASE Continue with this beautiful show. How many more comments do you need to air this program. I made every Sunday night free to watch this program! It’s amazing all-around! Great setting, great story and amazing characters. I would highly appreciate if this show to continue.

  461. I am 25 years old and adore this show! I am a dedicated watcher of A Place to Call Home. I’ll wait up all hours of a Sunday night to watch this program. Please bring it back!

  462. Thank you channel 7. Since you axed the best show that had been produced in a long time A PLACE TO CALL HOME – I have discovered the ABC so wont be back until this brilliant show is reinstated.

  463. I have just finished watching season 1 of Aptch on n dvd which l purchased. Wonderful to watch without the advertisements. I will purchase season two just for the pleasure of watching it uninterupted. NOW no season three and l will be left wondering like all the other fans as to what is going to happen to the characters. I am very sad that channel 7 have made such a poor decision. Why did they put the show in such a late timeslot? Dumb. LP

  464. I can’t believe there is no season 3. All the other crap that is on TV these days. We finally found an Auzzie film that was really great to watch and now its gone. Please bring it back.

  465. Finally a great programme to watch and you axe it. I would rather see this then those stupid reality shows. A show with good wholesome family values showing us how we should really treat each other and what not to do. It challenges our conscience to think about other people and respect others point of views. We are seeing to many weight, cooking and renovation programmes…overdose actually.It is a fabulous series

  466. Just found out this great show has been axed???!!!!! We had the first screening of season 2 here in New Zealand tonight and I was looking forward to seeing so much more!!! What a shame!!! Sounds like you guys over there get to watch crud that the big guys only want us to watch too. Suckie.

  467. I have been watching your show in New Zealand. My family watch it including my 19yr old daughter. It is NOT just for 50+ viewers.
    I hate to say it but Aussie makes great drama. – better than us kiwis do. It is such a shame that this show has been cancelled it was one of my favourites and a great export example of good drama.

  468. I really do not understand why you have to axe this great Australian TV Series – at least complete the series instead of axing it half way through, even if you just have it as a DVD series instead of TV. I am sorry to see the end of this fabulous Australian series!!

  469. Watched series 1 in Australia with my niece and her family ,all of us were gagging for the second series , which I have now seen , as I had the DVD sent to me here in uk. . Absolutely gutted not to have a third series to look forward to . Such a brilliant series with great story lines and acting .
    Wake up Channel 7 listen to your viewing public , I get the feeling they are cheesed off with reality shows and drunks in Bali . That series had us all on the edge of our seats wondering what the next twist would be . Bring it back for a proper conclusion , so many loose ends to carry on with.

  470. No don’t do It!! Listen to us viewers. I looked forward to it each week. My treat! It was on too late for a Sunday night but I rested in the afternoons so I could enjoy it. You have taken away the only decent show left
    on TV. You have destroyed my faith in you. Please reconsider.

  471. I couldn’t wait for A Place to Call Home to start in February. I noticed however that it got pushed to a later time on a Sunday night,having to wait past Sunday Night made it way too late, and so I had to tape it. That should have got me thinking. Then the double episodes also got me thinking. I watched the final episode breathless to see how Season 2 would end only to see the scenarios conveniently “sorted” and THE END at the end of the episode. I couldn’t quite believe that Channel 7 had finished the show. I asked my friends, do you think that APTCH has been axed? They said no, there has to be a Season 3 as it is such a quality show. It is indeed a brillantly crafted show and it deserves so much more than Channel 7 has given it. I have little respect for the programming executives who obviously have got it so wrong. It’s about the 1950’s so of course people over 55 are going to watch it, but also under 55’s are watching for a look at Australia after the war, now 60 years ago. I enjoy, MKR and House Rules and X-Factor, but none of these reflect any high quality production values. And none are about Australian Drama. Shame on the executives who made this decision. What a shame that these people can impact on Bevan Lee and the multitude of brillant crafsman that went into making such a brillant show. It’s a stupid decision made by stupid people. Listen to the audience. What are they saying? We are waiting for Season 3!!

  472. Having happened across this program completely by accident, I was thrilled to have found it. I watched all of series one over a week last fall and watched all of series two this weekend. My mouth dropped when I saw “The End” as episode 10 completed. With such a strong cast, excellent writing, and beautifully executed period style, please reconsider cancellation. “A Place To Call Home” still has more to tell.

  473. I am most Disgusted with Channel Seven for for axing my favourite Show which I await with bated breath to watch each Sunday, one of the best Australian shows and Australian Actors I have ever viewed, and now you go and replace it with another stupid one. This is the end of me watching Seven untill they air season 3 which I am aware has already been filmed, so please I ask you to bring this show to air many of my Friends back me up on this and are also going to boycot your station, so hope your ratings Fail to nothing as you have lost not only me but many dissapointed viewers.

  474. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, reconsider writing a third series. I bought the DVD so I could rewatch every episode without adverts, over and over again. So many story lines and avenues have opened up for our imaginations to hope and work overtime. I agree with the previous comment – at least issue the final 59 years on DVDs. It really is compelling viewing.

  475. I was expecting a third season and i am extremely disappointed that it was axed there are so many series that are absolute trash and go on for many seasons and this one is the one that gets cut? I do not understand it it seemed so natural that Elizabeth goes on a trip to find herself and it could have been very nice to watch he evolve even further and all the relationships especially Sarah’s relationship with her husband . This is terribly frustrating.

  476. I am so terribly disappointed that this show was axed why? when there are so many bad shows that go on for numerous season why did you have to cut this show ? It would have been very interesting to see how Elizabeth Bleigh evolves as a person on her travels and with time the places she visit. It would have been interesting to see how Sarah’s relationship with her husband evolves and to see what happens to George does he find another love in his life or does he wait foe Sarah ? what a pity it ended in the middle

  477. Come on seriously cancelled after two seasons. I am from the US and this is some the best programmering around. If you put it in the US market it will get to you millions viewers. Probably a lot more. It will probably be up for some awards and then get noticed and copied by the uUS which would kill it, even tho I was born/raised in the US.

  478. Is there anyway Channel 7 would reconsider this terrible decision and go back into production? I would absolutely watch series 3 and wait for it to be released. I think we deserve closure to this great story beautifully written by Bevan Lee. Cutting it off mid story is a shabby way to treat your loyal viewers, the cast and the whole production team. You had plenty of viewers to keep this going. I won’t be trusting Channel 7 again unless they correct this error of judgement.

  479. Shame on you channel 7 I will now not watch channel 7 on principal Was APTCH too clean for you.
    I found it the best most entertaining wonderful acting show on TV. I have APTCH on DVD season 1 and 2 and have watched them many times over.

  480. So sorry to hear that the show has been cancelled. I live in the Netherlands and we watched place to call home via internet download, as it is not broadcasted here.

    I am 42, my sister is 37 and yes my mother is over 55…..

  481. I can’t believe there isn’t going to be a Season 3. The 2nd series has just started here in NZ and I’m finding it just as good as the 1st. Australia has made many great dramas over the years and this is one of the finest. Why can it when there is so much more it could offer? Very disappointing.

  482. It is one of the best TV drama shows Australia has ever produced and you have a lot of good ones. It is such a compelling story, a real life story and not like one of these reality shows that are so shallow. The actors of A place to call home are so talented and it is such a pleasure to watch a great acting. I hope that you will change your mind and will keep the great art of telling such a good story that many people can learn from. This drama is like reading a really good book, not an easy task to achieve on the screens. And yes! It is much much better than Downton abbey.

  483. I was so disappointed to have “a place to call home” dropped as it was so well played and was a valid storey, which we looked forward to every week.

  484. Really sorry to find this information. I looked forward to watch late on Sunday evening here in Dili TL… was so disappointed.They are closing the Australia Channel and now this news – i do not understand Australian Television programmers/ selectors (hate reality shows)- but I am only an interested watch of this great show. Please restart complete series 2 and give me so simple relaxation .. I want to know what happens??? Please!

  485. Wow lots of messages here …people super keen for third series. I’ve been really enjoying the series ….what a real shame! Great story lines, I too want to know what happens….please reconsider another series!

  486. Hi Im from Singapore.

    Any idea how I can continue to enjoy the drama serials on Australian Network after it is axed end September.

    I really enjoy all the dramas esp APTCH and am really disappointed if it doesn’t continue 🙁

    Please let me know how I can continue to enjoy the rest, thank you.


  487. I was very sorry to read that you will not be showing another season of APTCH!! I thouroghly enjoyed watching both season one & just finished season two & thought that I can’t wait until you released the next season… But alas I find out that you have axed the show!!! Why??? So many of us, as shown in above comments would love to see more… Please could you seriously reconcider airing another season or more!! Btw, I too am well under the age of 55yrs & do hope that you listen to your audiences’ request… Thx

  488. OMG!!!! Then it’s true?? No more coming episodes of APTCH???? Oh pleeeeeeease, let them go on! I’m italian, I’ve started watching the past episodes while I was sick with pneumonia this summer, and I really devoured all the season 1 and 2 in a couple of days! I’m 45, but my 12 years old daughter was really enjoying them as well, and was even more disappointed than me knowing there won’t be any more coming!!!! Please, please, reconsider airing season 3!!!!! Thank you sooooooooo much!

  489. I’m in South Africa, I watched both seasons online, this is an international Drama and everybody loved it, and I’m aware that decision has been made, please reconsider airing again. Thanks

  490. As an ex-Aussie living in Israel I loved watching this!!!Please reconsider your decision! Ww need another season!!

  491. I can’t believe we haven’t seen any comments from the show’s makers and/or channel 7. This is one of the best shows ever in the world and I watch a lot of english/american/french/german/dutch series. None of them can top this one. What’s wrong with you guys? Bring the show back now!!! I understand it’s problematic because the 2nd season sort of ended abruptly and you knew the end was changed. This was not the original script, but hey that’s why we have script writers, right? Please bring the show back, this is absurd!!!

  492. Finally .. a wonderful wholesome thouroughly enjoyable program of substance only to be axed??? In this day and age where reality tv bombards our screens this is a wonderful escape. Please reconsider this situation as there are many seasons worth of content.

  493. I am a Canadian living in Australia and I can honestly say that I am shocked that channel 7 is canceling this show. With all the horrid reality shows, it was a joy to sit back and enjoy one of the most well written, well acted Australian dramas I have ever seen.

    I cannot believe that Channel 7 thinks that shows like X-Factor, where you bring in foreign talent to judge could compare to home grown Australian talent. What a shame that whoever is in charge at Channel 7’s programming did not get input from the public before axing the show.

    I can’t be bothered to watch the silly reality shows that Channel 7 believe are worth more than APTCH.

    The DVD collections of Season 1/Season 2 are in Canada being seen by my family and friends and they LOVE the show and cannot wait to get season 3, but unfortunately like all of us, they will be disappointed.

  494. What a bummer, great show should have got another season at leased, UK viewer, still we have Downton Abbey :-))

  495. I am flabbergasted to hear that episode 3 of A Place Called Home will not proceed, when it is one of the top tv shows. We love how well it is written and the characters are realistic and relevant to the era portrayed. The actors are brilliant, so talented. We can’t wait to see the episode each week. Please make the third series, it is a big mistake to cancel it.

  496. We love APTCH. Don’t cancel it. We really look forward to it every Sundayy night. There is so much rubbish on, but this is a huge exception. Keep it going.

  497. Really gutted! My whole family and I have fallen in love with A Place to Call Home. Praying for a stroke of luck to reconsider the Season Three’s cancellation. Everything about this show is exceptional.

  498. How old are the decision makers on this???? We in the 55plus have many years left in us yet !!! And do not watch reality TV crap !!!!

  499. I am a Kiwi. Believe me, there are many, many Kiwi’s who absolutely love APTCH. I had a friend from USA stay last week and we watched it together. Now my friend is going to go on the internet so she can watch it.

    As for all the COOKING SHOWS, REALITY TV, BORDER CONTROL, REPEATS, REPEATS, REPEATS……. GIVE US A BREAK. Are they trying to turn all our brains to mush? Or do they think we don’t have any?

  500. Please don’t axe this show,it has been an inspiration to watch the hairstyles and costumes,and I think it is also Brilliant acting and scenery,as a New Zealander we have pretty crap TV,and of course we watch a lot of Aussie TV,which we love ,but apart from packed to the rafters which was our favourite,this has come pretty close,and because it was set in the 1950s the story line is even more interesting,eg the gay story line,(we have 3 gays in our family) let’s hope there is enough of us writing in to make a difference ,this isn’t a patch on home and away and neighbours,and we are all so over reality TV. Shows here in NZ too..good luck..

  501. Very disappointed. My daughter and I live in NZ and every Sunday night are glued to this fabulous programme.
    We text each other throughout with comments on the different characters.

  502. Surely all of these positive comments will make “the powers that be” see the error that they are making? It’s so well written, researched and portrayed. So refreshing after all the awful reality TV that we are subjected to!!

  503. Just finished watching season 2 on DVD. What a waste, channel 7, to start something so classy, smart and well acted/written only to pull the rug out from under your viewers’ feet. I’m not over 55 and I think I would have loved this show in my 20s and 30s. The reason I watched on DVD is because your programming stinks. What a disappointment it is not to be able to be apart of Inverness anymore.

  504. i Only Recently discover this show on Youtube, and started to watch it. I am sadden to hear that the show is being axed, it has plenty of twists and i became so engrossed that i ended up watching season 1 and 2 within a week.
    The cast in this program did an amazing job in portraying their characters, i really hope that the “Power that be” change their mind and continue with the series.
    This is one of the best Australian show i have seen in a long time.

  505. Channel 7 and Producers of “A Place to Call Home” … you must be kidding! You cant discontinue one of THE most popular dramas on TV right now. Re-think it, people!

  506. Typical of Channel 7 – far too many reality shows. My Sunday nights here in NZ are never going to be the same. I agree with all the other comments – a really great Aussie show. There aren’t enough opportunities for our Australasian actors/actresses as it is – no wonder so many of them head to the USA. Please reconsider this extremely well acted show another chance.

  507. I have just finished watching S1 & S2 of A Place to Call Home on DVD and throught is was a fabulous & intriguing Australian drama.
    I’ve just searched the internet to find out when S3 was ready for release only to find out it has been axed.
    What a huge disappointment AXED I couldn’t believe it. That’s right there’s finally a show other than all the crap reality shows on every station that interest people over the age of fifty and it gets AXED.
    Channel Seven it is unfair of you to expect every show you air to be number 1. I don’t watch much Telivison anymore because there isn’t any decent Aussie shows on as I said Reality shows are crap.
    There is a lot of people in Australia over fifty that DO NOT like REALITY shows.
    Channel Seven what about us?

  508. I have just finished watching S1 & S2 of A Place to Call Home on DVD and throught is was a fabulous & intriguing Australian drama.
    I’ve just searched the internet to find out when S3 was ready for release only to find out it has been axed.
    What a huge disappointment AXED I couldn’t believe it. That’s right there’s finally a show other than all the crap reality shows on every station that interest people over the age of fifty and it gets AXED.
    Channel Seven it is unfair of you to expect every show you air to be number 1. I don’t watch much Telivison anymore because there isn’t any decent Aussie shows on as I said Reality shows are crap.
    There is a lot of people in Australia over fifty that DO NOT like REALITY shows.
    Channel Seven what about us?